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That hard concentrated look on his face while he's drinking just does something for me. Like imagining him getting a bit serious with you after all your teasing and he's just giving you that look that tells you 'just wait till we get back to the room'...


A/N: This blurb involves consensual spanking.  If you are not comfortable with that, please do not continue.

Pub nights went one of two ways with Niall and his friends.  Sometimes they were long, drawn out affairs where pints were nursed and conversation was low and easy.  More often than not though, they were frenetic affairs that quickly devolved into drinking games, and general debauchery.  You’d become accustomed to dealing with Niall and his gaggle of “lads”, once referring to them as “my own lost boys”.  Niall had wrapped his arm around you and with a lopsided grin corrected your assessment. “No no love, haven’t you seen Twitter? Louis is Peter Pan, not me.”  You’d shoved his chest lightly and rolled your eyes at him. “You’re right babe”, you nodded sagely, “you’re more like Tinkerbell.”  Niall had scowled deeply and spent the rest of the night pouting into his drink while . It hadn’t helped that Bressie was out with you that night and repeatedly picked Niall up by the scruff of his coat and shook him while yelling “Where’s tha fairy dust, Chief?”

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- Chapter seven: part two -

“There’s a million reasons why this shouldn’t work…but there is only one reason why it should…”

24 weeks

His face gently slipped away from mine, startled by my unfiltered words. “Wait…are you…sure?” he asked under a heavy breath, his darkened eyes locking with mine. My chest heaved against his and I slid my fingers across the skin of his neck, curling the pads of them deeper into the nape of it.

Feeling his pulse thump unwieldy against the flat of my palm, I sunk my teeth down into my bottom lip and lightly nodded my head. “Yes.”

“ ‘Cause I d-don’t…wanna do anythin’…ya know…that I just–”

“Niall,” I interrupted, my voice soft as I clamped my fingers up around his jaw, my own dark stare shifting between his, “Niall…just fucking kiss me.”

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in honor of this picture. thigh riding, d/s dynamics, pain kink. 

They should probably stop this, getting off out by Bressie’s pool where any of his curious neighbors could see if they dared peek over the fence. But, Bressie loves this – Niall squirming on his lap, hands scrambling at his shoulders, whines breaking loose from his throat because he just can’t help himself. 

That’s how they got here, innit? Because Niall just can’t help himself. Couldn’t keep himself from climbing on the lounge with Bressie and kissing him hotly, rubbing himself on Bressie’s leg until Bressie told him to straddle a thigh properly and get himself hard.

If they were going to do this, might as well do it right.

“You’re doin’ good, pet,” Bressie says, voice low and deep, palming Niall hips as he ruts against Bressie’s thigh. Must be nearly painful, that. Grinding up on Bressie’s leg, both of them still in shorts, Niall’s dick rubbing up on layers and layers of fabric. 

Bressie likes it rough, he does. He likes Niall’s fingers twisted in his hair, Niall’s nails tearing up his back. He likes when Niall bites hard enough to bruise, grabs Bressie’s wrist tight enough to hurt. But Niall likes it a bit differently than Bressie does – needs this, almost. 

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Just A Taste

okay so this is basically an old blurb i wrote about niall fucking you and liam swooping in to eat you out afterwards. have fun ;)

Your mouth dropped open, nothing but complete silence falling from it as Niall worked above you, your fingers grasping and pulling at the hot sweaty skin of his back. His mouth was stuck to your neck, sucking along the crook of it as he licked a stripe to your ear.

“Fuck, baby, you feel so good.”

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Can you do a niall blurb about a rainy Sunday morning. Full of cuddling and fluff and maybe some smut in there too :) please and thank you

Here you go non-non!  This got a little crazy long.  Hope you like it!  xx

Rainy Days and Forevers - A Niall Horan One Shot

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The rain had been steadily coming down since Friday afternoon.  This morning you awoke to a crash of thunder and a flash of lightning. The black-out drapes had done little to keep the bright flash of electricity out and you were shocked that Niall had slept through it.  Making a mental note to get his hearing checked, you stretched and pulled yourself out of bed.  Niall rolled over and groaned noticing your absence immediately.  “Babe, come back t’bed.  S’early” he murmured into his pillow.

“Ni – it’s 10:00am.  I’m gonna start the kettle.”  Rolling your eyes, you huffed into the closet to pull on your sweats and one of Niall’s hoodies.

You got the kettle started and fixed a cup of strong tea for yourself.  Settling down at the kitchen table you went over your weekend to-do list. You and Niall had planned to clean up the back garden, but that clearly wasn’t going to happen in this weather. Sighing, you decided that the rest of the list wasn’t that important.  You grabbed the novel you were trying to read and settled onto the large black couch to read in peace.

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A little Niall blurb brought to you by my neediness and Maddy’s love for me and her writing abilities! Thank you angelbabyniall!!!

“Baby? You home?” Niall called out from the front of the house, closing the door behind him. 

“In the laundry room!” You yell back to him. You heard the clatter of keys being thrown on the table by the door and the click of his boots on the floor walking towards you. You had your music playing as you folded a load of whites and he walked in as you were folding a fitted sheet. You held it high above your head for it not to wrinkle as you folded it and when you brought your arms down, folded linen in hand, you were met with Niall pulling a goofy face behind it. You giggled and he wrapped his arms around your waist, settling them on your hips as you set the laundry down on the counter behind you. 

“Hey, you.” He said grinning like the Cheshire Cat. He placed a gentle kiss on your nose, then backed you up into the counter. Before you could respond, he had his lips on your collarbone and your neck and had you pinned between him and the cold granite behind you. 

“Hey…” You breathe out through faint gasps and moans. “So, is fabric softener a new turn on for you or are you just happy to see me?” You ask smirking as he leans back up to capture your lips again. 

“If I said a bit of both, would you still love me?” You laughed and he giggled against your lips. He continued soon after, pressing his soft, supple lips to yours, tracing his tongue along your lower lip. Your hands interwove in his hair and his found the softness of your ass, grabbing it and massaging it gently. He would speak when you broke away for air. “Been thinkin about you… All day… Last night… Amazing…” His kisses trailed down your neck again and gently kitten licked your collar bones. “Jump up.” He ordered and you obeyed, jumping on the counter and splaying your legs open, allowing him to settle his narrow hips there. His hands went under your shirt and traced lazy patterns on your lower back. Just as he went to remove your shirt, the washer timer went off. 

“Baby…” You protested. He continued to take your shirt up and over your head, stroking his thumbs over the satiny bra underneath. “Baby I have to finish this…” You said again, but continued to melt into his touch. Abruptly, he let you go and put his hands on your thighs. 

“Okay… But meet me upstairs. Leave the clothes down here. And the laundry too.” He said, winking, and strutting away from you and out the door.

You walked upstairs stripped, per Niall’s instruction. Reaching the doorway, he was leaning against the frame, clad in his dark colored jeans that were now slung low on his hips, emphasizing his V lines and drawing attention to the light brown trail of hair on his lower abdomen. 

“Took ya long enough.” He said taking you by your waist and picking you up. You wrapped your legs around his waist and he walked you to the bed, his hands massaging the soft skin of your ass and trailing his fingertips down to your thighs. He laid you down on the bed and let your feet hang off the edge, then leaned over you, still keeping his feet on the floor. He kissed you gently, a sharp contrast to the laundry room, and made a trail downward, stopping for a moment on each nipple, sucking on them gently and nipping at the skin around them. Your hands traced the contours in his back as he traveled further down your body. He stopped when he was just level with your sex, hovering over it and making sure you felt his hot breath on your skin. “I want this to be about you baby. Relax…” His voice sounded comforting, but he had an edge of condescension that made you restless. He kissed at the top of your slit, allowing his tongue to slip out onto your clit with a light touch. Your breath quickened and your hands grabbed at the comforter beneath you. Leading his lips downward to the bottom of your slit, he then flattened his tongue out against it and lapped all the way up, stopping at your clit to flick it with the tip of his tongue. “You taste so good baby… All this… For me…” He said between applying wet kisses to the inside of your thighs and top of your pussy. Your moans got louder as he became more possessive of you, pinning your hips down with his hands and wrapping his arms beneath your thighs, making you paralyzed to his touch. He repeated his tantalizing process a few times until you were begging him to fuck you.

 “Niall, please. I need you, stop teasing…” You said, grasping a handful of his hair so his eyes would flick up to meet yours. 

“As you wish, my love.” He said as he stood up, towering over you, and unsnapped his jeans. You felt his hard on against your stomach when he was kissing down your body, and when he shimmied his pants below his waist, his cock was practically straining through his briefs. “Tell me what you need baby. Show me.” He said hardening his jaw, clearly holding back as hard as he could. You got off your back and shifted to the edge of the bed. Your hands went to the band of his underwear and your fingers found his length, beginning to stroke it gently. He let out a guttural moan through clenched teeth, “Oh yes…” He said and repeated as you slid his underwear down and stroked him slowly. 

“I need this. I want this. I need you…” You pleaded with him as he leaned down, coming face to face with you. He kissed you a little roughly and allowed you to taste yourself on his lips. 

“Lie back baby.” He whispered against your lips, and you obeyed once more, allowing the soft bedding to conform to your body as Niall pulled your hips close to him. He moved the head of his cock up and down your slit and looked into your eyes as he entered you, although not completely at first. You both let out moans and grunts as he began to rock his hips against yours. “You are amazing baby… Can’t believe I waited so long… Shoulda taken you downstairs..” He said as his head lolled back, letting the euphoric feeling of your warmth around him bring him closer and closer to ecstasy. Your hands found your clit and began to rub it in tight circles as you closed your eyes and let the world around you fade away, allowing your full attention to your pleasure and him. Niall looked down, blue eyes glazed over and saw you playing with yourself, which was motivation for him to increase his rhythm and plunge deeper into you. Arching your back and grabbing at the sheets, you felt the warm tugging sensation begin to blossom in your lower abdomen. Niall felt your walls get tighter around him. “Yes, baby, come for me. I need you to come all over me please…” His voice was a soft lullaby amidst the sticky skin and strong grip of his presence. It was enough to send you over the precipice and your orgasm crashed over you in fierce, enthralling waves. It didn’t take long for him to follow soon after. He leaned down again and pressed kisses up your body, finding your lips again. He laced his fingers through your hair and gently stroked your thighs as he slipped out of you and crawling into the bed with you. He slid out of his jeans and brought a blanket from the foot of the bed over your bodies, as you laid next to him, still coming down from your incredible high. He let himself completely drop to the bed and placed his arms behind his head. You eventually curled up to his side, pressing your cheek to his chest. One of his hands drew patterns into your skin on your back and the other still laid behind his head. “Laundry room would have been good, but this was much better.” He said, gazing at your body, noticing the slight glow you had developed. 

“Yeah,” you said dreamily against his chest. “And plus you would have messed up the clothes.” He giggled and pressed a kiss to the top of your head before cuddling you in his arms and laying contently in your afterglow.

Harry Styles - Little Sister Secretly Dating Niall Imagine

[Thank you for your kind words, glad you like! Enjoy! I REALLY like writing Niall.]

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Lustful (Niall Horan)

WARNING: Sexual visuals (NSFW)

“I need you…” he whispered out, backing you up against the wall. “Fuck, I need you so bad…”

You bit your lip softly and grabbed onto his shoulders, looking at him with an innocent gaze. Niall licked his lips, looking at you through hooded eyes. His hand felt down between your legs, pressing his hand over your jeans, directed right over your heat.

You smirked softly and slid your arms right around his neck, pulling him over to you so you could press your lips to his, eager to get things going. He pressed himself against you, making one of your arms fly back to steady yourself against the wall. Niall’s desperate hands struggled for a moment, but after a couple of moments, he got your button undone, pushing the zipper down and grabbing the waistband. Pulling the tight material of your jeans down, he pushed them so they, as well as your panties, sat just below your bum.

You pulled your lips back from him and held the back of his neck firmly. Niall’s hand pushed between your legs, the other coming around your hips to hold you in place. He dug his fingers past your folds and plunged his pointer and middle finger up into you. You inhaled sharply and squeezed your eyes closed. He pushed the up into you as far as he could, hooking them in and pressing against the rough patch inside of you.

You let out an elongated moan, biting down on your bottom lip. Niall’s eyes were burning with lust as he watched his fingers work against your sex, an obvious layer of wetness coating them when he pulled them out.

“Why’d you stop?” you murmured out, the brief pleasure disappearing.

“We can’t have you cumming just like that baby…” he smirked, dropping his lips to your ear.

You smiled softly and giggled out, taking a moment to push your jeans down until they were a crumpled mess on the floor. Niall chuckled out and bit his lip, both of his hands sliding to the back of your thighs.

“Can you jump up for me baby girl?” he whispered right against your ear, baring his teeth so he could bite down gently on your earlobe.

Without hesitation, you jumped up and wrapped your legs around his hips, your heat connecting with the front of his jeans. Squirming slightly, your boyfriend smirked and shook his head, walking you over to the bed.

“You’re so beautiful…” he muttered, gently lying you down on the bed.

Propping yourself up, you pulled your shirt over your head. Niall followed quickly, throwing the piece of fabric somewhere in the room. You kept yourself propped up on your elbows, watching his every move. He stood at the end of the bed, getting his belt unbuckled and his jeans and boxers off. While you go your bra off, Niall licked his lips and crawled up the bed pushing your legs apart and leaving room for him. You giggled softly and rested your hands under your head.

Niall hovered over you for just a moment, his eyes roaming around your face. You smiled softly at him and played with your bottom lip. He chuckled softly and started to feather kisses down your chest and torso. You let out soft breaths and smiled softly, watching as Niall kept his lips against your stomach for a moment, adjusting himself so he was flat on his stomach between your legs.

You bit your lip softly, sliding your fingers into his hair. He smiled softly against your skin, lowering his head a little more, positioning his mouth in front of your core. He took a deep breath and parted his lips, pressing an open mouth kiss against you. You smiled softly at him continuously, cocking your head to the side slightly.

Resting your arms on your stomach, Niall started lapping his tongue over your clit, needing to start off slow to get you wet and stimulated. You let out a soft breath, closing your eyes to focus on him. As he flicked his tongue over your little bud, a tingling sensation began to spread through your lower half. Giggling out softly, Niall looked up at you through his lashes and smiled softly against you.

He began to go a little harder, sliding one of his hands down to pull apart your folds. Your hole and clit were completely exposed to him. His mouth opened again, and with his soft lips, he dragged them over your wet skin, gliding over the little bundle of nerves and all the skin in between. His nose rested on your pelvic bone as his tongue finally jutted out, poking at your hole.

You bit down on your bottom lip and turned your head to the other side, pressing your left cheek against the mattress. Your jaw went slack and your lips fell apart, soft breaths escaping. You slid your hands up your body, the pleasure starting to get more and more intense. Soft moans took over the heavy breathing, and you crossed your hand over you to grab onto your breast. Sliding your free arm under your head, Niall engulfed your rich sex, a good sort of heat shot up through you. A loud, elongated whine fell from your lips and your boyfriend continued to snog your drenched core.

Your nipples were erect under your touch, grabbing and squeezing your breast to richen everything. Your stomach was flipping around and your heart was beating heavily. You knew you were about to cum. Everything started to tighten up but he wasn’t letting up. He was determined to make you cum as many times as he could. Your eyes opened as the orgasm hit, a strangled moan leaving your mouth. Niall milked you through your orgasm, sucking on the wet skin until things started to come down.

He didn’t waste a moment, crawling up your body. His erection prodded at your hole, his arms wrapping under your shoulders. He bent his knees and spread his legs so they were pressing against your bum. You pressed the inside of your legs against him and wrapped your legs around his waist.

You looked at him and held your arms in front of your chest, trapped by his resting on either side of your head.

For a moment, you two just rested together. You looked up at him and smiled softly, gently playing with his bottom lip. He smiled softly and playfully nipped at your fingers. You giggled out softly and brushed your fingers over his upper lip.

“You wanna keep going?” he asked, kissing over your fingertips.

You nodded your head softly, moving to wrap your arms around his neck. Your legs unraveled around him, but you kept them bent and open. Niall pulled his hips back slightly and looked down, reaching a hand down to help guide himself into you. Your muscles immediately tensed when he started pushing into you, stretching your entrance slightly.

He shifted his body forwards, pushing himself in a little quicker. It made your body jerk when he filled you up, your head falling back into the mattress again. Niall buried his face against your neck. You moaned out deeply and turned your face into his cheek, tightening the grip that your arms had around his neck.

As Niall started to thrust, his movements were slow and deep, making sure that you could feel every inch of him inside of you. Your heart was pounding against your chest, your eyes locked with his. You moaned out quietly, fluttering your eyes closed for a couple of seconds.

“Fuck…” you breathed out, taken slightly aback by his lips falling onto yours again.

Tangling your fingers in his hair, you held him close to you, moving your lips deeply against his. Both of you were breathing heavily, your bodies intertwined in ecstasy. Your skin was beading with sweat simply from the intensity of the situation. Swallowing thickly, you pulled away from him for a minute, trying to match your hips with his. You lifted your feet up off of the bed, giving yourself completely to him.

Whimpering out repeatedly, that same sensation started to spread through you. Your muscles clenched around him and the orgasm crept up quickly. Niall was throbbing inside of you and his heavy grunts were higher and higher pitched. His fingers dug into your shoulders, his movements becoming sloppier.

“I’m gonna cum…” he breathed out, his voice shaky.

You couldn’t even form words in your head, nodding your head in reply. This orgasm had come on a lot more quickly this time, and it wasn’t long before you both were spilling over.

Niall let out a strew of curse words, pulling himself out of you just as he came, the white liquids shooting out onto your stomach. Your back arched off the bed as your body jerked slightly, every muscle and nerve standing at attention. Niall was holding himself over you, propped on his arms.

“Ah fuck…” he groaned out deeply, looking down at the mess he made. “S-Sorry…” he breathed out, pursing his lips together.

You shook your head and laughed out breathlessly. You threw your arms above your head, a happy, blissful grin on your face. Niall looked down at you and bit his lip, reaching down to pull the blankets loosely over you before collapsing on top of you, caressing your hip gently. You smiled up at him, moulding your lips against his when he reconnected them. You lazily moved your lips with his, closing your eyes again.

You lost yourself in him, unable to hold your smile back. He pulled back, a goofy grin matched on his face. You giggled out softly and tossed your head back and forth slowly, humming out contently.

“We should probably go shower baby…” you spoke in a raspier voice.

“Yeah probably…” he murmured, pressing open mouth kisses against your neck.

“Baby, c’mon,” you chuckled softly, pushing him off of you. You felt all sticky and hot and just wanted to rinse off.

Niall huffed out and sat himself up, swinging his legs off of the bed. “Round two in the shower?” he smirked, raising his eyebrow.

You looked back at him, raising an eyebrow slightly and biting your lip, thinking for a moment. “If you change the sheets after?”

“Deal,” he snickered, hopping up and kissing your temple. “Just can’t get enough of you…”

Request: Where you sext him in the middle of a meeting and then when he comes home he’s super angry and fucks you really hard!

I was sitting on the couch, bored out of my mind and with nothing to distract me at all. Niall had been gone most of the day already, busy with work stuff.

Meetings. So many meetings.

They made for lonely days when I had nothing to do and all I wanted was Niall. I was scrolling through my phone when I had an idea. I giggled to myself and bit my lip. It was a lovely little idea and a teensy bit dirty. So, absolutely perfect really.

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