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{{{REQUESTED}}} Baby Series: On Vacation


“Babe, did you pack the sunscreen?” you ask Harry as you dig through your bag for the bottle. “Yep, it’s in the front pocket love.” He ensures, pointing to the bulge on the front of the tote. You nod and grab it, squirting a bit on your hands before rubbing it on your daughter’s arms and legs. Claire squealed weakly as the cold substance touched her skin, causing you and Harry to both laugh. “Ready to go swim with Daddy??” you asked excitedly. “YEAH!!!” she yelled in return. “C’mon then sweetheart.” Harry chuckled, holding out his hand which Claire quickly grabbed after running to him. You watch as they ease into the pool, smiling at how cute they are together. “Babe, you should come in, the water’s great!” you hear Harry yell from the shallow end. “No thanks, I’ll just watch.” You yell back. “You sure?” he asks, and you nod. “Alright then, your loss.” He chuckles, going back to his splash war with Claire. You giggle before reaching down into your bag and grabbing your book that you brought, opening it to the page you had marked. You could tell this was gonna be a good vacation.


You and Louis had been planning to come to Disneyland since you started dating but never really got around to it with his hectic schedule. Finally, now that you were married and had 2 kids, the second tour stopped the 4 of you hopped on a plane and headed to the ‘happiest place on earth’. “Are we gonna see princesses Daddy?!” Kyler asked with excitement, tugging on Lou’s hand. “Of course we are babe, every princess you could imagine.” He explained with a smile. “And Minnie Mouse??” she asked. “Yes darling.” “What about Peter Pan?” “Yup.” “Goofy?” “Yeah” “Woody and Buzz????” “Mhmm” “How about..” “KYLER!!!! We’ll see everybody, ok?” “YAAAAY!!!!” she screamed, bouncing up and down, making you and Louis laugh as all of you walked through the entrance. You guys went on a few rides, taking turns going on with Kylie if Scarlett was too small. “Where to now love?” Louis asked. You shrug, turning to your 5 year old who was too distracted looking at all her surroundings to realize what her dad had said. “RELLA!!!!!!” you heard a tiny voice yell from the stroller infront of you. “What was that babe??” you ask, leaning down so you could hear her better. She only just turned 1 so it was essential to hear her fully considering the words coming out of her mouth were never complete. “Rella! Mommy, Rella!!” she explained, pointing behind you. Turning around, you see a women dressed as Cinderella. “You wanna go see Cinderella??” you ask, and she nods. You all turn around and get in line for the picture. The rest of your day pretty much went like that, though now it was only Kyler asking to take pictures with people because Scarlett fell asleep after Cinderella. “Can we go see Minnie?!?!” she asked, already dragging Louis towards the building where she saw a Minnie Mouse mascot. “How could we not? Minnie’s the best of the best!” Louis exclaimed, acting almost as excited as your daughter. He didn’t actually care about Minnie Mouse, but he knew that it was Kyler’s favourite Disney character so he played along. The line was pretty short so you didn’t have to wait long. When it was Kyler’s turn she shyly stepped towards the large mouse woman infront of her. The woman could see her meekness so she leaned down and gave her a big hug before grabbing her hand and looking back at the camera. Once the photo was taken, Kyler sprinted towards you, cowering into Louis’ chest. “Thank you!” Louis yells to the people, laughing at his child’s sudden shyness as he picked her up and you all walked out of the building. “BEST MOMENT EVERRR!!!!!!!!” Kyler screamed once you were outside again. You and Louis both started laughing hysterically considering her quietness seconds before. “Glad you liked it love.” Louis laughed. “How about we go get some food then head back to the hotel, I think Scar’s a bit tired out.” He sighs, looking at the toddler. You nod, following him to a pretzel stand where you all got themed pretzels. Once the food was gone you made one last trip to the gift shop to buy stuffed animals for the kids before leaving for your hotel, where you took a much needed nap with your family.


Zayn’s family had invited you and the kids on a vacation with them to Arizona. You loved Zayns family, and thought it would be nice to get away from the house and relax, so you happily said yes. Little did you know that it was about a million degrees there all day, every day. “It’s hot……’s very hot.” You groan out, sitting on the porch. “I know, but atleast we have a nice view. And it’s better than freezing our tails off back home.” Trisha said, sipping on her iced tea. “And atleast you get to hang out with us all day!” Waliyha laughed, patting Safaa’s leg, who also laughed. You giggled at them, looking up as Zayn came back from his morning jog, both kids in hand. “How was your run babe?” you ask when he reaches the porch. “Long…..and sweaty..” he huffs out. You laugh, taking the stroller from him so he could go inside and change his clothes. When he returns a minute later, he sits beside you, holding a bottle in his hand. “I don’t think Faith likes jogs, all she did was cry.” Zayn sighs, taking her from you. “She’s probably just tired, you did wake her up early today, remember??” you ask, nudging his arm. He nods, giving her the bottle to drink while he sips his own. Yup….it was definitely hot in Arizona……not coming back here any time soon but atleast it was nice to relax and visit with your in-laws.


You lay in bed, sleeping infant beside you. “Where do you wanna go today babe?” Liam asks as he walks out of the bathroom. “The beach would be nice, but we have to wait until she wakes up.” You say, pointing to Maddie. Liam smiles and nods, heading back to the bathroom to finish getting ready. “Why do you sleep so much?? Mommy wants to go tan.” You explain in a whisper. Of course Maddie doesn’t respond because 1. She’s a baby, and 2. She’s sleeping, but you felt the need to ask anyways. “Don’t worry love, we’ll get to the beach eventually.” Liam assures you, lying down beside his daughter. You sigh, nod, and look at the TV screen infront of you. A few hours passed, and Maddie still wasn’t awake. “I don’t think we’re going today.” You say, pouting slightly. “Tomorrow love, I promise.” Liam smiles, giving you a kiss then heading to the small kitchen area of the room to make supper. “You’re lucky I love you.” You giggle, kissing Maddie’s head. 


Your grandmother’s birthday was coming up, so you flew the whole family to Niagara Falls to celebrate. This isn’t much of a vacation for you because you grew up in Canada, and still live there now with the kids when Niall is on tour, but it was nice for him because he rarely comes to Canada, and when he does it’s only to your tiny home town or Toronto. The boys had also never been here, so it was great to show them part of your country. “Theo’s gone gangsta!!” Niall yells, holding up his son who was currently wearing his snapback. “Ni, take that off, he’s getting upset!” you giggle, looking as the baby twisted his face in confusion and hatred. “He is not! Look at him, he’s just like his dad.” Niall cheers. Just then, Theo starts crying, squirming to try and get the giant headwear off. “Told you.” You giggle. As Niall tries to quiet him down, Liam starts crying too. Considering they were so close in age, Theo and Liam have a close bond, and whenever one is throwing a fit, the other one starts too. “Ssshh. Theo’s ok baby. He’s alright. See? He’s fine.” You coo, facing Liam towards Niall and Theo so he could see that his brother was ok. They both slowly stopped crying, and eventually were content again. “Note to self, snapbacks are a bad idea when it comes to these two.” Niall whispers. You laugh, nodding. “Now, what’s all this noise about??” you grandma asks as she waddles in. “Nothing, Theo just had a little meltdown. He’s fine now.” You assure her. She smiles, turning to Theo and cooing at him, causing him to giggle. Everyone in the room smiled at the sight, embracing the image of the oldest generation of Y/L/N’s having fun with the youngest.


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