niall horan is actually the sun

Louis: I would take you on a holiday * to Harry*

*kisses his cheek*

*Harry smiles brighter than the sun*

*louis actually takes him on vacation*

*Just the 2 of the them*

Literally relationship goals 🙌

My friends and family wonder why I am so sarcastic and moody…

Mate I idolise a weed smoking cupcake, who’s vocabulary ranges from ‘fucking’ to 'shit’; who claims he is 5,9" yet everyone knows he is only pocket size and he shares complimentary matching tattoos with his platonic best friend.

I learn from the finest.

  • One direction: we're gonna be back soon
  • 1d management: they're coming back
  • Fans: they'll be back soon
  • Obama: one direction will return
  • The world: the hiatus is temporary
  • The sun (newspaper):
  • The sun: 1D are splitting for good, fans are crying.
  • Fans: wtf? No, we're not. They're coming back
  • The sun newspaper: actual gross sobbing
  • Fans:
  • The sun: also. Liam is dating a granny, Harry continues to sleep with everything that moves, Niall stays chill, and Louis is a father to a totally real baby. They're all no homo buddy bro pals :)

Halloweenies 2k15. Harry as his true form, Louis as his spirit animal, Niall as the actual sun, and Liam as a tarzan hybrid who the fuck knows what Liam’s on about.

(feat. me still not knowing how the fuck to draw Niall)

Decisions (Harry Styles)

Hello beautiful people. I’ve had a lot on my mind, sorry this one is a long one. Hope you enjoy. Love - G

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 , Part 4 , Part 5 , Part 6

You laid in bed for most of the day. Breathing in, touching, feeling each other. When the sun was finally going down you got out of the bed and went to get a shower together. With both of your lives at full speed you don’t get to actually be together that often. You don’t waste a second of your day being without each other.

“You are so beautiful, I can’t keep my eyes away” - Harry said when you’re body was only covered with a towel, with wet long hair covering your back, water dripping down your legs and arms. You didn’t look at him as you felt your face turn red. You were never a model, nor the most beautiful girl in the world. But somehow he managed to find something in you. You were always afraid that he can see you the same way you see yourself. Every day when you look in the mirror you can see your flaws, there is always something you don’t like. If only Harry saw them, he’d be leaving you. Such a powerful, beautiful, loving man like him could make any girl fall for him with a simple smile. He has such a power over you, he doesn’t know it.

You both decided to go out and get some food. Breathing some fresh air and leaving your room was something you needed for a change. Even though Harry loved being in your room because you both wore as least clothes as possible and you were all his. You both got ready not dressing up, in simple clothes, got a taxi and went to a little hidden restaurant you loved going to. It was very simple small restaurant. Music was playing and a couple of tables were taken by people. The place was so peaceful but cozy with candles lit on every table. You both sat down in the corner and ordered food. You kept on talking and drinking wine for most of the part. You finished your food and sat there for a while after. It felt so normal, until a thought went through your mind. He is Harry Styles. In your eyes he is the most famous person on the planet. He must be followed by paparazzi but nobody disturbed you so far. Not a single article went flying about the new girl he was seeing. You were not bothered about it too much, just felt a bit weird. You loved the piece and quiet with Harry all to yourself. But he was on tour and every single move other boys made, went everywhere. Niall getting drunk in LA, Liam and Louis seeing someone new. But nothing of Harry, was he ashamed of you?

“What are you thinking about?” - Harry said putting his hand on yours.

“Oh nothing as usual” - you smiled and intertwined your fingers together.

“I know you Y/N, tell me what’s on your mind, please” - he looked deep into your eyes and you once again couldn’t control yourself.

“It’s just… Don’t get me wrong, I’m really happy and feel blessed that nothing has come out in the media about you, us, lately. But….” - you couldn’t say what was on your mind. Oh you couldn’t finish.

“But what?”

“Nothing forget it” - you smiled and gave him a big smile.

“When you don’t say what’s on your mind, I make up the worst scenarios in my head. So please save me from this misery and tell me love.” - his face was a little bit worried.

“Oh god, this is going to sound so stupid. But like… Anything Louis, Liam or Niall does goes everywhere. Everybody knows what they’re doing, who they are with. But nothing about you. Don’t get me wrong, I love it. I love having you all to myself… ” - here it goes, you really didn’t want to say it to Harry. But you knew he would eventually get it out of you. He has magical powers over your brain and body. - “I don’t want to be known, I don’t want to be followed by paparazzi when I’m with you, it’s just… This thought has been bugging me for a bit…”

“What’s wrong darling, tell me I can fix it”

“Are you ashamed of me, Harry please be honest, I’ll understand” - you said looking down at your hands intertwined together. You couldn’t look at his reaction. He let your hand go and your heart stopped. He was really ashamed of you… Your heart stopped beating and you felt your lungs collapsing. He tilted your head with his hand softly and looked straight into your eyes.

“Y/N… Oh love, you are so adorable. No, I am not ashamed of you. How can you even think about that. I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I don’t express myself the way I should. You are my world. But I thought you don’t want to be disturbed by anybody especially with your graduation coming up. I was hiding this because I thought you wouldn’t want it. If you let me I’ll tell the world you are mine, I’ll have my arms wrapped around you in every step we take. But while we are on this topic, there is something that you don’t know love…” - he took his phone out and silence struck between you two. He held your hand with his free hand while scrolling through his phone. His face was so focused and your mind was going crazy. What is he on about?

“I don’t think you noticed last night or remember”- he giggled but your face was straight in worry - “ I’m really sorry Y/N it happened this way. I didn’t even expect anybody to know where I was. But there are pictures of you kissing me from last night, and a couple of others…” - he smiled and turned his phone to you. Your jaw dropped. It was you… you… everywhere…. You dancing with Harry, you kissing Harry, you standing in his arms… You looked at yourself in the pictures and felt so ashamed and sorry for Harry. He was seen with you in your worst state. That’s how the world is going to remember you. Harry shouldn’t be seen with you like this. No… You stared at the pictures for a while without saying anything. You could feel your eyes tearing up when a tear slipped down your cheek.

“No….I’m so sorry Harry…. I’m so sorry, please forgive me. I look so horrible in them…. I’m so sorry I got drunk.” - you couldn’t get a word out as tears completely took you over. You put your hands to cover your face.  Harry didn’t expect you to react like this. He quickly stood up from his chair. He turned you and knelt down. He took your hands in his and moved them away to see your face. You were looking down at the floor, too embarrassed to look at Harry. He lifted your face to look at him.

“Y/N… Please don’t cry and stop apologizing. It’s not your fault, if anything it’s my fault. But it’s nothing bad. Love please believe me. It’s great. The world knows I have somebody and if you let me they will know who you are. I will let the world know that Y/N, my Y/N is the most beautiful girl in the world. I’ll let everybody know that you are the best thing I’ve come across in my life. You inspire me to be a better person, you make me smile when I don’t even think I can, you make my body weak when I see you. I’ll let the world know how important you are to me. Those pictures don’t mean anything bad. My girl is wild and knows how to party, that’s not something to be ashamed of. Oh god… You look so hot in them I get jealous just by knowing everybody can see them.” - you giggled through your tears. Your heart started beating like normal and you can finally breath again. Maybe he was right, it’s nothing too bad. You felt your stomach fluttering inside.

“I love you, Harry. I really do.”

“I hope so, because I am so in love with you Y/N. I don’t know what I would do without you.” - and then he kissed you, with tears still falling down your cheeks. His lips can fix everything and make your knees shake. Thank god you were sitting, because you wouldn’t even be able to stand at this point. He was making your body weak. He pulled away and smiled at you.

“Alright. Me and the boys had an idea. I’m going to stay with you for a week until you graduate. I’ll be there in the crowd crying and clapping like an idiot, very proud idiot. And when you are all ready to go you can come back with me and stay as long as you want. Our tour bus can take another person. Besides you’ll be on my lap all the time and sleep in my bed. And if you let me, I’d like to walk with you in my arms on the red carpet of American Music Awards. I’ll tell every interview that you are my girlfriend and how perfect you are and we will take a lot of pictures together for the paparazzi. I won’t go a step without the whole world knowing how perfect Y/N is, my Y/N.”

“I don’t know how you do it… You make my body shake and heart explode in happiness. Of course I’ll come with you. I’ll do anything to be with you as much as I can. You’ll get bored of me soon. I can already see all your fans hating me.” - you both giggled

“Don’t worry I will never get bored of you and if my fans love me they will love you, there is no way anybody can hate you”


Living with Harry was absolutely amazing. Waking up in his arms was something you dream of and you actually had it. In that week he became very involved with your life. When Harry met all your friends and housemates everybody fell in love with him. You’re not surprised, I mean how can you not fall in love with this man. He started hang in out with the people you lived with a lot, sometimes you would come home to see him playing xbox with them and it made your heart flutter. It felt so normal and you were very happy everybody liked him for his personality, not judging his state in the celebrity world. You felt happy, so happy just sitting with Harry’s arms wrapped around you laughing and playing games with your housemates all together.

Finally it was your graduation day. Harry did everything to make you feel like a queen. He got flowers delivered to your house first thing in the morning. Got his stylist to come and do your make up and hair. You felt like in a fairy tail. When you got to the ceremony there were paparazzi there but you didn’t care you took loads of pictures with Harry and your friends. A lot of people came up to you asking pictures with you and Harry. You laughed every single time and looked at Harry for approval. When you got on stage to take your diploma you could see Harry and all your friends standing and shouting across the room. You felt so blessed to have all these people support you and be by your side. You almost cried on stage.

After the ceremony you had a party at your house. You didn’t have to worry for a second that Harry will feel left out. It felt like he had more friends there than you. A couple of people from work showed up as well. Everybody congratulated you and the night was perfect. All the people you love in the same room. It was the best night of your life. One last party as a student, with no care in the world. You had no clue what to do with your career now but you were confident in yourself. Today was the day you fell in love with yourself. Not only were you confident in the way you look, but the diploma made you feel smart and powerful. You could do anything you wanted now, nothing can stop you.

Next morning you packed your stuff, said goodbye to your friends and left with Harry. For some reason you felt nervous. Harry stepped into your life and was absolutely perfect in it. But you were afraid to step into his world. It’s different, more stressful. What if his fans hate you and will try to break you two up. What if you make a mistake and the whole world finds out. It’s very different, abnormal.

You were finally on the plane ready for a long flight to LA. You got first class tickets and you tried not to act too excited about it, even though you were exploding inside. Harry knew it and giggled every time you got excited over little things. You both fell asleep in each other arms on the flight, as the night was long and you were both a bit hangover. It was near the end when you woke up and looked at Harry. He was still sleeping and you tried to move a little bit as your arm went numb. You didn’t wake him up. You sat there for a good hour with your mind overloading. How do you act when you walk out of the airport. Harry already told you there is going to be a lot of paparazzi when you land. You were so nervous. How do you act? Do you talk to them? Or do you just walk passed them… At this point you wished he was not famous. This world is completely knew to you and you didn’t know how to step into it with the right foot. You were so afraid to ruin anything, or make Harry regret taking you with him. Your body started shaking and you felt a tear roll down your cheek. Suddenly his warm hand brushed the tear away and wrapped his arms around you.

“What’s wrong beautiful? Why are you crying?” - he said with a sleepy voice.

“It’s just… I don’t know how to be a part of YOUR world. It’s different. I might not be able to fit into it or ruin it for you. I don’t know….” - you said trying to hold all the tears back. Stop acting like a weak girl you kept on repeating on your mind.

“It’s not MY world if you are not in it. Don’t worry just be yourself and everybody will fall in love with you quickly the way I did. I hate seeing you like this. I hate when you say you’re afraid to ruin things for me. Please stop thinking about that. You will never ruin anything for me as long as you are by my side. Y/N I love you and I’ll be by your side to protect you from anything” - he kissed you and kept you in his arms.

When you finally landed your heart started beating like crazy and Harry felt it. He held you close to him as you walked out to the arriving area. There were hundreds of people waiting for him… Him alone without you. There were girls screaming and crying with signs saying “Harry I love you”, “Harry, Marry me”, “Harry I want your baby”…. This felt so weird. Harry kept you very close to him, making minimal socialising with fans. You smiled and waved to the fans. Some of them recognized you and asked for a picture of you as well. It felt abnormal but you tried to act loving and respectful. You understood that the fans are who created Harry’s career. They are the one’s that supported the boys through everything and you feel thankful. He signed a couple of posters and took some pictures. That’t it. You walked out of the airport with security guards by your side and quickly went to the car that was waiting right in front of the door. You both sat inside and you breath in. You didn’t realize till now that you were holding your breath all the way.

“It wasn’t that bad was it?” - Harry finally broke the silence between you and kissed your forehead.

“It wasn’t that bad, but I don’t think I could ever get used to it” - you giggled and put your head on his shoulder.

“Well if you are planning on staying with me for a while, you will definitely get used to it” - he said and you didn’t know how to reply. You wanted to be with him forever but anything can happen. Anything…

You finally arrived at the hotel all the boys were staying on their short break between concerts. When you left the car it was all over again. All the fans, the paparazzi, signings, crying girls and pictures. It was all over again and it felt even weirder. You entered the hotel and went to find your room. As soon as you opened the door Harry dropped all the things and pulled you to his body. You could feel his heart beating and his warm chest against yours. You suddenly dropped everything you had in your hands and wrapped your arms around his neck.

“Thank you for being so amazing today. Sorry about all the stress it caused you. Everybody loves you and I’m afraid somebody is going to steal this beautiful girl away from me. So just let me show you again how much I love you…” - he picked you up and you wrapped your legs around him. You kissed each other and you felt like your heart is going to explode. You opened your mouth and he quickly entered you with his tongue. Suddenly he pulled away and dropped you on the bed with a cheeky smile that made your stomach twist in a knot. You both didn’t want to waste a second and started throwing your clothes around the hotel room. Seconds later you were both completely naked. He hovered on top and you could feel your body completely giving in.

“I love you” - Harry said entering you with one smooth move.

“I love you too Harry” - you couldn’t speak after those words. It was all heavy breathing, sweating, moans and pleasure going through your body. Oh you felt loved at that moment. You could feel every inch of your body needing Harry more and more. You melted in one but you still wanted him closer, you wanted him all to yourself.

When you finally caught up with your breathing and let go of each other, you sat up.

“I think we should go say hello to the guys. I’ve missed them” - you said  getting out of the bed and trying to find something to wear. You didn’t hesitate and took one of his shirts.

“I’m a bit offended you want to go spend time with them instead of staying with me. But I guess we should go see them. I don’t know if I can let you go there like this. I can see your ass hanging out and it’s driving me and my friend” - he looked down at his boxers “insane….”

“Behave Harry!! Give me a break.” -  you said to him and pulled some shorts on. He groaned out loud and smashed a pillow over his face

“Harry, what’s wrong”

“Those shorts…. they are not helping me in this situation…” - he mumbled under the pillow without taking chances to look at you again.

“C'mon you pervert just get up!!! We will spend some time with them and we can come back to sort your little situation out” - you winked and giggled. He finally got out of bed frustrated.

“Who are you calling little….”  - me whispered under his breath and got dressed.

You went to the Liam’s room where everybody was hanging out. It wasn’t just boys, there were loads of people that work with them you haven’t met before. Harry introduced you to everyone as his girlfriend and every time he said the word your heart exploded. It was now official, no running away or turning back. You spend a few hours there laughing, getting to know everybody and catching up with the boys. You fit in as well as Harry fit in with your friends. Closed in this hotel room felt normal, but you knew the second you walked out of that front door it’s different all over again.


A week has passed. There were more articles running around about you and Harry and more people recognizing you in the streets. You spent every free minute Harry had with him and when he was working or rehearsing you went to explore LA. You’ve never been here before and you wouldn’t miss this chance to see as much as possible. You are a traveller at heart and a new place is like a big opportunity to get to know the culture. Who know’s it might the place you’ll end up for the rest of your life. You attended a couple of their concerts from behind the stage and it was bizarre. So many screaming fans, you’ve never seen this before. You went out with them to after parties, which were very different to your student parties at home. You’ve met a lot of famous people and got to know them. You were surprised how genuine and interesting those people were. You’ve seen them in magazines and TV. But meeting them in person gave you a new insight of celebrity culture. You spend every second possible with Harry. You didn’t know how long you’re staying here with them as you still had a job back home. It all felt like a dream that is going to end at some point. You both got so close. He was a part of your life and you were a part of his. You were falling in love with him more and more everyday hoping he is feeling the same way for you.

At times when you were alone in a tour bus, you’d always come back to your graduation day. You were a full grown up and it scared you a little bit. There was always a thought in your mind that you will have to find a proper job eventually and start living the career path you’ve chosen. You can’t and don’t want to be known as Harry Style’s girlfriend. You want to be know as you. Harry has left for rehearsals and you started sending some emails to a couple of journalism companies around the world. You got motivated to find a good job so Harry can be proud of you, so you could stand strong by his side with an established name of your own.

Another week has passed and it was the day of American Music Awards. Harry has told you not to worry about the outfit or the make up or anything. They have a full team working just for them so they would look good for these things. It was again a surprise to you. Harry went to a meeting with the boys and the management and you thought it’s a good opportunity to finally get a shower and at least look presentable for the stylist team. They need a good canvas to work on and you didn’t want to disappoint.

As you were brushing your teeth you heard the door open.

“I’m back love, did you miss me? Y/N where are you?” - it was Harry’s voice.

“I’m here” - you shouted out of the bathroom, tightening the towel around your body.

“Why are you doing this to me now? You know I can’t control myself when you’re half naked in front of me and we really don’t have much time before stylists get here” - he groaned in pain.

“It’s not my fault you walked in when I came out of the shower” - you winked at him and walked passed him in to the room to put some clothes on. “So how was the meeting? Anything interesting?”

“Not really, same old stuff. The stylists will be here any minute. How are you feeling about tonight? Excited to be announced as my girlfriend?”

“I’m just hoping not to trip and fall” - a laugh left Harry’s mouth. “I’m being serious Harry” - he looked at your worried face.

“You are beautiful, I love you. It’s going to be great and you won’t fall. Besides, I’ll be holding you every second, if you fall I fall with you.” - all worries left your body when he kissed you.

Minutes later you were called into a different room where stylists were all ready and set up. Liam and Niall were there already dressed up in suits. You winked at them and said how good they look and Harry got a little bit jealous. Louis and his girlfriend was currently getting dressed and you got worried when you saw how good she looked. Harry ran his hand down your back when he realized why you were so worried.

“Don’t worry, you’ll look even better” - he whispered into your ear and kissed your cheek. It was your and Harry’s turn. You didn’t see Harry for a while while they were doing your make up and hair. But as soon as it was done you looked up at Harry. You felt your body exploding in desire to destroy all those beautiful clothes off his body. He was wearing skinny black jeans, a dark blue flower pattern shirt that was half way done so his chest was on display, a black jacket and his usual rings and long necklace. Oh how you wanted to drag him into your room and rip these clothes of his body.

“Do you like it?” -  you couldn’t reply and realized you were staring at him like an idiot for who knows how long.

“You look perfect Harry” - he walked up to you and kissed your cheek.

You went to a room where all the clothes were laid out. You got a bit nervous. What if the clothes don’t fit you, what if Harry looks ten million times better than you. All you wanted to do is not disappoint him.

“Hey Y/N, my name is Caroline.” - the lovely lady greeted you and you forgot all your worries. “Harry has told a lot about you. Girl, you are so luck, he is madly in love with you. I’ve picked out a perfect dress for you tonight” - she made you smile and picked up a beautiful black long dress. You couldn’t really put it together as there were different lengths and layers on it.

“C'mon, let’s get it on you” - She helped you get into the dress and you looked at yourself. You were surprised how perfectly it fit you. It was absolutely stunning. It was a black long sleeved dress. The front bit of the skirt was short in two layers and went down to the back bit that was dragging on the floor just enough. The top bit of the dress made your waist look like models and exaggerated your breasts in the best way possible. She quickly handed you simple black heels and a clutch with ring handle. She looked at you from all sides.

“You are going to make everybody there jealous. You look stunning girl. Harry is very lucky. ” - you gave her a hug, told her how nervous you were and still are about tonight, thanked her and opened the door were everybody was waiting or you to finish up.

Harry’s jaw dropped within a seconds. You could see his eyes shinning.

“You look amazing girl” - Louis girlfriend broke the silence.

“Y/N you look great” - Liam said and Niall and Louis nodded.

“What do you think Harry? Do I look alright?”- you said with a smile and a bit scared that he hasn’t made word out since you walked in.

“You…ummm…You look absolutely beautiful. I’m a bit afraid somebody is going to steal you away…” - he couldn’t speak properly. He was struggling with words and it made you feel amazing. You had the power to make Harry Styles speechless.

“Shall we go?” - Liam finally said and Harry walked over to you and kissed you lightly not to mess up your make up.

When you arrived there, it was beyond what you’ve prepared to see. Hundreds of fans turned into thousands. A couple of paparazzi’s turned into hundreds of flashing camera’s. But you stood strong by Harry’s side every single time he introduced you as his girlfriend. You felt confident. Everybody around kept on saying how beautiful you look and you felt the same way. Today you felt pretty and confident. Harry couldn’t keep his eyes and hands away from you. He held you through everything and didn’t leave you for longer than a couple of minutes. You didn’t feel left out. You met loads of new people and got used to the idea of being around famous people. The show was great. One Direction won the best artist of the year as well as the best song and you were very proud of Harry, the boys and the team that worked with them. When you all arrived at the after party everybody scattered around. You didn’t need Harry by your side every second any more. You were confident in talking to all the people and you knew he had to go and introduce himself to some people in the industry. You were standing in a group that you’ve never seen before in your life and Liam was standing right next to you. As soon as one of the guys started talking about his job you got involved. He had his own company of worldwide journalism and here is were you stepped in. You told him about the work you’ve done before, about your newly diploma, your life dreams. You both clicked immediately. You didn’t even realize you were talking to him for almost half an hour. When Harry suddenly came back.

“I would love if you joined our company. I think you are perfect for this part. When you have your decision just give me a call. I’m more than happy to take you any day even tomorrow.”

“Thank you very much.You have no idea how excited I am. I’ll speak to you very soon” - you said goodbye and walked away with Harry’s arms wrapped around your waist.

“Who’s that guy? What decision?” - it was adorable how Harry got jealous.

“He’s the CEO of the biggest journalism company in the world and offered me a job. But that’s not important now. It’s your night. What do you want to do now?” - you looked into his eyes and saw his green eyes slowly blink. You knew he was a little bit drunk.

“I think it’s home time. What do you think?”

“Yeah, I think it’s time to go. I haven’t tripped, fallen or embarrassed myself yet and I don’t want to push my luck. ”- you said and you both giggled.

“You’re so cute and hot at the same time, you have no idea Y/N.”

“C'mon let’s go find the other boys and let’ go back to the hotel.” - it took you good 15 minutes to find all the boys. They were all a bit drunk and you felt like a mother dragging them home. When you sat in the limo everybody started talking over each other. All the boys were so excited for their awards and couldn’t stop talking. You smiled all the way through, you were proud of them. As soon as you all arrived back to the hotel, everyone was tired and went to their rooms.

“Thank you”  - you said walking into your and Harry’s room.

“For what?”

“Tonight… Everything…Today was one of the best days of my life. I’m officially apart of your world and everybody knows, because of you. Every time you introduced me as your girlfriend I almost fell to my knees. You made the world think I’m the best human in the world. I love you Harry”

“No no… Thank you Y/N for being by my side, for being so perfect. You have no idea how proud I was to introduce you to the world as mine. You are so beautiful, loving, smart and freaking hot. It took everything in me not to drag you home earlier and take this stunning dress off you.” - with those words he smashed his lips on yours. You could taste the alcohol but you didn’t care. You wanted this as much as he did. You both carefully took the expensive pieces of clothing off each other and once again melted into one. You made love like never before. But something in you was holding you back.

Harry quickly fell asleep with you in his arms but you couldn’t. There was something on your mind that wouldn’t let you drift off. It was the job. You’ve got offered a dream job. You would have done anything for an opportunity like this, long before you met Harry. That’s what you wanted to do and it was right there in your hands. It was his business card. One call and you got the job. One call and you’re a world known journalist. One call and you are flying around the world and working at the same time which was your dream since you were twelve years old. One call and all you’ve dreamt off comes true. One call and you’re away from Harry for years. What do you choose? All your dreams and desires you’ve worked so hard for 5 years now or the love you feel from Harry.You can’t break his heart but you can’t say no to this opportunity….



This doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of my favorite pics of Niall. This is just a random selection from over 100 pics, which is what I barely managed to narrow things down to. I might have a bit of a problem.

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The 1D guy it would actually work out with

Aries: Harry
Taurus: Liam
Gemini: Harry
Cancer: Niall
Leo: Harry
Virgo: Louis
Libra: Harry
Scorpio: Louis
Sagittarius: Harry
Capricorn: Liam
Aquarius: Harry
Pisces: Louis

(Based mostly on sun sign)

  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: how can people actually believe in narry? there is nothing romantic about it. niall's a bro. like a manly bro pal. and what about harry? why is he always looking at louis like he's the sun then? and why is niall the biggest larrie out there? just how can people see niall and harry together and think they are dating. i just don't understand it and i don't think i want to. anti larries created narry just to save there asses. they were just scared of thinking about louis and harry actually being together because management told them that they were wrong to think that way. stop narry 2k15.


What in god’s green earth The Sun think that Louis would actually marry Beardiana?? He has never even mentioned her name not even once.

 He’s been with Eleanor for 3 years and never thought of marrying her so why with some girl who’s equally ‘confused’ of who’s the actual father…?

remember when Louis was asked if he’s ‘engaged’ with Eleanor?

and how he denied it right away like its the most ridiculous thing ever …

ikr im cryin



ONE Direction will disband in March, The Sun can reveal.

Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan have mutually agreed to an extended hiatus of at least a year to pursue solo projects.

The lads made the decision not to tour again at a meeting in London last weekend.

The world’s most successful band will NOT launch a tour to support their fifth album, a move likely to devastate their millions of fans around the world.

That means their last full concert will be at Motorpoint Arena in Sheffield on October 31.

Last night a 1D source said: “The guys have been together for five years, which is an incredible run for any boyband.

“They fully deserve to have at least a year to work on their own projects. There is absolutely no bad blood between them and they are all 100 per cent behind the decision.

“It is definitely not a split and they fully intend to get back together at some time in the future.

“But for now it is the end and they go out on top as the world’s most popular music act.”

1D’s new album, which insiders say is their best yet, will be released in time for the lucrative Christmas market.

They are likely to make a host of TV appearances and performances before the end of the year to promote the release.

There will be a break over the festive season before the group come back together to fulfil the rest of their promotional commitments for record label Syco in February.

The insider explained: “Simon Cowell and his team at Syco couldn’t be more excited about the album.

“They believe there are at least three smash hit songs and they’ve got the boys to stay together for a few weeks beyond the end of the year to make the album a huge success.

“But there was a meeting recently where it was agreed there would be no tour for the album.

“That was a big call because it means come March, Harry, Liam, Louis and Niall will be free agents for the first time in five years.”

The departure of Zayn Malik from the band in March is not behind the decision.

The insider insisted: “This was the plan with or without Zayn. In fact, the band have been making amazing music and been incredibly happy without Zayn.

“Of course they would have preferred that he had stayed in the band, but they would have taken this extended hiatus even if he hadn’t left.”

They are expected to go in very different directions, with negotiations about their individual futures set to begin in earnest in the coming weeks.

Sony bosses are desperate to sign Harry, 21, who is most likely to become the breakout solo star.

But band sources say he is also considering lucrative offers to launch a Hollywood acting career.

Irishman Niall, 21, is also believed to be interested in releasing his own music and was recently writing with friend Justin Bieber.

Liam, 21, has made it clear he doesn’t harbour solo ambitions and wants to concentrate on his growing songwriting, producing and DJ career.

Business-minded Louis, 23, is setting up his own record company within Syco and is likely to take a role on next year’s X Factor.

The 1D source said: “All the boys have a massive amount of options available to them. It’s an exciting time because for the last five years they’ve always put the band first.

“Sony definitely want to secure a solo record from Harry. He has been building up to this moment for a long time and there is also a lot of interest in him from Hollywood.

“But they’re all going to be successful in their own right. They have the best contacts and a massive fanbase.”

The insider added: “Louis is very much in contention to be a judge on X Factor next year.

“It would be a real coup for the show to sign a member of the band and it’s definitely something he is interested in doing.

“But this year the band’s touring schedule simply didn’t allow for it.”

One Direction have sold more than 50 million records and have more than 91 number ones across the globe.

They were the second highest selling music act in the world last year, shiftng 3.2 million albums, only topped by Taylor Swift.

But they make the most money from touring, having performed to more than 7.5 million people. They have each amassed a £25million fortune.

THIS is the worst possible news for Directioners – 1D’s millions of diehard fans who want the band to stay together forever.

But the reality is that after five years working non stop and achieving unprecedented global success, something eventually had to give.

During that time, they’ve gone from teenage schoolboys to young men, with Louis soon to become a dad.

The good news is that, unlike many other band break-ups, the four remaining members do not hate each other.

That leaves the door open for a possible reunion in a couple of years.

Not all boy band breaks have to be forever – just ask Take That or Boyzone.

But March next year will definitely be the end of 1D as we know it.

My hunch is that they’ll all be mightily successful in their own right.

Harry is a music superstar in the making, Liam and Niall have become brilliant songwriters, and Louis’ ambition and business acumen is impressive.

It will be exciting to see what they do next.

One Direction Have Grace Jones Removed From Jonathan Ross Line-Up?

If you’re the sort of person who is inclined to believe those ominous sources and mysterious insiders then have we got a corker for you.

Word on the street is that One Direction, yes, the biggest boyband on the planet, “demanded” that Jonathan Ross removed Grace Jones from his chat show line-up so that they wouldn’t be overshadowed.

Originally posted by liammix

Because obviously if there is one thing that the four most famous boys on the planet are scared of, it’s being “overshadowed”.

Speaking to The Sun, a source claimed: “Grace is so entertaining and unpredictable that 1D feared they would look tame in comparison.

“Instigating the termination of a booking shows just how arrogant the band have become.”

Originally posted by ervehea

We mean, even if this rumour was true, surely it’d actually have come from the band’s PR, not from Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and Niall Horan themselves?

They’re so busy that they don’t even know what day it is, we doubt they know who is lined up to join them on every chat show that they do.

Grace herself is said to be a little bit peeved by the whole debacle, with the eccentric singer planning to fly over to London from Jamaica especially for the show, which was recorded last week.

The insider added: “She was not happy with her treatment and felt it showed a complete lack of respect from young guys.”

Grace will now appear on Alan Carr’s ‘Chatty Man’ talk show instead, whilst Michael McIntyre joined 1D on J-Ro’s sofa, with the source explaining: “Jonathan’s show was going to be a 1D special, with room for one guest, and management felt it was appropriate someone they were friends with should appear alongside them.”

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Whatever drama went on behind the scenes, we can’t bloomin’ wait to watch the show.