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Y/N is a single parent living in London. With an awkward co-parenting situation, a job and an eighteen month old, baby boy to juggle life could be easier. When she bumps into an old friend on the way to a job one in evening, maybe she’ll get just the helping hand she needs, or maybe more.

Fools Gold Complete
Olivia and Harry have been best friends for a long time. There’s history, but that’s all it is. Or at least that’s what Olivia and Harry keep telling themselves. But what happens when history starts to repeat itself? Is there too much at stake, or could it be just perfect?

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Blogmas 2016

Back To You (We’ll See About That: A Louis Tomlinson Imagine Part 4)

I’m still alive! I promise!

I’m so sorry for not posting anything for months! College has been taking a toll on me and I always run out of time and energy to write.

I had a few hours to spare that’s why I quickly finished this.

If you guys want an alternative ending or have another plot in mind for the other lads, send them in here

I will admit that this was rushed so I hope I didn’t disappoint anyone, but if I did, I’m so very sorry. I’ll make up to you guys in the next one.

If you missed the last three parts, here you go!



Love you all!


Louis’s POV

Today marks the six months since Y/N left. Today was also the date that we were suppose to get married.

October 14, 2017 (or choose a day you’d like to get married, I won’t mind hahaha)

My suit was now hanging on my dresser, waiting to be worn. Our supposed wedding rings were bound together by a cord, securely tied around my neck. Excess invitations for sudden invites were now collecting dust on what used to be her work desk. I took one and admired our names written on it.

She was supposed to by Mrs. Tomlinson today. We were supposed to be together forever and I ruined it.

To be honest, I haven’t been myself since she left. I haven’t eaten properly, besides the usual junk food and the take-outs the lads bring me. On some occasions, they’d be able to get me out of the room, but seldomly.

Tonight, I felt extra lonely. I wanted the pain to go away, and what better way to do so than by drinking.

I got up the king-sized bed and made my way toward the garage, took the keys out and ignited its engines. I made my way towards the familiar road to the nearest grocery, got up and went directly to the liquor section, paid for it and went back home.

As soon as I got to my driveway, a familiar car was parked in front of it.

Y/N’s car.

I quickly got out of the car leaving the bottles and the engine on and went in. Y/N was there, sitting on the sofa in the living room, fidgeting with her hand. I blinked a few times to see if it was indeed her that I saw. After a few more blinks and a few pinches to self later, I made my way to her.

“Y/N” was all I got to say. Hearing my voice made her look my way, standing up.

“Louis, can we talk? I re-“ I did not let her finish her sentence when I engulfed her in a bone-crushing hug. I hugged her like I never hugged anyone before. I hugged her as though letting go would lead ehr to slowly fade away. I hugged her because I missed her.

“I’m sorry. I’m so very sorry.” I said to her over and over. Tears were pouring out like waterfall. I can sense the awkwardness. Y/N was not hugging me back.

“Lou, can we talk please?” She said, slightly tugging me off of her.


“Um..” I said, unwrapping my arms off of her and wiping a few tears with the back of my hand. “Yeah sure.” I continued. She immediately went back to where she was originally sat. Sensing yet again the awkwardness in the room, I sat a few seats away from her.

“I miss you.” I said, ending the deafening silence that

“Don’t do this, Lou. Don’t make this harder than what it already is.”

“Then let me make it better. Let me fix this.Let me gain your trust back and let us both be happy. Please. I would do it even if it were the last thing I do in this life.”

“Lou!” She shouted, having enough of rant.


“Lou!” I shouted, making him stop.

“I really… REALLY need to talk to you.” I said, emphasizing the word ‘really’.

He blinked away tears a few times and sat down with his head hung low, signalling me to continue talking.

“Lou, just know that you were the last person I was ever with, including the last six months.” I started. He looked up to me with hope in his eyes and nodded slightly.

“I’m… I’m pregnant Louis. Four months in, I just found out a week ago and decided to tell you. I mean… you’re the father. You deserved to know.” I said.

Louis’s face was frozen. He just looked at me as though my words weren’t in English and the didn’t understand a thing.

“It’s ok if you don’t want the baby… I mean I can do it myself. I can ask help fro-“ Before I got to finish my sentence, Louis lunged himself at me once more.

“Who said that I don’t want to be a part of this baby’s life?” He said. “We made him or her together and we will raise him or her together as well.” He continued, looking at me in the eyes directly.

“Right?” He asked, uncertainty was certain in his voice. He sounded like he didn’t want to hear the answer.

“I don’t know, Louis. I really don’t know what I’m feeling right now.” I said honestly.

“I promise to make everything better, to make everything like before, if not better. I just need the chance to do so.” He said, putting both his hands on my waist. 

I miss him.

I hate him.

I love him.

These thoughts were running around my head. I didn’t know what to do, what to choose.

“Yes.” was all I said.

“Yes as in you’ll give our family a chance?” Louis asked, afraid of pushing buttons that were not meant to be pushed.

“Yes as in yes. Yes I want to try this again.” I said with a smile on my face. The look that Louis gave me was priceless. Anyone can, no doubt, see the happiness in his eyes. By now, both of us were shedding tears of joy, hugging and kissing each other in between sobs.

“You hear that little bean? We get to be a family!” He said, squatting to be face to face with my not-so-obvious bump. 

“Thank you for bringing your mummy back to me, bean. You have no idea how thankful I am.” Louis continued talking to my stomach.

“I’ll keep on coming back to you.” I said, rubbing circles on his head. He smiled at me, as if I was the most important person to him.

To me, he is.

Everything may not be perfect, but it’s perfectly imperfect for me. 

This is part of the October Writing Challenge (31 Horrific Days) that I am participating in. I most likely will not do all 31, but will do what is requested of me. Each one shot will star a different OC, simply because I don’t want to write in second person.

#11: The character didn’t plan on any costume for Halloween this year, but their best friend/partner wants to go shopping for the perfect costumes, perhaps even as a themed pair.


Rebecca Davis was in a bit of a rut, in life, in romance, even financially, and she had neither the time nor the energy to deal with any of it.

At 23 years old, she had always figured her life would be a little bit straighter along the edges, but nope, they’re just as jagged as they had always been, curved even. Not that Becca would ever admit such a thing in a call back home - her folks were optimists, and believed in her. She wouldn’t, couldn’t, admit to being more than just a little lost.

Not only that, but it was October, which meant Halloween was almost here, which meant she had a million and two things to do for it, like choose a costume and figure out where she was going, if she was leaving candy out for kids-

Really, Becca was missing May. May was a nice month. It didn’t rain quite as much in London (sometimes), and there weren’t any semi-important holidays in May. No, Becca would have been happy to travel back in time to May. Hell, her finances were even better then.

She groaned as her phone chirped. Her feet were propped up on her couch, and she was attempting to binge-watch The Great British Baking Show without interference. But when it chirped again, Becca lunged forward and answered it, and good thing too. “Hello?”

“Hey, Becks,” Niall Horan replied, her best friend and also crush (that part, she usually ignored). In the story that was her life, Niall played an important role, ever since she moved to London two-and-a-half years ago. “Whatcha up to?”

“Watching TGBBS,” Becca answered, like her acronym was well-known.

“Ah,” Niall said quite sagely, “Well, you better be dressed, because I’m standing in your apartment lobby, waiting for you.”

She was understandably confused. Becca pulled her phone away from her face and checked the date. October 11th. “Ni, we don’t have any plans today…” she trailed off.

“Nope!” was his cheerful response. “But, I figured you weren’t up to anything, and I wanted to go costume shopping with you.”

Becca blinked. “I wasn’t really…planning on doing anything Halloween-y this year, Ni. Not with everything that’s been going on.” And there had been a lot going on lately - her other best friend was angry and not speaking to her, and, well, life just sucked in a rather general way.

Niall was quiet for a moment. “That’s why you should go costume shoppin’ with me. Get ya out of the flat and all.” His voice was surprisingly earnest.

A slow smile spread across Becca’s face, accompanied by a warming in her stomach. Butterflies, maybe. “Niall Horan, you must actually want to hang out with me. Alright. I’ll be down shortly.” She hung up without waiting for his response, turned off the TV, and hopped up to dress.


Becca feels like she’s smoldering every time she’s with Niall. There’s never any smoke to show the depth of the feelings she hides from him, but the intensity lies dormant within her anyway.

So caught up in herself, she didn’t notice Niall’s stopped at a shop, and he suddenly grabbed her wrist and gently tugged her inside. “C’mon, Becks, we’ll find somethin’ perfect in here.” He was overly eager, and she didn’t quite understand it - what was so great about this particular Halloween?

It’s safe to say she wasn’t very interested as Niall perused the shop, occasionally holding up a costume, waiting for her one-to-two word answer. Finally, he became irritated with her lack of enthusiasm and walked her over to the corner to have a little chat.

“Rebecca Davis, you’re hardly payin’ me any attention, love.”

Her response is snark. “Didn’t think you were clingy.”

Niall frowned, hurt clear in his eyes, and she sighed deeply as she rubbed at her temple. Those puppy dog eyes…they would always get her.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it…you know I love hanging out with you, I’m just feeling weird today.”

“S’alright, love. I was just kinda hopin’…” Niall was sheepish, pausing to scratch at the back of his neck. He sighed deeply, shoulders dropping. “I was hopin’ we could kinda…wear matchin’ costumes. Or somethin’ like that.”

Becca feels her heart swell in her chest. Niall Horan was the sweetest man alive, this just confirmed it. And matching costumes? Wasn’t that a couple thing? She hoped she wasn’t looking too deeply into it. “Aw, Ni…okay.” She agreed easily, like she always did when it came to him. 

Niall grinned, a sparkle evident in his eyes. Becca melted, but luckily he didn’t notice, instead taking her hand and leading her to the costumes. She tried to ignore how it felt to have her hand in his - Niall’s hand was warm, and so much bigger than hers.

That was the opposite of ignoring it, but oh well.

They had some disagreements on costumes, so much so that they nearly stormed out together over Becca’s objection to being a black cat - “Really, Niall, that’s so cliche!” - but luckily, she found something.

“Look! It’s Winnie the Pooh and Piglet!” Becca squealed, rushing forward and grabbing the costumes, grinning to herself as she turned towards a bemused Niall. “This is perfect! I love Pooh…” Indeed, Becca found herself caught up in a swirl of childhood nostalgia.

Niall was shaking his head, slight chuckles falling from his mouth. “And you’ll be Piglet? I thought he was a boy?”

Becca frowned and clutched the costumes closer to her chest. “Yes, but I’m being b-b-brave by even being seen out in public in a costume with you, so.” It was a fair point. Becca had long-since been a receiver of hate on social media.

Niall shrugged, giving her credit where credit was due. “Looks like I’m Pooh then.”

Her smile lit up the shop, though Niall wouldn’t tell her anything like that anytime soon. “And what an adorable Pooh you’ll be. Let’s go?”

Niall took the costumes and they checked out. He had been right, she thought as they meandered back to her apartment, stopping once so Becca could get a pumpkin cream cheese muffin - warmed - from Starbucks. She had needed to get out of the house.

And she was ever so excited to see all the pictures on Twitter of Niall dressed as Winnie the Pooh.

Can we just have a moment for this gif please. Back in the time when the little Irish snowflake wasn’t comfortable enough to go shirtless! Like this actually pains me. He is the most beautifulest person on this thing we called earth and I hate how insecure he is/was about how he used to look! BUT FETUUUSSSSS

Through the Dark

Summary: Niall Horan was the most popular boy in school. He was funny, caring, and loved everyone, and with his rich parents and good grades, his life was seemingly perfect. Or that’s what Harry Styles, the schools loner, had thought. When he discovers Niall’s most dark and guarded secrets, will it be too late to save him?

Pairing: Niall Horan/Harry styles

Word count: 6k

Warnings: Abuse, self-harm

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You are the most breathtaking person I have ever seen.
And the light in your eyes could light up a million lanterns.

The acne on your skin resembles stars in the night sky.
And your dimples are deeper than my love and respect for myself.

The color of your lips is like wild roses. And the perfect shape of your nose is like the perfect shape of the moon when it’s full and when it’s half and when it’s barely there.

My friend wanted me to go to her volleyball game tomorrow (the 16th of October, 2015 of all days) and I was like “…I have plans” and she gave me a look and said “you don’t have plans, you never have plans” which okay no I’ve got a lot going on rn actually, but she doesn’t know I like One Direction so I just said “I have a date with Larry.” and walked away. Yeah… there’s no one named Larry in my school.


Niall sighed heavily and ran a hand through his hair in frustration. There were about six hundred other things he’d rather be doing than be in this situation. He was getting impatient and childishly tired and annoyed. He was driving to go shopping in downtown London. But as per usual, when it was convenient to shop for him, he was stuck in God-awful London traffic. Niall tapped his steering wheel to the beat of a song not realizing it was coming from the car behind him. He glanced in his rear view and saw the pretty girl dancing to She Looks So Perfect.

He chuckled to himself as he watched her have a grand old time as she sang to herself. He held his phone up and took a video of her as she snaked around a bit to sit in a spot of traffic where she wouldn’t be beeped at.

Thankfully, that spot was right next to Niall. He watched her as she shook her silky sweet locks around and giggled and danced to herself. She had the best smile he’d ever seen and he couldn’t get over how beautiful she looked as she danced in the most carefree way. She looked so happy and he couldn’t believe how good she looked.

The song restarted. Oh God, he was a goner. His heart fluttered and hands shook as he pulled his phone up as she sang and danced with as much enthusiasm as she did the first time. This was the best traffic he ever could have hoped for. After taking a snap chat to send to Ashton. “Looks like you have a pretty fan I’m about to steal,” he said to Ashton with the caption #traffic. “Nice music, darling,” he called over her music. Her head snapped to him and her jaw fell open and her eyes widened incredibly. She smacked the volume silencing the music. “Don’t stop on my account, love. I love that song. I’m a huge fan of the boys,” he joked. She blushed a ton and stared straight ahead trying to disappear. Niall snickered and got out of his car and tried not to make a scene as he moved over to your passenger side after seeing no one was moving for the time being.

Niall Horan is in my car. You thought to yourself. You didn’t breathe in fear you’d ruin this precarious setting. He slowly inched the music up and smiled toward you. “Are you a fan of just 5SOS? Or can I make a case for 1D?” He asked. “I’m a pretty big fan of both,” he said knowingly with a smile. You giggled once and he already adored that sound.

“I’m a bigger One Direction fan actually,” you told him. “But I love this song,” you explained as you fiddled with your fingers against the steering wheel.

“Where are you coming from at rush hour, darling?” He asked.

“I just wanted to drive for a bit after work, clear my head,” you shrugged and smiled softly. “Dance and have no one see me or remember me…” You sighed. “Looks like that didn’t work.”

He smiled at you. “Where do you work?” He asked.

“I’m a secretary for a medical company–nothing super fancy. But I get to dress the way I’ve always wanted to,” you smirked. Niall glanced over your outfit. A pair of black pants with white polka dots and a white blouse that looked super cute on you.

“Can I ask if you’re wearing American Apparel underwear?” He smirked. You laughed loudly and he grinned delightedly that he made you do that. He chuckled and scrolled through your music and found a variety of everything. He skipped to albums looking for what you had completed and so on. “Are you an Eagles fan?” He asked in shock. “I don’t know any person our age that likes them…” he said. He found the perfect girl sitting in frigging traffic. He wanted to write a book.

“Oh…um…I’m not a super fan, I enjoy their music, it’s calming. My mom told me she listened to it while she was pregnant with me. I tell myself that it stuck,” you shrugged as you glanced to see what he would find in your music selection.

His phone pinged with an influx of messages. He snickered. “Oh, God. I’m sorry love, I took a snapchat of you dancing, you looked so, so cute and I sent it to Ash…” he said looking at you shyly. You must think he’s a creep. “He thinks you look so perfect…and uh…I told him I was going to steal his pretty fan, but he called dibs. So I’ll let you pick,” he winked.

You gaped and blushed heavily. “You took a video of me?” You asked in horror.

“I’m sorry, darling. I thought you looked beautiful,” he said. “Can I make it up to you somehow? Dinner maybe?” He asked cheekily. “Where are you headed?” He wondered.

“Erm…the mall…but–” you started shyly.

“Perfect, I’m headed there too. This is my number,” he said and set his contact as Nialler <3 and then pecked your cheek before rushing back to his car just in time for traffic to get moving.


He sat in his car for ten minutes after you two parted ways. Then his phone rang with an unknown number. “Hello?” He asked.

“Did you really think I looked beautiful enough to take to dinner?” You asked insecurely. Niall Horan was beautiful 24/7…you were worried you wouldn’t look up to snuff.

“You look beautiful enough to meet the Queen, darling,” he said with a sigh nd a smile as he thought about you dancing again. He was completely curious about the kind of girl you were and he was pretty sure that’s all love at first sight was–the overwhelming desire to know someone you had just met. “Where are you?” He wondered hoping you hadn’t left out of shyness.

You sighed heavily. “I’ve been parked next to you for five minutes watching you stare at your phone for my phone call, I presume.” He looked out the window and smiled brightly at you and then hung up. Kindly, he opened your door for you and rested a hand on your lower back as he guided you into the mall and tugged you toward the restaurant so that you would get there quickly with avoiding a crowd of fans as best you two could.

“So,” he said as you waited for your food to come around. “Are you more of an Ashton girl or a Niall girl?” he wondered. You giggled and blushed a bit more.


“And you can tell me the truth, but literally, you’re adorable and if you don’t want me, I’ll gladly set you up with Ash,” he promised. He wouldn’t be happy about it, because you were unbelievably adorable and he wanted you all to himself–but he wanted you to be happy.

“Um…I’m actually…like…a total Luke girl,” you said softly. He frowned and looked at the table for a moment about to offer his number and tell Luke all about you. “Oh my God, I’m kidding, please don’t ever look that sad again, I’ve been a Niall girl since day one. I’ve wanted a Horan hug and to play soccer with you for hours,” you promised with a shy smile. He smiled in delight and stared in shock. Soccer, too? You were literally perfect.

“Really?” He asked. “Most girls these days like tatoos…and drummers,” he said a tad insecurely. Niall was a shy person despite how carefree he was. He wasn’t the best with girls. He knew that he could make most girls melt but he didn’t know if he actually impressed them. Some never wanted to be in pictures with him. He knew that he wasn’t the most popular in the band…but he liked to think that he impressed some of his fans.

“Well I like Irish, unmarked-skinned, singing-guitar players,” you said knowingly. He grinned excitedly and looked up at you.

“You’re amazing,” he whispered.

You blushed. “Hardly.”

He shook his head and She Looks So Perfect started playing. “I think it’s only fitting that we dance, darling,” he hummed softly. “This is our song, now,” he said tugging you from your seat.

“Is it now?” You asked.

He smiled down at you and smirked softly. “You look so perfect,” he whispered into your ear.You blushed and he kissed your cheek before starting his dance with you.

The first of many.

The most amazing thing about being in love is having someone who makes you want to become a better person. I am not perfect, and he wasn’t either. But we worked together and motivated each other to work on our flaws and grow as a couple as well as separate individuals. To me, that’s the most beautiful kind of love.
—  Loving you is a privilege 

but niall as a dad would be the cutest thing because no matter how his children acted he would always try to defend them when they get in trouble at school and even at home and say things like “I wasn’t any different at that age” or “I could never ask for better children, everyone messes up at time” and he’d even get in on their rough housing and shenanigans and let them win fights against him and be so overdramatic when he lost and he’d be the proudest father ever he’d always support them no matter what they wanted to do and get so excited if one wanted to learn how to play an instrument he’d take them right at the moment to pick out what beginner guitar or beginner piano they wanted and he’d put their silly little artwork up on the walls in frames and show everyone who came to your house with the proudest look on his face or he’d post them on internet that he’s much too old to be on and be like “The next Picasso right here !” and he’d always want to be super involved in their lives and always show up to their games and be right there on the sidelines even trying to coach the kids which never made the coaches very happy but he didn’t care and he’d even let out some profanities here and there even though you always scolded him on how things like that aren’t appropriate for little league or football games and he’d always be the one to want to go in for parent teacher conferences and be so proud of every little thing that they do and he’d always comment on how they have his personality but your smile and how they are just the most perfect human beings ever and every night he’d tuck them in and think about how lucky he is that he was able to be their father

He talks about you in an interview


Zayn: It’s just really nice to have someone around who just brings you back to reality when it all seems to get a bit too much… Yeah she’s amazing.



Liam: Seeing her struggle with all the hate really breaks my heart and sometimes I’m really afraid that it will all get too much for her. But she is so strong… I’ve never been so in love.



Interviewer: How would you describe your relationship with (Y/N)?

Louis: She’s literally the female version of me. And I bet everyone agrees. We always joke around and yeah… We’re idiots. But she’s the most perfect idiot ever.



Interviewer:  So how does it feel to call her your ‘girlfriend’ now instead of 'best friend’

Niall: Amazing, without one single doubt. She’s the most careless person I’ve ever met. Amazing just amazing.



Interviewer: Cara Delevingne or Candice Swanepoel?

Harry: I think I have to go with… (Y/N) (Y/L/N)

Okay… So I have been a fan of One Direction since they started out on the XFactor and I know it’s really hard to see one of the boys leave and it’s really hard to accept it but I have something to say about this…
One Direction means the fucking world to me I have never seen a flaw in anything they have done, yes they have made mistakes but who doesn’t and I really can’t stand the fact that people criticize them when they don’t know them but I can’t say anything about that because I don’t know them personally…
Liam Payne- the sweetest most caring person ever… 1/5 of One Direction… A beautiful soul that will never hurt a human being in his life… My love… My life… My idol… My baby… My prince… My king… My everything… I love him
Niall Horan- the cutest Irish man you will ever meet and/or see… 1/5 of One Direction… A wonderful soul who cares about everyone and everything… He is the sweetest thing on this planet… My love… My life… My goofball… My Irish cupcake… My idol… My adorable fluffball… My everything… I love him
Louis Tomlinson- the sassiest man you will ever meet… 1/5 of One Direction… A sassy ass soul that puts peoples needs before his own… He may not know you but he still cares… My love… My life… My sass master from Doncaster… My idol… My drama queen… My trickster… My everything… I love him
Harry Styles- the most precious man ever… 1/5 of One Direction… He is a beautiful soul that is sweet and caring and selfless… He is sensitive and a doll… My love… My life… My idol… My curly… My cupcake… My flirtatious baby… My everything… I love him
Zayn Malik- an angel sent straight from heaven to watch over all of us… 1/5 of One Direction… I know he just recently quit the band but he is still part of the band… He is the best person ever… Caring, sweet, precious, beautiful, wild, rebellious… He cares and loves everyone and will never give up on us or the boys… He is perfect no matter what… My love… My life… My Bradford badboi… My idol… My rebel… My angel… My everything… I love him
One Direction- the best band to ever walk this earth… Filled with five of the most sweetest, cutest, sassiest, precious angels on this earth… Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, and Zayn Malik… These boys will do anything to make their fans and the people around them happy… Yes there may be some decisions they make that will make people sad or upset but they will still always be there to bring them back up again… These boys have yet to do anything that has harmed anyone… Yes people have harmed themselves for something that they have done but nothing they have done has harmed another human being… I love these boys to hell and back a thousand times over and will do anything to see them happy or smiling… They are my life… My love… My idols… My idiots… My heart… My soul… My everything… I love them