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1D Hiatus: Day 323

* Louis meets fans in London

* Louis attends the Pride Of Britain Awards in London

* Louis’ mum posts a picture of him on Instagram

* Lou Teasdale posts a video of Louis on Snapchat

* It’s been a year since the boys’ last show of the On The Road Again Tour

* #1YearSinceOTRASheffield trends on Twitter

It’s Oct 31st, 2016.


niall’s “a league of their own” episode – 10.13.2016


LISTEN i just can’t get enough of him, i mean fucking LOOK at him…>O<:

How he has his shirt pulled over his face here….just XDDD ahahaha….

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and then his fucking smile….gosh it’s so fucking precious….:

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or all his goofing around with the other boys X_____X (really just kill me right there, so i can die happy XDDD):

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but let’s be honest, i could sit there just watching him doing things 24/7 & never get bored of him….:

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& the moral of the Story is, EVERYONE needs a LIAM JAMES PAYNE in their life!!! 

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Every tour is a love fest for harry.

Up All Night tour = Larry love fest.

Take Me Home tour = Zarry love fest.

Where We Are tour = Lirry love fest.

On The Road Again tour = Narry love fest.



<[ Y O U N G & B E A U T I F U L ]> <[VELVETOSCAR]>

-“You gave me a world I didn’t know was there,” Harry whispers in response.
-“The moon knows,” is what he says, breath colored in liquor and a smile.
Louis stares at him.
“What are you talking about?”..
Another manic grin from Harry, and then he pulls him in again, his hand travelling to the side of Louis’ face, cradling his cheek.
- “I’m filling up the sky with my love for you,” Louis says simply, catching his breath with a shrug. “So whenever you look up, it echoes back.
“Yeah,” Harry breathes in response, breathless and light, nodding. He smears a kiss to the corner of Louis’ eye, warm, wet, entrancing. “’M in love with you.”
“Love you, too. Trust you.”
“Trust you, too

LINK: I love you all! 💙