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Au meme: Spend time with your Boy ;)

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Harry Styles series ; First photos.

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another boy makes you offficial - 1D tweets

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Valentine's Day


After reading Fifty Shades of Grey and then forcing him to read as well, it wasn’t even a matter of contemplation in his mind what to do for Valentine’s. Your boyfriend Harry pre-ordered tickets to the premier and surprised you with them.


Purchasing gifts for boys was never your forte, however because your boyfriend Niall wouldn’t shut up about his new found adoration for chicken nuggets, you thought, “Why the hell not?” and gifted him some.


You gave him your heart, and he gave you the greatest gift possible, his last name.


Louis knew how much you loved Ferris wheels, he also knew how romantic they could be, so for Valentine’s day he may or may not have rented out the entire Ferris wheel at a local amusement park for the both of you. You took this as an opportunity to take very tumblr-esque pictures, causing him to become an impromptu photographer as you modeled.


Not knowing exactly what to get you for this specific day, your boyfriend Zayn purchased every cliched Valentine’s Day gift, hoping you’d like them. Lucky for him, you did.

I didn't even notice - Niall Horan Fake Tweets

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Au meme: You are with you Boyfriend of his Tour :)

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#17 He Is On Tour and he misses you and your daughter (requested)






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