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Don’t Forget Where You Belong - 23.05.2014 - Croke Park Stadium in Dublin

Once we got on stage, the boys were just looking at me. You could tell straight away that everyone knew that it was the best gig we’d ever done, it was crazy. Never heard an atmosphere like that in my life and yeah, it just happens to be at home. Yeah, I was very proud; a couple of lip wobbles there at the start of the show when I tried to sing.
—  Niall talking about his reaction to the massive reception from the crowd when playing in Dublin x

Alternatives they could have used:

“And he’s got tattoos on his ri-ib cage”

“And he dances around to act-my-age”

“And he always plays jokes backst-a-a-age”

“And with Louis we all know he’s enga-a-aged”

See? Get it together capital FM.