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*An anon requested a blurb with Harry talking about you and yalls future when he thought you were asleep but really weren’t. So here is it anon, hope you enjoy! 💕*

He had been running his fingers across your back while you two laid in bed. You weren’t sure what time it was, you were just enjoying laying in bed with Harry. Because laying in bed always made you sleepy you were drifting in and out of sleep. Also his fingertips which were so soft, and a continuous motion, were not helping you stay awake either.

When you’d drift in and out of consciousnesses you would hear him speaking softly. At first you figured he was just going on about something silly. I mean you two were debating best superheroes before you starting falling asleep, so you figured he was still going on about that. But when you heard him say “our future” you started to listen in more.

Nights like this is what harry loved most. Just laying in bed talking and cuddling into the early hours of the morning. Moments like this he reflected on your life together. How much he loved it, how much he loved you, how lucky he was to have you, and how much he couldn’t wait for your future together.

“You know I think about our future a lot.” He whispered into the darkness. He didn’t want to speak too loudly because he figured you had fallen asleep. You hadn’t spoken in quite awhile, and your breathing was evening out. Also he had to be honest, he was a bit afraid to lay out all his hopes and dreams of your guys future together. You two had said I love you. But that was just recently. And you two weren’t married. He didn’t want to freak you out with all he dreamed and wanted with you, but he could imagine it all.

“I can see it all with you love. Marriage, children, growing old together.” He smiled to himself imaging all of it. “You’re the one for me. I just know it.”

Because your face was hidden in the elbow of your arm facing away from him Harry didn’t notice you smile to yourself. He didn’t know you were awake and you planned to keep it that way. You wanted to hear all he had to say, because you felt the exact same way but we’re too afraid to tell him.

“You’re so good with my friend and family. Honestly I get jealous of how close you are with Niall. And for you to be that close with Niall says a lot. Yeah Niall is friendly and such, but like he’s one of my best friends so he’s kind of protective over me? And you? He instantly just warmed up to. I think it was cuz you loved golf almost more than he did!” He chuckled to himself.

You fought so hard not to burst or giggling at that line. To be honest you were terrified of meeting his friends and family. Especially Niall. You knew how close they were, I mean come on who didn’t know the Narry bromance?! So when you met Niall you were shy at first, but once the subject of golf got brought up you showed your true passion. After that you and Niall were best friends.

“And mom and Gemma already have accepted you into the family. You join in on their teasing of me, which rude, and they love it. Plus I think they can see how much I love you. And as long as I’m happy, they’re happy”

The more Harry talked the harder it was to fake being asleep. Your heart was racing, you were smiling like a fool, and you were tearing up. Harry always showed you love, and how much he cared. But him pouring his heart out like this was a rare occasion.

“I’m gonna marry you someday ya know? I am. I love you so much and I never want to be without you. That would kill me. Because I have so much thought out and planned for our future. We’re gonna get married and have a house here in London, and maybe L.A. too if you want” Harry closed his eyes and sighed happily to himself.

“And we’re going to have children. I already know how many you want. 4 because you like even numbers” He chuckled and blew out a shaky sigh. He was getting teary eyed himself thinking about all this.

“I’m totally fine with four, as long as it’s 2 boys and 2 girls. I’d like it even that way as well. But I know we can’t really choose so whatever combination we have I’m totally fine with. As long as I have children and you as their mother I’m set for life” Harry was imagining those children in his mind. Children who had your eyes, and his hair. Or vice versa. It didn’t matter. Children with you would be the best thing to ever happen to him, besides you, no matter if they were boys or girls or looked like you or him.

You were really getting choked up as Harry went on. You weren’t sure how much longer you could fake being asleep.

Harry sighed shakily again, “The amount of love that I have for you is unexplainable. I’ve tried to write it down, put it into words or songs, but I just can’t. None of it seems right. It’s our love, just you and me. No one else’s.” He blew out a breath, sniffed, and wiped his eyes. “God, I can’t wait for our future. I wish I could tell you all of this, but I don’t want to scare you away. We just said I love you. We haven’t even discussed moving in yet, but oh man do I want that. I want all of it, with you.”

Harry stopped running his fingertips across your back and rolled over to spoon you. Yes he did like being the little spoon, but tonight he just wanted to hold you tight. He pressed a kiss into your neck as he felt himself getting sleepy. “I just love ya so much…It’s just insane” he mumbled, drifting off into sleep.

That was the last thing you heard from his mouth. After a few moments later you heard light snores and knew he had fallen asleep. You pressed a light kiss to one of his arms that were wrapped around you and drifted back off to sleep yourself with a huge smile on your face.

under my skin - prologue

prologue || and the bet begins

“Make a bet with me?” He asks again, his lips pulled into a huge smile. Brooklyn mulls over his question or rather, request. Niall gets on his knee, then, and Brooklyn almost drops her coffee as she immediately takes a few steps away from him. Niall remains on his knee, chuckling. “Brooklyn Cooper, will you make a bet with me?”

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anonymous asked:

I'm so sick of seeing hate on Harry or Louis or Niall or Liam. But especially Harry because "he wanted the hiatus" like if you were being told what to do what to say and how to dress for 5 years, being unhappy for 5 years would you not suggest you leave that label and come back after a few years when you're happy and with a new label? Like Harry loved being in the band, he didn't love the management. Nobody aside from Z wanted to leave the band. Y'all need to fucking chill.

Yep, thank you. I bet this people who talk shit would’ve jumped on the chance for a break the second it showed up. They didn’t have time for nothing but work, albums, promo, tours one after the other non stop for years. Just take one look at how happy ALL of them are right now, how lighter they are. Doesn’t take a Einstein to notice it was a good decision. I miss 1D, a lot, but I look at how happy they are right now and all I think is “they deserve this so much" 

Dear Liam, Niall, and ESPECIALLY Louis:

Pay no attention to the dramatic artsy ho flower child. A normal $20 album from each of you will be just fine, thanks.

A broke ass OT4 stan

P. S. Just kidding Louis, you know you own this ass and I’ll drop another hundred (or more) on whatever you release.

P. P. S. Niall and Liam, I’m begging you to be chill.

Protect This Asshole At All Costs: Declan Lynch

This is entirely blvelily‘s fault. She made me emotional about Declan Lynch. But let’s be honest I’m always low key emotional about Declan Lynch and it doesn’t take much to get me going. So buckle up, kids, this is gonna be a ride.

  • My ultimate Lynch family headcanon: Declan is a bastard. Not as in ‘you bastard!” but actual Jon Snow action.
  • It fits my theory of why Ronan is a special sort dream thief. A child of dreamer and a dream = greywaren. So what does that make Declan? An eternal outsider because he is neither.
  • Poor child needs pills to even sleep. Well, tbh everyone seems to be an insomniac in this series.
  • Is it really so farfetched that Niall would cheat on his dreamt up wife? He’s an unapologetic egotistical douchebag.
  • “Declan, the oldest of the Lynch brothers, once asked, ‘And what happened when I was born?’ Niall Lynch looked at him and said, ‘I wouldn’t know. I wasn’t here.’” Thanks, Dad.
  • ronanschainsaw and I have a delicious headcanon that Niall didn’t even want to marry and have kids. He probably planned to be an eternal bachelor but one of the women he knocked up dumped Declan on him. So he dreamt up Aurora to take care of the kid so he can continue to gallivant around the world.

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Preference #12 - You’re Younger Than Him (Niall)

Request: One where you are younger than him and get picked on for that. Your 18ish and people say your too young, but he doesn’t feel that way. ?

@Random-Twitter-Name: Why is @NiallOffical even with @Y/T/N ? She’s so much younger than him #GoldDigger

@Random-Twitter-Name: I know right?! @NiallOffical could really do so much better than that pre teen lookalike 

You shut off your phone, throwing it back onto the bedside table before collapsing back against your pillows and taking a deep breath. These were the more recent tweets since Niall had made your relationship public knowledge, but they were all mostly the same. Picking on you for being a few years younger than him, it wasn’t even by much but people would and could find almost anything to gossip about. You really tried not to let it get to you, especially whenever Niall was around, you didn’t want him to feel bad because of his fans, after all, they were just as important to him as you were. 

You sighed again when your phone buzzed on the table, half determined to just leave it there and ignore it, but when it buzzed a second and third time curiosity got the better of you. 

Opening twitter back up you saw Niall had mentioned you in a tweet, a small smile creeping over your lips as you clicked onto it. 

@NiallOffical: Come on guys, age is just a number and I really don’t understand why you are picking on @Y/T/N about it. I love her and that’s all that should matter. #StopHating

Your smile got even wider when you noticed the other three boys had all retweeted it, showing you and their fans that they supported your relationship with Niall. You couldn’t have asked for anymore than that. 

Written By Bree xx

anonymous asked:

What type of music do you think the pack listens to or what do you think is there favorite artist. I think Embry would be really into john Mayer and I see Seth being a hardcore fanboy for like Beyoncé or Rihanna. I could see Leah being into rock music like arctic monkeys or fall out boy

- sam: i can see him listening to some soft rock or maybe some unknown artists from the 90s he grew up listening to, and of course some acoustic stuff that he’s grown to like bc of emily 
- jared: mish-mash of a lot of different stuff probably! maybe mainly some chill shit like bryson tiller?? maybe some chance the rapper,  j.cole?? 
- pol: i always have this picture in my head of paul rocking out (a little too hard) in his car to some electric guitar so probably genres like pop punk and shit like asap rocky, ye, maybe some of frank ocean’s stuff?? 
- embry: i agree that i can see him vibing to mayer!! kiowa’s own style of music is stuff like hard punk (he seems to know this band called lifelink and if u listen to their music u’ll know what im talking about when i say that kiowa is into THAT music) so idk i can see him rocking out to that stuff and old bands like green day and blink!! 
- jake: knowing his salty and emotional ass he would probably listen to drake’s heartbroken shit and be like omg drake u get me and have slow dancing in a burning room by mayer on repeat 
- quil: same as emb but i think he would be more into stuff on the radio now as well 
- leah: i totally see her liking some halsey-type alternative vibey music!! maybe hayley kiyoko (lmao my gay queen), or yeah arctic monkeys i can see as well! i feel like anything u would see with lyrics on like one of those shitty tumblr edits (u kno the ones with the blurry ass fake angst teen aesthetic backgrounds and italicized arial font in pastel lmao) she would listen to but not really talk about?? she seems to be a person who likes to keep things private so i dont think she would talk about things like what music shes into that much 
- seth: i can see him liking a lot of female artists on the radio as well bc a) girl groups always make Bops and b) why not u feel me?? i feel like frank ocean would totally be up his alley as well! maybe he would like gallant and stuff like chase atlantics old eps. i feel like he would really like the sounds that are coming up for this summer especially like that awesome song w/ dj khaled/chance/quavo/wayne/bieber u know that just chill vibey but bouncey bop typa song 

(u didnt say imprints but im including them bc luv) 
- emily: soft acoustic stuff. i feel like she would prefer to listen to acoustic youtube covers of current radio stuff instead of the originals! 
- kim: she’s a classic teenage girl type with a classic teenage girl next door taste in music. taylor swift, girl groups like little mix and h4rmony (bye canoodle), beyonce and badgalri, ariana, selena, etc. she can totally get down to 90s girl groups as well. i also feel like she would like some of the new solo stuff from one d! especially niall and harry– their sounds right now are super cool and really indicative of how their individual voices and styles were kinda cramped by what music they had to make. i also feel like she would really love native talent trying to make their message heard through music. frank wain, a tribe called red, nataanii means, etc. i know from personal experience that it means so much for someone from un/mis/poorly represented culture to be putting themselves out there and representing their people and message. 
- rach: i feel like she would have a really huge appreciation and passion for music and the culture that surrounds it (particularly the streetwear portion of it). she totally went out and got at least three asap rocky x guess shirts ringer tees and some for paul (lucky bitch i couldnt get even a SHIRT smfh), she watched lemonade as a cinematic experience with the lights off and popcorn in hand once it came out on HBO, she went out and got herself some fentys, she’s up on the streetwear trends, she would get yeezys but shes sensible and would never buy them when shitheads resell them for like 700+) etc etc. that being said she has a huge appreciation for modern music and artists who push the envelope of it/regard it as an art form that can send a message to be taken seriously . frank ocean, beyonce, kanye, the1975, badgal, drake, calvin harris, ed sheeran, etc. she really has a fine appreciation for music and the culture that surrounds it more than anyone else in their circle. 

It’s like, over the last year and a bit, some Harries have forgotten that Niall KNOWS Harry. It’s like, in their vain attempt to pretend like 1D was never a thing, they’ve forgotten that it very much was and that not only did Niall live through it and in it, HARRY did too.

It’s like they’ve forgotten that Niall and Harry spent nearly every day for five years together – living with each other, travelling with each other, knowing each other. And now, whenever Niall says something about 1D – or *gasp* about Harry – they act like Niall doesn’t even know him. They act like Niall is just some random, like he’s an outsider who doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

And you know what? Maybe he doesn’t. Maybe 1D will actually never get back together, ever – and maybe he is talking complete shit. But how do THEY know that? (They don’t.)

How do they know that all four of them didn’t come to an agreement to revisit talking about it when they decided on the hiatus? How do they know that Niall and Harry (and Louis and Liam) never talked about how wild and crazy it was to have been in 1D and how success like that will probably never happen for them again? (Hence his latest comment. Psst, don’t hate him because he speaks the truth.)

These boys spent FIVE YEARS together, riding out their successfulness together – and here Harries are, acting like they know the boys have never talked about it? Acting like Niall’s just talking to hear himself talk? (And so what if he were? Why does it matter to them if they’re oh-so confident?)

Acting like Niall is some sort of evil mastermind who’s only purpose in life now is to bring Harry down by talking about 1D? LMAO. Come on. (But, hey- Maybe they’re right. Maybe Niall’s little leather bound book isn’t for his songs at all… Maybe it’s actually for plotting to ruin Harry’s career. Step One: This Town. Step Two: Slow Hands. Step Three: Works domination. [That would make quite the fic, y'all.])

Anyway, @ these Harries, here’s a tidbit of advice:

Niall is not the outsider here. YOU are. Stop acting like you know Harry better than anyone else, especially Niall. Because, as Niall has said, people may think that they know them, but he actually does. (And, yes, that includes Harry.)

Imagine - Niall Horan

Pedido:  “Faz um do Niall que eles passam a lua de mel em Veneza. Bem fofo e hot.”
Gente, procurem o nome do hotel no google e vejam as fotos… é maravilhoso, quero ir para lá REAL! Depois desse chilique, espero que gostem, mesmo, mesmo! Se quiserem uma continuação eu faço, serio! Amei demais escrever esse pedido…. Bacio!

Casados. Depois de cinco anos estávamos casados. Eu ainda não consigo acreditar. Eu ainda me lembro quando nos conhecemos no chalé do centro da cidade. Aquele lugar que servia o melhor cheesecake de chocolate com avelã; o clima do ambiente era sempre tranquilo com uma música suave; o chá que serviam no lugar, era o melhor de todos, tinha um “que” especial, único.
Niall e eu dividimos a mesa aquele dia, pois o lugar estava cheio e eu era a única sozinha em uma mesa. Ele foi todo fofo para pedir para sentar comigo e eu me derreti toda quando ele disse que eu havia sido a única pessoa simpática do lugar.
Como eu trabalho com gastronomia, e tinha um Instagram só para isso, tirei uma foto do meu pedido e compartilhei com o pessoal que me seguia. Niall estava estático me encarando.
- O que foi? – Perguntei sem jeito.
- É você? Claro que é você! Eu acompanho seus vlogs culinários, adoro! Queria ter o mesmo pique que você para tanta viagem. O que faz em Londres? Visitando?
- Ah! – Ri. – Não! Eu moro aqui! – Suspirei. – A mais de cinco anos.
Foi a vez de ele sorrir, e me dizer que também morava na cidade a pouco tempo. Engatamos uma conversa animada, e antes de irmos embora, Niall pediu meu celular.
E agora estamos aqui, a caminho da nossa lua de mel.
Chegamos ao Venice Marco Polo Airpot depois de duas horas e alguns minutos de viagem. Nossa estadia seria no Hotel Flora e levaríamos quarenta e cinco minutos até lá. Havíamos alugado um carro para que pudéssemos nos locomovermos sem muito estresse. Um cherry nos aguardava no estacionamento do Aeroporto junto com a papelada que seria de nossa responsabilidade e um cara com expressão brava.
- Está pronta, minha esposa? – Niall perguntou sorrindo.
- Sim, meu marido. – Me estiquei e dei um beijinho em seus lábios um pouco antes de seguirmos para o hotel.
A estrada estava tranquila e o GPS nos dava as coordenadas corretas.
No hotel, aguardavam por nós com uma recepção completa e nosso quarto tinha a melhor vista.
Eu estava escorada na janela, olhando a imensidão do hotel, quando Niall me abraçou, pondo sua cabeça em meu ombro e beijando meu pescoço.
- Obrigada! – E me virei para ele. – Nunca me imaginei vindo para Itália, ficando em um lugar lindo como esse, com uma pessoa que eu amo demais. – Disse olhando em seus olhos.
- Quando você começou a agradecer eu tinha uma resposta na ponta da língua, mas aí você disse que me amava e eu até me perdi. – Ele sorriu.
- Seu bobo. Eu te amo. Amo demais! – Niall sorriu e beijou meus lábios.
Um beijo carinhoso que fazia minhas persas ficarem bambas sempre! Desde o nosso primeiro beijo. Niall segurou meu rosto guiando meus movimentos e em passos perdidos, caímos sobre a cama do hotel.
- Eu te amo mais do que você pode imaginar. – Niall disse olhando em meus olhos antes de descer os beijos para meu pescoço.
As caricias de Niall no meu pescoço, deixariam marcas cruéis de esconder, mas eu não me importava. Eu era dele, e não ligava para o que as pessoas pudessem dizer. Dei impulso para retirar a camiseta de seu corpo e o mesmo se afastou para joga-la longe de nós.
Suavemente, escorreguei minhas unhas em suas costas fazendo com que ele suspirasse de prazer e passasse a se movimentar sobre o meu corpo mesmo que ainda de roupas.
Eu já sentia sua ereção e também me sentia molhada, como só ele podia me deixar.
Uma de suas mãos desceu pelo meio de nós dois e, colocando minha calcinha de lado, me acariciou lentamente, uma tortura para meu corpo.
- Hoje, eu quero te fazer minha, bem devagar. – As palavras sussurradas eu meu ouvido, fizeram com eu que fechasse os olhos e gemesse baixinho. – Eu sempre esqueço o que minha voz faz com você…
Os movimentos em minha intimidade passaram a ficar mais firmes, porém ainda eram lentos e quando Niall voltou a se dedicar nas marcas em meu pescoço eu gozei gemendo arrastado. Niall, desde a nossa primeira transa, deixou claro que eu sempre teria direito do máximo prazer que ele poderia me dar. E ele sempre conseguia.
Quando me recuperei, Niall já estava sem roupa e com a camisinha, de pé ao lado da cama. Com a maior sensualidade que eu consegui, tirei meu vestido, minha calcinha e meu sutiã. O chamei com meu dedo indicador, para que ele chegasse mais próximo da cama. Com minhas mãos o acariciei tão lento quanto no momento em que ele me dava prazer.
- Eu só não faço você me chupar todinho, por que eu quero gozar de outra maneira. – Meu ventre chegou a pressionar de excitação.
Deitada na cama, Niall se encaixou em mim me invadindo de uma vez só e com força, uma forma bruta que ele nunca havia utilizado comigo. Assim como tudo que havíamos feito até então, os movimentos de Niall eram lentos. Eu o sentia ir e vir soltando suspiros sôfregos.
- Niall… – Eu deixei escapar.
- (S/A)! Eu não sei por quanto tempo vou aguentar assim. – Ele falou entre dentes.
- Só… só mais um pouquinho. – Falei entre suspiros. – Eu… Niall… – Senti Niall apressar seus movimentos enquanto eu gozava violentamente fazendo com que meu corpo aprisionasse o dele.
Meu coração batia acelerado e minha respiração saia entrecortada. Niall caiu pesadamente ao meu lado na cama e sua respiração era mais alta que a minha.
- Minha, nossa! – Ele suspirou. – Você ainda vai acabar comigo!
Meu rosto corou e eu ri nervosa. Cinco anos de relacionamento e eu ainda não sabia lidar com a minha timidez quando Niall fazia algum comentário depois de uma transa nossa.
- Eu machuquei você? Sabe, naquela hora… – Niall sentou-se ao meu lado encarando meu rosto.
- Não. – Falei devagar.
- Fala a verdade, (S/A)! – Ele franziu a testa.
- Eu estou bem. Está tudo bem. - Acariciei seu rosto.
- ‘Tá. – Ele voltou a se deitar ao meu lado.
- Que tal, se a gente tomar um banho bem gostoso e ir passear por Veneza? – Perguntei me virando para ele.
- Só se você tomar banho comigo… – Ele mordeu minha bochecha e desmanchou a carranca sobre o assunto anterior.
- Só se você me levar na Praça de São Marcos… – Niall riu.
- Como você me convence rápido. – Ele riu e depois me pegou no colo para irmos para banheira tomar banho.