niall horan in bed

when you stan someone for years and see them grow into not only an incredible artist but also a beautiful human it fills you with pride and if you times that emotion by a dozen that’s how niall makes you feel. he makes you so proud of who he has become and i hope he only sees success here on out. he deserves the world.

Instagram Live

A/N: This bad boy was inspired by the Instagram livestream of October 2017 that has left us all shooketh. Enjoy. xx

Wednesdays were your favorite.

It was hard on you two for Niall to be away on promo and touring all of the time. You had met and started dating during the hiatus, so you never got used to the travelling that he had to do during the One Direction days— your first taste of the promo life was when he released This Town, and even then, it was only for a few weeks.

It was a huge adjustment from having him visiting you every day to only seeing him maybe once every two weeks. So that’s why the two of you had made a deal— every Wednesday, no matter how busy the two of you were, you’d set aside time that day to Facetime. No excuses allowed, whether it be five minutes or three hours, you would see each other.

That Wednesday was a particularly difficult one— you had a midterm that day for your hardest course, and because you had spent the entire first half of the week studying, you were now behind on the rest of your reading. On your way home from your test all you could think about was how excited you were to finally see your guy, and to hear his voice.

You shrugged your bag off of your shoulder after walking into your front door, shutting it behind you with a small sigh. Stepping out of your shoes, your walked through the hallway and into the kitchen to grab a glass of water and a snack— then you grinned as you practically skipped down the hallway into your room, plopping onto your desk chair as you opened your computer.

As soon as you did your phone vibrated in the pocket of your sweater, and your face lit up when you read the text.

Ya ready, angel?

You set your phone down on your desk and clicked on the Facetime app on your computer, clicking on Niall’s contact picture— and within seconds, he was on your screen.

“Hullo, pet!” He beamed. The sight of his face immediately made your heart soar with joy— his big blue puppy dog eyes looked even brighter on the screen that you remembered, and he was wearing the brown hat that you’d got him as a gift a few months previously.

“Hey, cutie,” you giggled, unable to wipe the grin off of your face. He looked tired— you knew that he wasn’t feeling well lately, and all the promo was exhausting him. “How are you feeling?”

“Like shite,” he chuckled a bit, unconsciously twitching his nose. “But I feel better now that I get to see ya. How was your test?”

“Shit,” you laughed as well, your heart feeling a thousand pounds lighter regardless of the shitshow your week had been.

“Tell me everything,” he smiled, leaning forward onto his elbows.

And just like that, all the stress that you had been feeling dissipated. You told him everything— how you had pulled an all-nighter two nights ago and still hadn’t fully recovered, and your mother brought you weeks worth of food once she’d found out that you’d been living off of microwavable meals since Niall had left. He giggled when you told him about how you spilled coffee all over yourself in the street the day before, giggling even harder when you threatened to hang up on him.

He told you how he loved finally being able to do promo for his album, and how much of a relief it was to have it out and circulating after so long. You sang your praises like you had so many times before, telling him that your mom had cried when she listened to Flicker and how your father sang On My Own in the car constantly.

“What are your plans for the rest of the night?” You asked, still smiling with giddiness at the joy that your wonderful boyfriend gave you.

“I have about three thousand CD’s to sign,” he said with a smile and a crinkle of his nose, running a hand through his hair. “How bout you, babe?”

“A shitload of reading,” you pouted. “Keep me company?”

Ten minutes later the two of you were getting your work done together— you set him on the far end of your desk as your books took up the rest of the space, a pen in your mouth and a highlighter tucked behind your ear as you read. He seemed to have propped you up on his end as well, occasionally glancing up at you as he signed his plethora of albums— he played music on his end, a mix of the seventies that he loved to listen to when he was at home with you. They weren’t tunes that you usually listened to on your own, so it brought you comfort to hear them now with Niall humming along to them on the other side of the screen. You occasionally asked him to play a song when you thought of one you knew the both of you enjoyed, but for the most part you basked in the comfortable silence— you hadn’t felt that carefree and peaceful in days.

You could not believe how much you loved that man. Every so often while you read you looked up at him only to become absolutely entranced— the slight stubble on his chin that you could see growing in made you want to press kisses all over it, and it made your heart ache for closeness. The droop in his puppy dog eyes made your heart ache and burst all at the same time, and you smiled like a schoolgirl with a crush whenever he did something quirky— like when he searched for his glasses only to wear them for two seconds before taking them off again, or when he fiddled with the red feather on his hat and bopped his head to the tune he was listening to.

He made you feel so loved even from miles away, and that’s something you’d never had before.

Eventually you received a phone call from your mom, which interrupted your Facetime.

“Niall, my mom’s calling, I’ll be back in a minute okay?”

“Alright, lover,” he smiled, glancing up at you briefly before looking back down at the CD he was signing. You smiled, blowing him a kiss before hanging up the Facetime and answering your mom’s call.

She. Did not. Stop talking.

For twenty minutes she talked about all the family drama, gossip with her friends, and news in her life— and usually you wouldn’t have cared, but you had a handsome Irishman waiting for you. So when she finally asked if you were coming over for dinner the next day, you said an enthusiastic yes, and hung up the phone soon after.

When you hung up your phone and looked at your notifications, you saw that Niall Horan had started a livestream.

You giggled, flopping onto your bed clumsily as you clicked on the notification. Soon you were looking at your boyfriend again, except this time he was chatting with the 30K viewers that were on his livestream.

“What’s your favorite song on the album?” He asked cheerily, still bopping to the song that was playing in his hotel room. You smiled as you watched the influx of comments, loving how much praise he was getting— you knew how much he put into the album.

You watched the stream for a few minutes, but eventually you wanted him all to yourself again— so you started trying to get his attention.






You left about ten comments before you saw his eyes light up on the screen, his grin as wide as you’d ever seen it.

“Look everybody, there’s me lady,” he stated proudly, causing you to laugh. “Hey babe.”

Give us a striptease

You clicked send and giggled to yourself, waiting for him to see the comment. He was signing albums and looking down, and for a second you thought that he’d missed it— until he burst out laughing, leaning back in his chair and pinching the bridge of his nose as he physically slapped his knee with his laughter. Meanwhile there was a sudden influx of praise for your suggestion in the comments, but you were too busy giggling along with him to notice.

“I’m not going ta do that!” He laughed again, covering his face momentarily. While he did, you took the chance to send another message.

Niall take your shirt off

Bring on the nudes Niall

He burst out laughing again, fully covering his face once again which had turned a shade of bright red. You laughed along with him, wiggling your toes and kicking your legs lightly— gosh, you missed having him around.

“On that note, time to get back to me girl, everybody. Thanks for tuning in, love you guys,” he said between giggles before putting and end to the livestream. Seconds later he was calling you over Facetime, still laughing when you pressed the green accept button.

You didn’t get any reading done the rest of the night, only laying around in your bed and joking around. You were constantly amazed at how the two of you could almost know everything about each other and still never run out of things to talk about— it was the perk of being in love with your best friend.

And yes, he eventually did give you the striptease.

Running Wild (Part 1): Slow Hands

Title:  Running Wild (Part 1): Slow Hands

Author:  Mimi @captain-rogers-beard

Summary:  The rancher’s daughter and the ranchhand. Forbidden love. Is this the real thing or just a game to be won or lost?

Characters: Steve Rogers x Female Reader (Y/N Ross), Thaddeus Ross, Elizabeth “Betty” Ross, Scott Lange

Word Count:  1724

Warnings:  nsfw, implied smut, angst, bossy father,

Author’s Notes:  This is for Anna’s @missxavenger Favourite Things Challenge. My prompts were Slow Hands by Niall Horan (x) and my bed (I failed a bit on this one, I only mention it a couple of times and just vague references. I tried to add more but it just wouldn’t work). Thank you to @star-spangled-man-with-a-plan and @climbthatmooselikeatree for their invaluable help.

***My work is not to be posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

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Imagine lying in bed with Niall on a lazy Sunday morning. Neither of you have any plans to get out of bed any time soon. You’re just in one of his tshirts and a pair of panties, him in just a pair of white Calvins.

You’re lying curled into his side, head lying on his chest, one leg lifted up over his. His hand is resting gently on your side, finger tips under your tshirt tracing little patterns on your skin. Your fingers are running up and down from his chest to his tummy, swirling round his belly button then up to tangle in his chest hair.

You give a little sigh, tucking yourself in closer as the tv flickers some rubbish morning tv programme that neither of you are paying particular attention to. He leans down and presses a little kiss to your head, shifting his whole body so that he’s lying on his side facing you, pulling you in as close to him as possible.

“Love mornings like this” he mumbles, pressing a soft kiss to your lips as his arms wrap tightly round waist.

“Me too, don’t ever wanna move” you mutter back, eyes closing as you nuzzle into his chest, the hair on it tickling your nose slightly.

He gives a content sigh, his hands running up & down your back, pushing your tshirt up so he can feel your warm skin. Your legs are tangled together under the covers and you can feel his bulge resting against your thigh and although he’s soft, the feel of it stirs something in you. So you press yourself close to him, revelling in the feel of his thick body pressed against you. You place a few sloppy kisses to his chest, hearing him hum out in appreciation. You move up towards his neck, continuing your trail of kisses to his jaw, his scruff tickling your lips.

You smirk as you feel his cock start to twitch against you;

“I’m kinda horny” you mutter, finally reaching his lips and pressing yours against them. You can feel him smile against you as he pulls away;

“Oh you are, are ya?” He smirks, a single eyebrow quirked, pressing his hips against yours so you can feel his slowly hardening length against your core; “let’s do something about that then huh?” As he pushes you over so you’re on your back, him on top of you pressing a deep kiss to your lips as his tongue delves into your mouth.


Oh okay so this just sprung to mind and I apparently want to make myself suffer today.

“Just a bit further love.” Niall’s voice was soft and sweet in your ear. You were leaning against him with your arm over his shoulder and his arm around your waist guiding you in the direction of his car. “Here we are. Jus wait right here love don’t ya move.” You just shooed him off as he let go of your waist and made a move to the drivers side door of his car. You didn’t realize how much you were leaning on him until he was no longer supporting you.

“I’m gonna,” you couldn’t finish your sentence before your knees made contact with the sidewalk. “Fall.” You mumbled as you fell backwards onto your bottom causing your now scrapped knees to be seen, you rolled your eyes when you saw they were bleeding. When Niall rounded the back of his car you could tell by how wide his eyes got that he wasn’t expecting to see you on the ground. “I jus like melted or somethin.” Niall just let out a sigh as he crouched down beside you, you just shrugged when he looked at your knees before making eye contact with you.

“Can’t leave ya for a minute can I love,” he put an arm around your waist and lifted you back to your feet causing you to get a bit dizzy. “Come on let’s get in the car and get ya home so I can look at da damage done to yer knees.” He opened his passenger side door and he had to hide his laugh as you sort of just fell into the seat.

“Safety first!” You exclaimed as he reached over you to fasten your seatbelt before closing the door and jogging around the car to get into the drivers seat. When he put the car in drive you slowly leaned over the center consul and grabbed his hand that he had rested on his thigh. “Ya got big ole man hands!” Your words came out half mumbled and half yelling causing Niall to just laugh and shake his head. You took his hand and placed it in your lap.

“How ya feelin love?” His tone was full of concern and you just smiled a goofy smile at him in return, you gave his hand that was in your lap a little pat.

“I feel good,” you replied and he just nodded his head as if he was agreeing with you. “But I will feel way better when we get home!” This caused Niall to laugh a bit as he turned and looked at you for a moment before putting his attention back on the road.

“Why is that love?” You just moved his hand from your lap and placed it back on his thigh as you leaned over the center trying to get as close to his ear as possible.

“We are gonna have sex!” You wanted it to come out as a whisper but it was more of a shout. You plopped back down into your seat as Niall just shook his head as he pulled into the driveway of the house you two shared. You watched him look at your for a moment before getting out of the car.

“Come on love, lets get you inside shall we?” He held his hands out for you, when you finally managed to unbuckle yourself you ignored his hands and just dove into him. He was quick to catch you as you wrapped your arms around his neck as his hands rested on your hips. “A lil warnin would’ve been nice.” Was all he said before you felt him twist around so your back was now facing the house.

With a thump you dropped your arms from around his neck so he could take your hands and lead you into the house. You smiled as the scent of your home filled your nose and you instantly became more relaxed and wanted nothing more than to drop to the floor right there and go to sleep.

“Oh no ya don’t love.” Was all you heard before you felt Niall’s arm around your waist. “Not gonna sleep in da hall, we gotta get ya cleaned up a bit.” Before you could register what was happening he had his arm tucked under your knee and the other still around your waist as he lifted you up. You wrapped your arm around his neck as you laid your head on his shoulder.

“Mm not tired.” You mumbled as he carried you down the hall to the bedroom. He plopped you on the bed and you instantly closed your eyes as you felt the softness of your pillow under your head. Niall just laughed and shook his head as he carefully took off your shoes. “There ya go again getin all handsy!” Niall rolled his eyes as he continued to undress you, “you and your silly slow hands.” You started giggling as you felt Niall hook his thumb under your shorts trying to get them off without causing you any discomfort.

“Oh ya know you love dat song.” You just nodded as he tossed your shorts to the side, he leaned closer to you and gave your forehead a sweet kiss causing you to smile.

“Well don’t ya come in here wit ya fast hands.” This made Niall laugh as he made you sit up so he could help get your shirt off. You gave him a half assed wink that made him just shake his head as he turned around and headed into the closet. “Oh I get ta sleep in your shirt!” You clapped your hands in excitement as you saw him return to your side with a t shirt in his hands.

“Come on and try to get some sleep love, I will get ya some Advil for in da mornin.” He had to help you get the shirt on when you found yourself struggling to find the arm holes. You just let out a huff as you laid back down and when you felt something cold on your knees you jerked a little bit. “Relax love, just some ointment so these cuts don’t get infected.” You relaxed more as the words left his mouth.

“Love playin Dr wit you.” You mumbled but you knew he heard you when you heard him laugh a bit before you felt him place a kiss to each knee over the bandaids. You felt yourself drifting off to sleep so you didn’t see him turn the light off or feel him climb into bed next to you, but you knew he was there when you turned into your side and he instantly wrapped his arms around you bringing your back flush against his chest.

“Awe we were s'posed ta have sex” you half mumbled half whispered, you felt Niall’s chest rumble as he had to fight back a laugh. He just gave you a little squeeze before pressing a kiss to the top of your head.

“Goodnight love,” was the last thing you heard before you completely drifted off to sleep. Niall just kissed the back of your neck, he didn’t mind taking care of you he enjoyed being the one who got to see your silly drunk side.

He liked knowing you were well taken care of because he was the one doing it. He didn’t mind holding your hair if you got sick, he didn’t mind listening to you flirt with him using ridiculous one liners. He loved that you got a little grabby when drunk and he especially loved how much you cuddled with him when he could finally wrangle you into the bed.