niall flawless horan


If you don’t know her then god bless your soul. This is the most classiest, beautiful, talented, and inspirational woman ever seen and the greatest of Hollywood. Her fight for her life during the war, her generosity and charming, loving personality that made everyone fall in love with her, her dozens of good quotes and movies, member of the UNIFEC for 38 years (organisation that helps children, did I get that abbreviation right lol?) etc, makes her so so flawless. I love her so fucking much. She’s 100% classy, genuine, and just overall sweet. I can’t agree more on her quotes that looks aren’t everything, and that it doesn’t help if you’re pretty on the outside but not on the inside (unless you eat makeup) haha, god I love her. Wish I was her. I love you Audrey, rest in peace babe❤️