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**Zayn Malik Imagine** ((Requested))


Zayn picking you up from class. While you were walking out this guy kept pestering you to go on a date with him.  You had said no multiple times but he kept asking. He was even getting a bit touchy and you were getting uncomfortable. You told Zayn about him and he didn’t like anyone messing with you. So he said pick you up from class so he could set him straight.

As you continued  walking the guy grabbed you hand. You snatched you hand away quickly.

“ Hey! Don’t touch me like that.. I’ve already told you were not gonna go out. I have a boyfriend.” You yelled to him

“ I’m sure you do.. Where’s this boyfriend at?!” He said

You pointed to Zayn who was sitting in the car. “ Right there, now let me go.”

“Whatever! I only wanted hook up with you anyway!” He yelled as you walked to the car.

Zayn didn’t like that he disrespected to you went to go talk to him once you were in the car.

“ Eyy mate.  I don’t like what you said to my girl. Watch your mouth. ” He told the guy

“ yeah sure thing” the guy said sarcastically then walked off

As he walked off Zayn said “ I’m serious mate, I’m warning yah." 

Zayn walked back to the car and got in. Then he gently  grabbed your face in between his hands and kissed you. 

Once he pulled back he told you ” Let me know if that asshole messes with you again.“