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The Raven Cycle: antagonists (2/5)

The Gray Man

                          It was the opposite of everything he had cultivated for the past five years.
                                                              How he wanted to stay.


“I like the pastel colors.” // Harry Styles + Flower Crowns


“Hazzy, stop it!” Niall giggles as Harry nuzzles his nose into the blonde boy’s neck lovingly.

They’re in the back of Harry’s jeep, making out lazily during their free lunch period like the crazy love-sick teenagers they are, grinding against one another to some old song by the 1975. But they’re barely paying attention, completely high off of each other and (according to the smoggy air in the car) maybe a little of something else too. Niall’s underneath the bigger boy, legs wrapped around his skinny-jean clad waist, clawing at his black band tee. Harry’s got Niall shirt hitched halfway off, and it’s clear where he wants this to go.

Harry chuckles back deeply as he nips at the blue eyed boy’s throat, “I don’t want to,” He grumbles, a little whine in his voice.

Niall fixes him with a look, obviously attempting to be stern but unable to hide the utter fondness behind his glare. “People are going to start wondering…” He protests as Harry pulls him even closer.

“So let them.” Harry tries, pushing Niall so that he’s back to laying down on the warmed leather seats.

The blonde rolls his eyes, shoving Harry back up. “You know we can’t do that.” He says, sitting up fully and tugging his shirt back down from where it was hiked up around his chest.

“But why,” Harry whines, dragging out the “y” noise, making his tone that much more childish. Niall stays silent, simply grabbing his flower crown from the floor and balancing it When the blonde doesn’t respond Harry’s voice changes to something much more soft, much more intimate, than he would ever use in public, “You know that I don’t care what people think, baby, yeah?”

Niall smiles at Harry gently, moving forward to kiss the brunette soundly, pushing his forehead against Harry’s after and murmuring, “I know.” They spend the last few minutes fixing their appearances, flattening out wrinkled shirts and pulling their shoes back on in a comfortable silence. The bells rings and Harry inwardly groans, knowing that he’s going to have to go back to the stupid plan that Niall had forced them to follow.

The blonde leaves the car first and Harry watches as he fixes his flower crown once more before looking around casually, and walking away from Harry’s car quickly.

Harry sighs, counts to 10, just like they practiced, and follows the boy he loves, glare stuck on his face already.

* * * *

Harry was the official bad boy of school.

He had a deep, slow voice and a permanent devious look in his eyes. Paired with his ripped jeans and combat boots, he was the perfect candidate for his assumed role.

Of course, on the inside, Harry wasn’t a “bad boy.”

Sure, he got into a couple of fights and maybe he wasn’t always in the best of moods and maybe he smoked weed and got drunk sometimes but he liked to think of himself as a good guy. He was a complete momma’s boy and he never treated Niall with anything other than the utmost respect.

But people liked to make assumptions so Harry let them. He didn’t particularly care what people thought like Niall did.

He rolls his eyes as he sees another girl glancing at him, “subtly,” as she twirls her hair absently. It happens every year during every season when there’s a dance. Of course, Harry never asks anyone because the only person he would want to ask doesn’t want to be in public with Harry.

Sadly enough, this season was a traditional, American-style “Sadies-Hawkins” dance where the girls are the ones asking the boys, and Harry wasn’t looking forward to it. He really didn’t like turning girls down, not that it happened that much normally, but he had a sinking feeling that this time it would be different.

He leaves his last class in an annoyed huff as he sees Niall standing at his locker alone, lip jutted out adorably as he tried to get everything out of his locker. As much as Harry wanted to walk over to his boyfriend and kiss away the pout, carry all his books for him, he couldn’t.

Harry forces his eyes away, grabbing his jacket and walking over to his car, ignoring every dreamy stare he got as he walked over to his banged up, black jeep. His second true love.

He throws his bags in the back and starts the car, allowing the car to heat up as he waits patiently for Niall to walk past his car and down the road a bit before following furtively and parking aways down the road.

Niall gets in the car in a light giggle and suddenly, Harry’s somewhat off-day gets better and he smiles over at the passenger side of his car before speeding off.

* * * *

The first proposal happens 3 days later. It’s a Friday, which was officially labeled as “Harry&Niall day” back sometime last year, which makes it all the more dramatic.

The girl is tall and kind of intimidating, even to Harry. She’s pretty, for a girl, with long dark hair and dark eyes, but Harry really, really isn’t interested.

Hell, he doesn’t even know her name.

She does it in a cute way as well, and Harry really appreciates the beautifully drawn cardboard sign that she drew, along with some pun that she probably found on Pinterest, but he still turns her down.

She’s eyeing him with the same look as every other girl does. Biting her lip and half-closed eyes, like she’s ready for him to push her up against the wall and fuck her at any second. There’s only one person he wants to do that to.

So true to the person that she thinks he is, badass and uncaring, he simply shakes his head and shrugs. “No thanks.” He says before stepping around her and moving along down the nearly-silent hall.

Everyone seems shocked and he realizes that later it’s because she’s one of the “populars.” She’s some cheerleader that couldn’t seem to understand why Harry didn’t say yes. Apparently, she started some rumor that Harry turned her down gently, reassuring her that he was just “busy” that night. Apparently, Harry said that he wishes he could’ve gone with her, but was just so damn “busy” that he couldn’t. He rolled his eyes as Louis told him of this, knowing it was just some regular high school girl with her head way too far up her own arse to realize that Harry just wasn’t interested.

Of course, Niall isn’t happy about it.

He doesn’t specifically say anything about it, but Harry can tell by the way Niall gets into his car during lunch and doesn’t even smile. He gives Harry a curt, “hello,” but doesn’t say much else, simply looking out the window while Harry awkwardly twiddles his thumbs.


“Why didn’t you say yes?” Niall blurts, interrupting Harry immediately, turning to face the green eyed boy expectantly.

Harry leans back, surprised, because out of all of the things he expected Niall to say, that was not one of them. “W-what?” He stutters, completely appalled that Niall would even say that.

“Kendall asked you to the dance, right? Why didn’t you say yes?” The blonde asks, and Harry would think he was angry by the tone of his voice but he can see the hurt in Niall’s eyes. He can see how upset his boyfriend really is over this.

“Baby,” Harry murmurs softly, almost disappointed. Niall doesn’t respond, just sniffs quietly which automatically makes Harry tug the boy into his arms. They’re both in rather big coats so it’s fluffy and warm but also sweet and caring and Harry refuses to let go. “You know exactly why I didn’t say yes, you idiot.” He mumbles.

Niall shrugs, “She’s really pretty.” He says, as if that gives an explanation for why he thought Harry would ever leave him.
“Sure she is. But you’re beautiful and perfect and all I ever want. Please don’t underestimate yourself, Ni, you know better.” Harry says, pushing Niall’s shoulder playfully.

But Niall doesn’t look playful. He simply climbs over the seat to get to the back pulling Harry by the shirt, “Come back here and kiss me.” The blonde orders.
Harry doesn’t need to be told twice.
* * * *

Harry gets asked by three more girls and it seems like with each proposal Niall gets more and more insecure.

Of course, Harry gets extremely defensive of their relationship, measuring the boy as much as he could, which always seemed to get them into the same situation in the back of Harry’s car which– well, Harry couldn’t complain.
They’re in one of those situations now, Harry’s jeans pulled half down while Niall’s are completely off, disbanded somewhere in the front seat. They’re really getting into it at this point, Niall on top of Harry, straddling the bigger boy and grinding on him a bit more vigorously than usual. Harry’s kissing up Niall’s neck, sucking more harshly than usual, trying his best to leave marks to at least somewhat claim his boyfriend.
“Harry– stop.” Niall pants quickly, as if he was reading his boyfriend’s mind. “You’re going to leave a mark.”

Harry nods, eyes still closed, pulling Niall’s neck back down to his mouth, whispering hotly, “That’s the point.”

Niall pushes away, more sternly this time. “Harry, we’ve talked about this.” He says, his voice suddenly harsh.
The brunette opens his eyes, recognizing Niall’s newfound angry tone. “Ni…” He  sighs, running a hand through his hair. “Why the fuck not?” He questions, just as harshly, sitting up and bringing Niall along with him, still keeping the blonde in his lap. “Baby, I’m tired of all these girls making you feel so upset. I don’t want to make you feel unworthy, I just want everyone to know that we’re together. Why won’t you let us?”
Niall’s jaw clenches and he sighs as well, “I don’t want people to hate me.” He says sadly. “Every girl is so obsessed with you, everyone’s going to hate me when they know that- that I’m with you.”
“That’s bull, Ni, why do you care?” Harry asks, still somewhat stressed about the entire situation. “I don’t understand why you care so much.”

Niall shrugs, unsure how to explain himself. It’s awkward then. Something it’s not normally and it’s weird because they’ve never really felt awkward with one another. Not even at the beginning when Niall was just the freshman pestering Harry to help him make some flower crowns.
It stays weird for the rest of lunch, even with Harry trying to defuse the sudden tension with stupid jokes, Niall just smiles shortly and looks away.

It’s weird and Harry hates it.
* * * *

The next day is just as weird.

Niall texts Harry and tells him not to pick him up. Harry texts him 5 times, asking if he’s sick because usually when one of them is sick, the other goes to take care of the other. But, he never gets a response.
With a sigh and a terrible feeling in his gut, Harry goes to school, prepared to have an awful day.

There’s a crowd at the front of the school, which leaves Harry with an angry huff, because it looks like it does whenever someone tries to ask Harry to a dance. It’s become a sort of phenomenon now. It feels like every girl is trying to see if they’re the one that Harry is “holding out” for.
He’s angry now, missing Niall and confused about their relationship, and he’s fully prepared to turn this girl down with a harsh look and maybe even worse words that he’d probably regret later.

In the middle of the crowd, the massive huge crowd, there’s a familiar, shaking, short blonde. He looks terrified, but he’s standing strong, holding a cardboard sign, with no puns or jokes. There’s no funny drawing or anything like that, Just a simple text that reads, “Harry, Go to Sadies with me?” And Niall’s holding a flower crown, identical to the one on his own head and Harry’s never been so in love with anything or anyone in his entire life. 

Everyone’s giggling, looking around at each other like they knew what would happen, like they were so excited to see Niall get turned down and now, Harry understood why Niall was so afraid. Because highschoolers were assholes, but Harry didn’t care. He didn’t care that everyone sucked and apparently, Niall didn’t either. 

Still, as he always does he goes along with everyone’s image of him, stalking up to Niall with no emotion on his face, watching as Niall’s hands start shaking even harder. 

Harry takes the flower crown in his hands, silently admiring the pink and white flowers that were weaved into the base. The giggles and whispers have intensified now and he even sees some people with their phones out. Good. 

He places the crown on his head, grinning as the gasps begin to sound from the crowd and he wastes no time in grabbing Niall’s cheeks and kissing the boy feverishly, gripping at his neck lovingly as he tries to convey just how passionately he feels towards the blonde. Everyone’s silent now, and staring and once Harry pulls away, he begins to feel extremely angry at how vapid these people were for looking disappointed or disgusted in them. 

“What are you perverts looking’ at, huh? Can’t a guy kiss his boyfriend in peace?” He shouts, waving his hand at the crowd before dragging Niall away, back towards his car, ready to skip the rest of the day and spend it showing his boyfriend just how happy he was. 

They get in the car and don’t wait to continue kissing each other, Niall gripping at Harry’s long hair and pulling him even closer.

Harry’s on cloud nine, so relieved to finally be open with their relationship and out. Harry pulls back, kissing Niall’s cheeks and then his nose and then his forehead. “That’s a yes by the way.” 

The only sounds left after that is Niall’s breathy laughter. 

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Niall the butt guy blurb

For his sixteenth birthday, Niall had gotten a camera—a nice one. One that took the clearest shots and developed like the ones he used on his old film camera. Since his mum let him take his first picture when he was six years old using her old Polaroid camera, he was hooked. His dream was to be a photographer—he didn’t care what type, he would do it all. Weddings, graduations, special occasions, magazine, newspaper…anything.

The day after his sixteenth birthday he started taking pictures and never stopped. Through college he took more classes and worked on a film degree too (he wasn’t stupid; he knew until his name got out there he would need a backup plan). All the while, he spent his weekends taking hikes (and taking pictures) and taking photos of people that went on to his official photography website.

Niall was even lucky enough to do a few weddings and he got great reviews. He was getting a little more popular around his town and the surrounding areas and he was very grateful. But nothing made him as grateful as the day he saw your request for the following weekend.

Just want a few formal photos of myself. Couple headshots, something for my mom to frame…etc…let me know what I need to do. Excited to see you!

In college, the two of you spoke only on a handful of occasions but always for long lengths of time. To say Niall was in love with you was an understatement. Without asking, he would grovel at your feet just to talk to you. When you were in the same photography class together he almost cried. As stalkerish as it was, Niall loved to take pictures of you. He thought you were beautiful and he wanted to capture it every chance he got. Whenever the class went on nature walks, he always got a few shots of you to develop. You knew of course, you always blushed and hid your face. “The reason I’m in this class is because I don’t want to be photographed, you idiot,” you giggled.

Of course Niall met you when you were seated—that’s important to why he’s in love with you. The first hour of class was spent getting to know your neighbor and Niall was the lucky one to be seated next to you. You were studying to be an art teacher and you were beautiful and wore a flower crown. Niall wanted to do everything with you.

After that class, you managed to run into one another every now and again but for the most part you guys had gone your separate ways. He figured you needed a picture for your resume or something but he was excited to see you so he contacted you as soon as he finished reading your submission and gave you a list of places to go and he would bring you back to his place or a library or something to do the formal headshot.

So all that week every picture Niall took made him smile as he counted down the days until he would be looking at you through a lens again.


The reason it was important that Niall met you sitting down, he really liked butts. And as perverted as that sounded, he couldn’t bring himself to care. Yours was very nice. He would love to touch it all day if he could.

Yours wasn’t huge and he was okay with that just because he would like to put his hands on each cheek and he imagined his hands were made to touch your butt. Nonetheless, he was very excited to meet with you again.

Giving him a big hug and smile he admired how adorable you looked. You looked so professional and cute. A collared shirt popped out from the bright blue sweater you were wearing and a chunky necklace draped over your chest. Your pants were dark gray and you were wearing ballet flats. You were lovely as ever, your hair curled loosely at the ends and your makeup looked flawless even to him.

“How are you?” You asked.

“Oh just fine, and you?” he said fiddling with his camera so he wouldn’t try to sneak a peek at your butt when you turned to your car to check the doors were locked.

“Pretty good. Just working when I can these days,” you told him. “I miss school honestly. Never worried about a job when I was working toward my career,” you joked as your smile somehow brighter.

“Well, I guess it’s gonna take my picture of you to get a job,” he chuckled.

Rolling your eyes, you sighed. “I know. Don’t remind me, Mr. Moneybags. Believe me, I’m furious I have to be in front of the camera.”

Shaking his head, he put the camera up to his eye to get a candid of you fluffing your hair. “Why I’ll never know, love.” Blushing you looked down and shrugged. Leaving it alone for now, Niall instructed you on how to sit or stand as he finally got to photograph his favorite subject again.


He got a call late in the evening. Kind of weird since most people just texted him. But of course, it was you. “How did you do this?” You asked as soon as he said hello.

“Do what?” he murmured. He knew the proofs had been sent out and he imagined that you were looking at them after a long day and that explained the call.

“Niall…” his heart fluttered as you said his name. “I look…beautiful.”

Chuckling, he sighed shaking his head as he listened to your shocked voice. “I hate to be the one to tell you this, love. But you did that all on your very own,” he promised. “I just take the pictures. I don’t tell them how to look.”


In the course of the next few weeks, Niall was enraptured with you and he took approximately one hundred trillion photos of you while he looked at you. “Niall, I love photography as much as the next person…but do you think you could just enjoy me in person for a minute?” You said. Niall knew, heard, and felt how sweetly you meant it—hell, you hadn’t stopped blushing which meant he had to take another fourteen photos.

“Sorry, princess,” he said setting his camera on his nightstand. “You don’t know how long I’ve waited to have you all to myself and just…” he sighed dreamily and you grinned lazily at him before he devoured your lips. It ached into your lower tummy as he kissed you. It felt like heaven to have your lips tingle and your mouth burn against his.

His hands started to roam and ever the gentleman, Niall just ran his hands all along the curve of your waist and snaked them around over your lower back. He slowly inched lower dying to touch your bum and he was waiting for you to give some affirmation of some sort that it was okay.

But you didn’t care because your hands were too far deep in his hair and your tongue was searching for the answer to life somewhere at the back of his teeth.

So when his hands finally touched your perfect butt he moaned softly against your lips and you could instantly feel him harden against you. You felt the blush rise all over your face and his hands just moved around your bum as he felt every inch of it.

Eventually you both pulled away from each other and panted for air. Niall’s forehead rested against yours while his hands hadn’t moved from your backside. “May I help you?” You asked peering over your shoulder as the two of you laid down facing one another on the bed.

Now it was Niall’s turn to blush. “Um…” He bit his lip. “I really like your butt,” he said quietly.

Smirking, you sunk your teeth into your bottom lip and tried to decide if you were brave enough to actually say it or not. “Well, then why don’t I get these pants out of the way to give you a better look,” you suggested and moved your hands to the buttons on your jeans.

Niall moaned quietly releasing his hands for a moment off your perfect butt. “You have no idea what you do to me, princess…”


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