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1D Hiatus: Day 421

* Louis and Steve are performing on The Late Late Show with James Corden next Monday and Niall wants to come down to watch

* Niall posts a selfie with Shawn Mendes on Snapchat

* New official ‘Just Hold On’ black tee is now available at

It’s Feb 6th, 2017.

anonymous asked:

I get not demonizing harry but you also need to acknowledge that harry chose his team and is very good friends with jeff so it seems unreasonable to think harry himself hasn't approved the way things are going about. Or do you honestly believe he's letting other people tale control? I meam the "little fluff" comment sounds straight out of sony's "adorably slow" marketing, and sorry but i think harry is smarter than that

Okay first of all. My “little fluff” comment came posts after I called Harry smart and thoughtful. And no I don’t have to blame Harry or his team. I can blame the same people I blame for Louis and Liam’s situations as well, and that’s a contract that isn’t as over as we’re supposed to believe.

Also I call Harry a little fluff because he’s kind and genuine. Not because I think he’s an idiot. That association you just created was due to how you see Harry. Not how I do.

it’s time to reveal the truth about this shady ass band. get ready for 1d exposed.
Louis is pregnant with Michelle Obama’s baby.
Harry is actually dead they just use a hologram.
Zayn never left the band he just returned to his home planet.
Niall Horan never existed it’s just a conspiracy.
And Liam Payne is actually the queen of England.

1d’s getting sued fic i expected yesterday:

- louis and liam must pretend to be married for handwavey reasons but they hooked up and didn’t talk to each other for literal months and now it’s weird

- it’s even more weird because louis and niall accidentally got married at the soccer aid charity match

- harry refuses to talk to anyone because he’s in love with niall and has not-so-secretly been pining for mumblemumble years. he only buttons the bottom button and obnoxiously flirts with all the lawyers in the room while checking to see if niall’s watching

- liam’s the only one who’ll actually speak to zayn. louis just loudly says “remember when you had a life and stopped making bitchy comments about mine?” whenever zayn opens his mouth. harry pretends he doesn’t exist. niall chews his fingernails and sneaks glances out of the corner of his eye.

- the judge gets fed up and sentences them to a week in the bungalow to be reconciled

After Graduation

Requested. Part 2 to Footie Love.

The romance between you and Niall was basically non-existent. All it consisted of was even more “practices”, even if the season was over. You needed to keep your skills sharp for when you went to school.

Thankfully it wasn’t too far away, so you and Niall could work it out. If it ever got there…

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basically the only video in existence of niall singing cry me a river when he opened for lloyd daniels in ireland before x factor in 2010. the song that cuts off at the end is Successful by Drake and i can’t believe 0 videos of this exist on the internet.