niall horan kissing

How he kisses you (with gifs)


when Liam kisses you he puts all of his emotions and passion into it. You know how much he loves you as soon as he presses his lips to yours. He needs to have you as close as physically possible when he kisses you. He always kisses you slowly but roughly at the same time wanting you to feel his love.


when Louis kisses you he always need to watch how your eyes close when his lips even come slightly close to yours. He needs to have your face in his hands because he loves the control. He will never let you dominate, his tongue will always overpower yours.


Niall’s favorite time to kiss you is when you’re laughing. He absolutely loves making you laugh and as soon as he sees a smile come across your face it makes him want to feel your lips on his. When he kisses you he has a smile permanently on his lips which makes it hard to kiss him. He repeats how much he loves you between every kiss he gives you.


When Harry kisses you it almost feels desperate. He just wants to be connected to you in any way. He likes to kiss you slowly and softly wanting to feel everything. He likes to be hovering over you when he kisses you because he feels like he always has to protect you. When he kisses you he shows you how much you mean to him and how much he loves you.

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                                          Morning Kisses

   You woke up to a soft wet feeling gliding across your mocha colored stomach, the wind was flowing threw your red shades slightly revealing the beautiful beach view. You look down and seen your lovely boyfriend Harry kissing you belly like a new born baby sending the sweetest chills up your spin. “Good morning love.” He smiled looking up at you. “Good morning baby.” you said sitting up to fully see his beauty in the morning.

 Harry grabbed your hand rising you off the bed looking at you as if he had just seen the most perfect figure in the world. He was about to fluid you in compliments but before he could get word out you pulled his face closer to yours. His green eyes took your on a adventure full of lust, hope, and memories that only happen in fairy tales. As he smiled you thought of what he could possible be thinking of as you stared at him yet that was soon over once he pulled you closer with a look running across his face practically begging you to just kiss him already. You smirked pulling his lips to yours locking them as they fell perfectly in sync giving you the perfect mood for the rest of your day.



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