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I wanna draw more people like that this year.

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Yes! I am so sorry, every time I see it!

You’ve seen the video where Louis, Harry, Liam and Zayn are doing an interview and then in the background Niall comes running out but he slams his face into the sign? If not… I need to try and find it. I die laughing. 

But seriously… we must protect these boys! All of them!

They are a danger to others and themselves. 

Zayn and Harry are just a ton of notches above Niall and Liam. Pillowtalk and Sign of the Times were really great and you can tell that Z and H wanted to show their all on their first releases. This Town and Strip That Down are cute, but unremarkable. They’re generic and could’ve been given to anybody to sing.

ALL One Direction Music Videos


What Makes You Beautiful” 

“Gotta Be You”

“Wishing on a Star”

“One Thing”

“More than This”

“Live While We’re Young”

“Little Things”

“Kiss You”

“One Way or Another”

“Best Song Ever”

“Story of My Life”

“Midnight Memories" 

"You & I”

These are so far all of the music videos that 1D have participated in, and I am very sure that there more coming on the way. I have to say that us all as Directioners are very proud that they have come so far, and are still thriving. Just looking back at all of these videos, makes me wanna cry so badly and that will defiantly happen. 


Every Beep Beep Boop: 7/8 during I Would 

Sydney: Oct. 24th, Oct. 26th; Melbourne: Oct. 28th, Oct. 29th, Oct. 30th; Japan: Nov. 2nd, Nov. 3rd

Let's Not... Please

I want to start off by explaining my reason on making this post: a conversation I had with a friend did not go well. Of course, I love Cody’s villainous character in Teen Wolf and of course, this friend of mine hates Theo. It frustrates me because while we were watching the last episode, they had the nerve to state that, “Theo is still a bad person. He hasn’t changed.”

People should really stop hating on Theo in Teen Wolf. It pisses me off that even after season 5 has ended and Theo is back, some still have negative things to say about him. While you guys are hating on him, why don’t you also hate on Peter Hale? After all, this guy has done worse in the show, yet no one wants to call him out on his actions and why you guys do that, I still don’t know why.

You can not join a fandom and be fake at the same time because it just shows that you’re not a true fan. That’s like you hating Niall Horan from 1D because of his crooked teeth but once he gets braces and they come off, all of a sudden he’s “hot” in your eyes and automatically you’re a true 1D fan. Every character should be treated equally in this show. Everyone loved Void Stiles and Peter Hale so why can’t we love Theo?

Another thing I want to add is that Cody has feelings. Therefore, if his character is a villain and he’s the most hated person, he’s going to feel upset in real life. It’s not fair that Peter Hale or Void Stiles can be villains and we can love them but we can’t do the same to Cody.

Personally, I adore Theo Raeken. I think that he was great as a villain in season 5 and him returning this season makes me really happy. I know he’s not back to cause damage but fix it and thats what makes it more exciting. He’s realized that he’s done bad and obviously, there’s a part of him that is still human. He’s doing his best to make his life better and we as a fandom should understand that instead of bashing an actors character.

Please, I just want everyone to not treat Cody like this. I feel bad for him because some of us are supposed to be true fans of this show yet they want to find someone to hate on. For those of you who agree with what I’m saying, thank you.

Your love is needed for Cody, Theo, and I.


harry styles at the bbc studios for the one show. 12/5/17. after performing sweet creature on the day of his album release.

- photo’s by me.

“Should we just search romantic comedies on Netflix and see what we find?”

If that doesn’t perfectly describe Harry & Louis’ relationship I don’t know what does

1D Hiatus: Day 507

* Zach Sang’s interview with Harry is released

* Harry meets a fan in London

* Pictures of Harry with fans yesterday in London come out

* Niall posts three pictures on his Instagram story

* Dan Wootton’s interview with Niall for the ‘Bizzare Life with Dan Wootton’ podcast is released

* Louis sends a video message to a little fan who wanted to meet him for Make A Wish

It’s May 3rd, 2017.

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