niall hfr

I love this, I love this a lot… because I  can imagine like if I were on a date with niall and we were with  his parents or his friends , he’d turn  to me and see if I were alright and smile and he’d be so proud.He’d come closer and peck my lips and … why do i do this to myself

Can you imagine going to the store with Niall late at night and he’s starving.he gets one of the carts and just runs around and starts to put junk food in the cart . You can see him  opening some cheetos and you say “Niall  you arent supposed to do that babe” giggling he says “I’m still gonna pay for it babe”, you turn around to see the other things you should get .You hear Niall’s voice and he says “babe should we get this?” holding a box of brownie batter, he dosn’t take a moment for you to answer and giggling he puts it into the cart.

You can tell Niall  is the type of guy  who would cook  you  dinner and make you cold ravioli and try to do his best and he would try to make you’r favorite meal  even though it were dificult and he would serve it to you and say “I made yer favorite food babe!”  and he would just wach you  eat it and see you’r face while he drank his beer.

If you were mad at Niall at first he’d  take easy and wait for it to  pass but if he saw that you wernt having it he’d try to make it up to you, and probably make you dinner but if that didn’t get a smile out of you he’d grab you  by the wrist ,and pull you  closer to him  saying “ im sorry babe ill make it up to ye” taking you  in  for a kiss and playing with the hem of your jeans.

I bet Niall’s the type of boyfriend who would do anything to make you happy.If you were upset he’d run out to the store and get some junk food and booze and come back and put some movies on  and talk to you  and he’d tickle youtrying to get a smile out of you until he did.

Can you imagine spending a lazy day with Niall , both of you laying in bed and cuddling, you’re wearing one of his sweaters and he’s playing guitar and every once in a while he steals a kiss from you. You  spend the rest of the day watching movies and he tells you dumb jokes trying to make you laugh.