niall horan is actually the sun

Harry Styles - “Love at First Listen”

Took me long enough for this. I hope you like it. I’m actually quite proud of this one.

Harry was flipping through the stations on his radio as he drove around the crowded streets of Los Angeles, the sun blaring down on his Range Rover, his sunglasses low on his nose as he focuses on the station dial. The traffic in front of him finally picked up so he took his hand from the radio and back on the wheel and began to drive. At first when he realized what kind of station he had stopped on, he reached to change it once again but his fingers halted right as they touched the dial. 

The voice coming through his speakers was unlike any he had ever heard. He understood none of what was being sang but none the less he was entranced anyway. He didn’t want the song to end, he even sat in his car after reaching his destination just to continue listening to the song until it ended. He hoped he would be able to catch what her name was but it slid into the next song with no DJ interjection first. 

The entire rest of the day her voice haunted his brain. He would zone out when someone was speaking to him and could hear her soft melodies, the words flowing effortlessly and smooth as she sang. He had to find out who she was, he had to. 

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Sun-Dappled by QuickedWeen (3.7k)

Louis and his best friend Harry are in their seventh year at Hogwarts, facing down their future together.
Louis has been in love with his best friend for as long as he can remember, and he begins to feel a sense of urgency as their second semester begins.
Finally, he hatches a plan to tell Harry about his feelings on Harry’s birthday. 

Relationships: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson
Characters: Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Anne Cox, Jay Tomlinson, Jade Thirlwall, Gemma Styles (Mentioned), Nick Grimshaw (mentioned)
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Hogwarts, Quidditch World Cup, Hogwarts Seventh Year, Mutual Pining, Best Friends, Friends to Lovers, Quidditch Player Louis Tomlinson, Slytherin Louis, Ravenclaw Harry, Pining, Fluff, SO MUCH FLUFF, actually, I know I say that a lot, but I mean it this time

changeoftheart  asked:

Hey do you have any royalty au recs?? preferably where one of them is royal and the other isn’t. thank u !:)

Hello lovely! Check out the royal tag (x), but here’s some more for you:

Like a Bullet in the Dark by Vurdoc:

Summary: Prince Harold Edward Styles Lancaster is second in line to the throne of Great Britain. He is also your average Uni student- or he tries to be, anyway.

With a promise from the press (and his father) that they’ll leave him alone for four years, he sets out to be a student at Cambridge, when he meets his very normal, very working class, very handsome suite-mate, Louis Tomlinson.

Louis makes Harry feel more like a person than he ever has before, which might cause some issues later on- ‘cause Harry has a secret that he’s only told his sister Gemma about.

Little does he know though, that Louis has some secrets of his own.

Word count: 99,456

Turn and face the strange by orphan_account:

Summary: “Yeah okay, look, um. I’m in a relationship now, mum. And it’s pretty serious and I’m very much in love with him.” Louis’ mum’s face lights up at that.

“Well why didn’t you say?! Can we meet him?! Is he here today?”

“This is the catch. He’s kind of, well, he’s incredibly famous. So he couldn’t be at the ceremony but he’s in the car and we’re going to go back to his home for some lunch, is that okay?”

“Famous?! Louis, if this is some sort of joke…”

“It’s not, mum, I promise. Please can you just get in the car? He’s in this one, I want you three to meet him first, just don’t freak out, please,” he says, gesturing at Harry’s traditional black car.

Or the one where Harry is going to be King, Louis can’t handle it like he thinks, Zayn is finally happy, Liam’s a massive geek and Niall’s marrying a princess.

Word count: 26,013

through struggles, to the stars by thedeathchamber:

Summary: Louis is a Starfleet captain trying to find his place in the universe. Harry is a prince just trying to do what’s right.

Word count: 80,582

call it magic, call it true by itiswhatitisbutterfly:

Summary: Harry Styles loves hockey, art history and speaks Italian. His Royal Highness Prince Louis of Wales is second in line to inherit the British Throne. Their relationship is sometimes a fairytale but occasionally a nightmare.

(Louis is the Prince William to Harry’s Kate Middleton.)

Word count: 17,102

King and Lionheart by haloeverlasting:

Summary: Prince Louis Tomlinson is the first out gay monarch in his small country’s history. After facing a failed attack in town, he understands why. Expect the unexpected seems applicable, but nothing could have prepared him for his own mother’s reaction – a bodyguard by the name of Harry Styles.

Word count: 30,137

Conflict of Interest by louispalooza:

Summary: Harry Styles was seventeen and hoping to survive high school, too bad his newfound family had different ideas. Now he was facing the biggest decision of his life: whether or not to accept his princely crown. He’s being swept halfway around the world and must, not only face the royal family, but also deal with his smoking hot head of security, Louis Tomlinson.

Word count: 83,920

Nothing lasts forever, except you and me by orphan_account:

Summary: “I can’t believe they got married,” Louis says sleepily once he’s curled up into Harry’s chest.

“Neither can I,” Harry mumbles. “I can’t believe my best friend fell in love with your best friend. I can’t believe how disgustingly happy they are.”

“We’ve got competition, Haz,” Louis giggles. “We need to be the most disgustingly happy; do you reckon we can beat them?”

“Oh please,” Harry snorts. “We’re the nation’s sweethearts, babe. Nobody is more disgusting than us.”

Or the one where Louis does what he thinks he has to, Harry becomes King, Zayn gives Louis false hope, Liam wishes Harry would cry less and Niall still can’t believe he’s married to a princess.

Word count: 34,726

In My Place by kassio:

Summary: Prince Louis has it all. He’s wealthy, privileged, famous, and handsome, with a loving family and a world of opportunities. There’s only one problem: he isn’t actually the queen’s son.

Harry and Niall Horan don’t have much, but they have a dream: to win the X Factor and achieve something more than their normal middle-class life.

Two dreams collide and two very different paths come together when Louis requests to meet with Harry after seeing him on the X Factor.

Word count: 97,500

Sail into the Sun by orphan_account:

Summary: Prince Louis Tomlinson is sick of the closet. Harry Styles is a con man with a hatred of rich people. Louis needed a way out, Harry needed a husband. It was a mutual agreement. Doesn’t mean they have to like each other.

Word count: 31,981

Liberté by larriebane:

Summary: AU. 1647. “Pretending you don’t have a heart is not the best way to not get it broken. It’s just the easiest.”

Word count: 64,603

Halloweenies 2k15. Harry as his true form, Louis as his spirit animal, Niall as the actual sun, and Liam as a tarzan hybrid who the fuck knows what Liam’s on about.

(feat. me still not knowing how the fuck to draw Niall)

Louis: I would take you on a holiday * to Harry*

*kisses his cheek*

*Harry smiles brighter than the sun*

*louis actually takes him on vacation*

*Just the 2 of the them*

Literally relationship goals 🙌

Tomorrow's Sun Article

Liam: *puts headphones on Niall, blasts hotel California* we haven’t really told Niall yet. Just smile at him a lot, will ya? 

Harry: I’ve been stress baking, you know, because I used to be a baker… make sure to put that I used to be a baker.

Louis: fuck this shit. fuck all this shit. 


My friends and family wonder why I am so sarcastic and moody…

Mate I idolise a weed smoking cupcake, who’s vocabulary ranges from ‘fucking’ to 'shit’; who claims he is 5,9" yet everyone knows he is only pocket size and he shares complimentary matching tattoos with his platonic best friend.

I learn from the finest.

list 10 of your recent music faves and tag 10 mutuals

i was tagged by @satremohn, thanks love <3 

  1. casablanca - dounia 
  2. sad saturdays - joba 
  3. PRBLMS - 6lack
  4. since we’re alone - niall horan
  5. yellow - kevin abstract
  6. reasons - khalid
  7. 7am - ask kidd
  8. i wrote this song for an ex - sun king
  9. status - dounia
  10. lamb - brockhampton 

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If horses had really kinky sex,

Fifty shades of Neigh

If Lana del Ray was secretly prostitute,

Fifty shades of Ray

If Santa Claus was a pimp,

Fifty shades of Sleigh

If the sun was really naughty,

Fifty shades of Day

If The Fault in our Stars was actually a porno,

Fifty shades of Okay?Okay.

The 1D guy it would actually work out with

Aries: Harry
Taurus: Liam
Gemini: Harry
Cancer: Niall
Leo: Harry
Virgo: Louis
Libra: Harry
Scorpio: Louis
Sagittarius: Harry
Capricorn: Liam
Aquarius: Harry
Pisces: Louis

(Based mostly on sun sign)

He Chooses Another Girl Over You (Part 2)

Here’s the link to part 1

     His POV (7 months later)

             Harry: “Hey guys,” I said as I walked into the studio, “Hey,” they all chorused in reply. “What’s wrong man, you don’t look too good,” Lou said as we all sat down, “It's…it’s Mel.” I confessed, “What about her?” I sighed, “It’s just…she isn’t what I thought she was. When the whole…(Y/N) thing went down I saw Mel as…my soulmate, someone I was truly connecting with but as I realized what she was doing to me. I saw that, she didn’t love me. She couldn’t, because her husband is in Utah, waiting for her to come back.” Their jaws dropped. 

       "Yeah, that was my reaction too.“ I replied, "Harry…I wish I could say I was sorry, but….(Y/N) was a great girl, she was- she is just an amazing person, and you let her slip through your fingers.” Niall said, I nodded in agreement. “Do you think…do you think she still loves me?” I asked, they all looked at each other cautiously, “What? What is it?” I said, Niall sighed and pushed the laptop towards me, 

          “(Y/N) in love? New beau Kellan Lutz Shares Details!!! 

I read deeper into the article, 

           I: So how did you meet (Y/N)? 

           K: Well…she was in a very fragile state at first, her ex…didn’t treat her right, so I made sure that she was treated like a queen, like someone worth the world, because she is. 

          I: Are you in love with her?

          K: Yes. 100% I couldn’t imagine my life without her in it, she's…she’s one of the most incredible people I’ve had the privilege of knowing. 

          I: Any future plans? 

          K: I can’t say for sure, but hopefully we will get to spend forever together.  

I couldn’t believe what I was reading, she had found someone else. What did I expect? That she would stay single and wait for me to get bored of Mel? She was gorgeous, talented, amazing and just…incredible, and I was the idiot who let her go. I was the ‘ex who didn’t treat her right.' And now…I would take it all back in a heartbeat just to be with her again. 

          Liam: "Liam! Let’s go we’re going to be late for the VMA’s!” Charlotte rushed me as she swayed towards the door, I rolled my eyes. Although it was true that I had chosen a girl I had only known for 3 months over my girlfriend of a year and a half I couldn’t help but compare everything Charlotte did to how (Y/N) did it. She never came back to collect her things, the last the boys heard of her, she was in Brisbane on holiday, I only hoped she was ok. 

         "Liam!“ Beau came up to me and smiled, "Hey mate how’s it going?” I smiled, “Good, good actually I-” he was interrupted by Charlotte “Ahem,” she said not so subtly, I resisted the urge to roll my eyes, “Erm, Beau this is my girlfriend, Charlotte.” he smiled politely despite the annoyance behind his eyes, “So where are the rest of the Janoskians?"she asked as she rested her hand on my chest. "Oh they’re around, oh right! Like I was saying I’d like you to meet my girlfriend,” he smiled, a tight black dress and white heels walked up to him, “Liam this is my lovely girl-” I cut him off, “(Y/N)” I said surprised, she smiled, not laced with bitterness or hatred, she smiled at me, yet somehow…it made me even more furious. 

         "You two know each other?“ he asked as he intertwined their fingers together, making me subconsciously narrow my eyes, "Erm yeah, we dated for a little bit,” she shrugged, “Oh aha, well we’d best be off then yeah? It was good seeing you Liam…Charlotte,” He nodded his head at her, “C'mon love,” he pulled her along and she giggled and smiled as he wore her on his arm. Charlotte tried to get my attention, but all I could think about was (Y/N) with Beau…she looked so beautiful, tanned from all of the Australian sun yet, glowing with radiance…because of him. I couldn’t help but wish that I was the one who could bring happiness to her eyes again. 

       Zayn: “No no no! The Vera Wang was gorgeous, well I don’t care what the price is! I’m the princess and I-” I shut the door and walked out of the house. Perrie wouldn’t notice that I was gone anyway, the engagement was back on and that’s all she cared about anyway. I sighed and continued down the road into a bar, maybe I would bump into Andy or Liam down here, I hadn’t been out much since the second announcement of mine and Perrie’s engagement. 

      “Hey Zayn! Haven’t seen you around much lately! How’ve you been?” Andy asked as I walked up to the bar, “I’ve been ok, hey listen I’m going to take a seat, mind if I join?” I asked, he shook his head and gestured for me to go ahead, “Just a straight whisky,” I ordered, “Rough day?” a voice I didn’t recognize asked, I turned to my left and saw a guy sitting there, “Oh…you’re from erm…Carrie,” I mumbled, he smiled, “Right, but for now…just call me Ansel,” he smiled and extended his hand, I shook it briefly. “So what brings you down to London?” I asked curiously, “I’m visiting my girlfriend, waiting for her to meet me here after her college class is over- er university I guess,” he chuckled. I nodded, “What university, maybe I know it.” He took a sip of his drink, “Greenwich,” I nodded, Greenwich was (Y/N)’s college. “Here she comes, babe! Over here! I’ll introduce you,” I didn’t turn around, 

       "Baby this is my new friend…sorry I didn’t get your name,“ he sighed, 

     "Zayn?” her voice. The voice that kept me up all night, the one that I pictured in my dreams and even listened to in my saved voicemails, 

      “(Y/N)…I- how have you been?” she shrugged and moved closer to Ansel, “ are things with erm…Perrie,” she asked although I knew she didn’t really care. “They’re good,” I replied quietly. 

       "Sorry…do you two know each other?“ Ansel cut in softly, 

     "Oh right! Sorry,” she chuckled, “Zayn and I dated for a little bit, not a big deal, he’s getting married soon actually,” she smiled up at him, he couldn’t fight the smile that stretched upon his lips, I almost smiled as well, she always had that effect on people. 

      “Congratulations man, sorry but,” he checked his watch, “We’d better get going it’s our anniversary tonight,” he smiled as she kissed his jaw, “I’ll see you around?” she asked quietly, I nodded before she led him out of the bar. 

       "Tough break…" Andy commented after it was all over, 

      “Tell me about it,” I said before downing the rest of my drink. 

      Niall: “Some game huh Niall?” Darragh nudged me, I nodded but couldn’t help but stare at Amanda with some guy in the club box. I rolled my eyes, “Amanda!” I shouted, she looked back at me and sighed before telling the guy something else and walking back to us. “I was just trying to make conversation Niall,” she smiled, “I know what you were doing, don’t do it again.” I glared, she rolled her eyes and took a seat. 

       "Now before we all leave we have a special announcement!“ the owner of the arena announced into the microphone. "Real Madrid’s forward Cristiano Ronaldo has an announcement to make!” the crowd screamed as he walked into the center of the arena receiving mixed greetings from all sides. 

        “Hello, I know a lot of you don’t like me because of tonight’s game, but I’d just love it if you could give me a few moments of silence while I make one of the biggest choices of my life.” Most of the crowd agreed and  began to quiet down, 

         "I’ve been with my girlfriend for a little while now, we’re approaching eight months soon. A lot of my team mates have been teasing me and asking me when Jr. was going to get a step-mother…I think it’s about time,“ everyone was intrigued at this point, lot’s of questioning gazes and cheers from every side.

       "I’d like to call my girlfriend out onto the stadium now,” he smiled. Out she walked, gorgeous, stunning and on the verge of tears, my ex girlfriend walked out to meet her boyfriend, and what I feared to be…her future fiancé.

       "(Y/N) (Y/L/N), Eu te amo para sempre, you’ve been with me through the toughest of times, not only for me, but for my family as well, I love you and I wouldn’t want to be with anyone else. Jr. and I agree, that it’s time you become more of my family, you are my everything, and I can only hope that I’m yours too. Will you marry me?“ The crowd was silent,

             "Yes,” with that one word everyone was on their feet cheering and hollering whilst I was running up the steps to the arena, praying that I made it to my car without crying. She said yes…she was getting married.

       Louis: 'I’m done here anyway’ those words have run through my mind for the past 7 months non-stop. When (Y/N) left I couldn’t take it, everything went down the drain aside from my career, Lesley left me, my flat was empty, the boys were disappointed in me, I was miserable. I wished that I could do that whole day over, that whole month over. I never should’ve been with Lesley, she was a distraction, something I needed at the time, but it all could’ve been avoided if I’d said no.

        “Lou get out of bed we’re leaving.” Zayn sighed as he threw the covers off of me, drew the blinds up and opened a window. “Leave me alone.” I said, “Alright, c'mon when’s the last time you showered?” I didn’t answer, I didn’t know.

         "Put me down I’m-“ cold water. He threw me into a tub of cold water. "Zayn what the hell?!” I exclaimed, he shrugged and through a loofa, soap and shampoo at me before closing the door and leaving.

       "Where are we going?“ I asked, he shrugged and pulled up to a fair. "When did the fair get in town?” I asked, he sighed, “Couple of weeks ago Lou, now c'mon let’s get some sun,” I nodded, sun sounded nice. 

        “Zayn?” I asked as I finished my food, “Yeah man, what’s up?” he replied, “Have you um…have you heard from (Y/N) lately?” I asked, he tensed and cleared his throat before answering, 

       "Yeah um…actually she’s in town. Niall said she was visiting her mum with- oh look a booth, let’s go knock down pins yeah?“ With who? I wanted to ask, but yet he led me to the carnival booth. 

       "Which one do you want?” a male voice sounded behind us, “Hmm, as if you could win one,” a voice that sounded familiar retorted, “I’m a strapping young lad, you said so yourself last-” “OK! I want the teddy bear!” she cut him off, who was she? 

           "Winner! Now sir which one will you take?“ I turned to my right and saw the man pick a big brown teddy bear, presumably for his girlfriend? Wife? I turned and saw the girl holding the teddy bear in front of her face until she set it down and kissed him. 

       ”(Y/N)?“ I said without thinking, 

      "Louis! Oh…um- wow I haven’t seen you since- I haven’t seen you in a while.” she retracted her previous almost statement. “Right, um…what are you doing here?” I asked, she laced fingers with the man next to her, 

       "I’m introducing Leo to my mum and dad,“ I finally looked at the guy next to her, "Leo?” I knew damn well who he was, I just wanted him to say it himself. 

       "DiCaprio, sorry but do you know each other?“ he asked after shaking my hand. 

      "Lou and I used to go out,” she pointed between the two of us, “Ah, I see. Hey well it was great meeting you, but we’ve got to get going, we have a plane to catch tomorrow,” I cocked my head to the side, 

       "Plane?“ I asked, "Um..yeah Leo and I are flying to LA, we’re um…moving in together,” she said sheepishly. I nodded and masked my expression, 

       "Right well best of luck to you both,“ I shook his hand once more and nodded at (Y/N) before watching them both disappear into the crowd. 

       "Louis, mate I-” I didn’t bother to listen, 

        “Just take me home." 


  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: how can people actually believe in narry? there is nothing romantic about it. niall's a bro. like a manly bro pal. and what about harry? why is he always looking at louis like he's the sun then? and why is niall the biggest larrie out there? just how can people see niall and harry together and think they are dating. i just don't understand it and i don't think i want to. anti larries created narry just to save there asses. they were just scared of thinking about louis and harry actually being together because management told them that they were wrong to think that way. stop narry 2k15.
Day 92 of the 1D Hiatus

Monday 14th March

Well today was pretty quiet, wasn’t it?!

- First thing’s first - here’s Harry coming out of a shop empty handed and about to find out he’s been given a parking ticket. Why paps were called, God knows. Just to make it clear he’s still in London I suppose:

- I kind of missed this whole thing but, for some reason, it’s believed Jay might be in LA. I follow her sister-in-law on IG and noticed that she was looking after the twins this weekend, so I figured Jay had gone away somewhere. I think what happened was that she was tagged/tagged herself at a restaurant in LA. Someone then had this conversation with her:

So she didn’t confirm she was there, just kind of skirted the subject.

- Scream Queens confirmed they were totally trolling us about Harry being on the show. Good, because it’s rubbish!

- Louis posted this on IG with the caption ‘😛’:

- It turns out Louis followed 36 accounts on IG yesterday, including Jay, Fizzy and Oli, amongst others.

- The boys won UK Favourite Music Act and UK Favourite Music Video (for Drag Me Down) at the Kids’ Choice Awards. ‘Harry’ tweeted his thanks in the middle of the night:

- Harry also tweeted today, which is much more likely to actually be him:

What does it mean? Who the hell knows, but he’s tweeted about burgers a few times before. Maybe it’s in response to this article about him being a ‘health nut’ from The Sun.

- Niall tweeted this with no caption:

Which Louis once again commented on:

And that’s it today so far.

Louis is active on IG but MIA otherwise and Liam hasn’t been seen for a while has he?

Hopefully more will happen by tomorrow’s update. See you then x x x

ONE Direction will disband in March, The Sun can reveal.

Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan have mutually agreed to an extended hiatus of at least a year to pursue solo projects.

The lads made the decision not to tour again at a meeting in London last weekend.

The world’s most successful band will NOT launch a tour to support their fifth album, a move likely to devastate their millions of fans around the world.

That means their last full concert will be at Motorpoint Arena in Sheffield on October 31.

Last night a 1D source said: “The guys have been together for five years, which is an incredible run for any boyband.

“They fully deserve to have at least a year to work on their own projects. There is absolutely no bad blood between them and they are all 100 per cent behind the decision.

“It is definitely not a split and they fully intend to get back together at some time in the future.

“But for now it is the end and they go out on top as the world’s most popular music act.”

1D’s new album, which insiders say is their best yet, will be released in time for the lucrative Christmas market.

They are likely to make a host of TV appearances and performances before the end of the year to promote the release.

There will be a break over the festive season before the group come back together to fulfil the rest of their promotional commitments for record label Syco in February.

The insider explained: “Simon Cowell and his team at Syco couldn’t be more excited about the album.

“They believe there are at least three smash hit songs and they’ve got the boys to stay together for a few weeks beyond the end of the year to make the album a huge success.

“But there was a meeting recently where it was agreed there would be no tour for the album.

“That was a big call because it means come March, Harry, Liam, Louis and Niall will be free agents for the first time in five years.”

The departure of Zayn Malik from the band in March is not behind the decision.

The insider insisted: “This was the plan with or without Zayn. In fact, the band have been making amazing music and been incredibly happy without Zayn.

“Of course they would have preferred that he had stayed in the band, but they would have taken this extended hiatus even if he hadn’t left.”

They are expected to go in very different directions, with negotiations about their individual futures set to begin in earnest in the coming weeks.

Sony bosses are desperate to sign Harry, 21, who is most likely to become the breakout solo star.

But band sources say he is also considering lucrative offers to launch a Hollywood acting career.

Irishman Niall, 21, is also believed to be interested in releasing his own music and was recently writing with friend Justin Bieber.

Liam, 21, has made it clear he doesn’t harbour solo ambitions and wants to concentrate on his growing songwriting, producing and DJ career.

Business-minded Louis, 23, is setting up his own record company within Syco and is likely to take a role on next year’s X Factor.

The 1D source said: “All the boys have a massive amount of options available to them. It’s an exciting time because for the last five years they’ve always put the band first.

“Sony definitely want to secure a solo record from Harry. He has been building up to this moment for a long time and there is also a lot of interest in him from Hollywood.

“But they’re all going to be successful in their own right. They have the best contacts and a massive fanbase.”

The insider added: “Louis is very much in contention to be a judge on X Factor next year.

“It would be a real coup for the show to sign a member of the band and it’s definitely something he is interested in doing.

“But this year the band’s touring schedule simply didn’t allow for it.”

One Direction have sold more than 50 million records and have more than 91 number ones across the globe.

They were the second highest selling music act in the world last year, shiftng 3.2 million albums, only topped by Taylor Swift.

But they make the most money from touring, having performed to more than 7.5 million people. They have each amassed a £25million fortune.

THIS is the worst possible news for Directioners – 1D’s millions of diehard fans who want the band to stay together forever.

But the reality is that after five years working non stop and achieving unprecedented global success, something eventually had to give.

During that time, they’ve gone from teenage schoolboys to young men, with Louis soon to become a dad.

The good news is that, unlike many other band break-ups, the four remaining members do not hate each other.

That leaves the door open for a possible reunion in a couple of years.

Not all boy band breaks have to be forever – just ask Take That or Boyzone.

But March next year will definitely be the end of 1D as we know it.

My hunch is that they’ll all be mightily successful in their own right.

Harry is a music superstar in the making, Liam and Niall have become brilliant songwriters, and Louis’ ambition and business acumen is impressive.

It will be exciting to see what they do next.

Preference #345 Someone Cat Calls You
  • Harry: “It’s not even that – like you’re mine.” He whispers into the side of your neck, covering your body with his on the crowded street. “Like you’re my girlfriend and I don’t need all of these Bieber haired boys yelling at you from cars and buses. You’re all mine right?” You nod quickly and place a small kiss to the side of his neck, seeping with reassurance.
  • Niall: You don’t even have the chance to be a little bit shocked before Niall is yelling across the street. “You talkin to me fuckin girl? You’d best re-think that – re-think crossing that street anywhere near her!” He shouts, pointing his finger blindly back in that direction and turning back into your embrace. “Don’t worry only I’ll be giving you compliments from now on.”
  • Louis: “Oh he thinks this is a game does he? Right we’ll see about that.” He states unlatching his fingers from yours and shaking his head quickly, launching off the sidewalk. His walk to the other side of the street is spent mocking the guy at all costs and shaking his head profusely. “Think you can yell at her – she’s hot yeah – but she’s hot for me!”
  • Liam: “Are you smiling? Like you’re actually smiling at that… that douche? He was totally trying to hit on your from across the mall, like hello, I’m right here with you!” He slumps solemnly. It passes quickly before he’s scrambling to get you into his lap, pulling you flush against him. “Want the whole food court – the entire mall to see who you’re actually with.”
  • Zayn: He’s scowling more than normal and his cheekbones are slumped against your shoulder. “This isn’t fair.” He whines ducking his head further and shaking it lightly. “These guys get to yell at you all day – say nasty things and then I can’t even touch you in public without making the morning paper or The Sun, it’s not fair.” He’s upset over the fact even though he knows he still has you in his arms.
One Direction Have Grace Jones Removed From Jonathan Ross Line-Up?

If you’re the sort of person who is inclined to believe those ominous sources and mysterious insiders then have we got a corker for you.

Word on the street is that One Direction, yes, the biggest boyband on the planet, “demanded” that Jonathan Ross removed Grace Jones from his chat show line-up so that they wouldn’t be overshadowed.

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Because obviously if there is one thing that the four most famous boys on the planet are scared of, it’s being “overshadowed”.

Speaking to The Sun, a source claimed: “Grace is so entertaining and unpredictable that 1D feared they would look tame in comparison.

“Instigating the termination of a booking shows just how arrogant the band have become.”

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We mean, even if this rumour was true, surely it’d actually have come from the band’s PR, not from Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and Niall Horan themselves?

They’re so busy that they don’t even know what day it is, we doubt they know who is lined up to join them on every chat show that they do.

Grace herself is said to be a little bit peeved by the whole debacle, with the eccentric singer planning to fly over to London from Jamaica especially for the show, which was recorded last week.

The insider added: “She was not happy with her treatment and felt it showed a complete lack of respect from young guys.”

Grace will now appear on Alan Carr’s ‘Chatty Man’ talk show instead, whilst Michael McIntyre joined 1D on J-Ro’s sofa, with the source explaining: “Jonathan’s show was going to be a 1D special, with room for one guest, and management felt it was appropriate someone they were friends with should appear alongside them.”

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Whatever drama went on behind the scenes, we can’t bloomin’ wait to watch the show.



What in god’s green earth The Sun think that Louis would actually marry Beardiana?? He has never even mentioned her name not even once.

 He’s been with Eleanor for 3 years and never thought of marrying her so why with some girl who’s equally ‘confused’ of who’s the actual father…?

remember when Louis was asked if he’s ‘engaged’ with Eleanor?

and how he denied it right away like its the most ridiculous thing ever …

ikr im cryin




This doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of my favorite pics of Niall. This is just a random selection from over 100 pics, which is what I barely managed to narrow things down to. I might have a bit of a problem.

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