niall does the thing

I know it’s not a competition but niall being the most followed member of 1d is so hot, my man really earned his place in the music industry. Especially when you know he we like the last one direction member to reach a million followers. And what’s best about it is that he’s remained himself. He’s just working hard but he enjoys every bit of it. He’s so passionate and only tries to beat his own record. He’s so grateful for it all and never misses a chance to thank everyone. Do you know many artists who send personal letters to his fans, letters they actually took the time to write themselves? well niall does it. Another thing I love about him is the fact that he always promotes artists he loves to listen to. He always tweets them to tell them how he likes their new music. He knows how lucky he is and he’s always willing to help a friend. He knows what he wants to do and he’s doing it perfectly. He was born to do this.

I think with all the traveling I have done, I would have liked to have seen more of the world you know.. it’s no one’s fault but like- you’ve always spent a lot of time between cars, hotels, the cars, the venues then back to the hotel and then you know.. you’d have a couple of days off and sometimes there’d be that many people outside that you may not be able to leave the hotel or.. which sounds like.. you know.. it’s like.. ‘ohh!’ people always say to me- ‘ohh look you know.. you have this much and you are complaining about it’ but when it becomes a normality to be on the road and stuff like that.. you crave the smallest of like- just walking down the street which sounds really weird but like.. but uhh.. with all the travel I’ve done, I would like to see bit more so.. of the world.. so hopefully this time around I’d be able to see little more..

no one is here right now but let me just say this anyway…… some of y’all act like harry invented everything and will literally make fun of everyone who does things remotely similar to what he does - even on the most ridiculous things. niall put out the grid instagram layout and y’all are like “lol why is he trying to be harry” when 1. a lot of people on instagram has done that 2. harry were just posting 3 pictures in a row that’s not even the same thing as niall does. and there, the color scheme of liam’s solo project is pastel lilac and y’all are so quick to jump into the “why is he copying harry -_-” discourse. ummmm y’all out there praising harry for using the color pink but when another guy does the similar thing it’s suddenly forbidden. not to mention some of y’all are literally getting butthurt for niall and liam to promote their singles the same time harry is promoting his album. i love harry and am proud of his progress but no he did not invent these “aesthetic” nor invent promoting albums before summer times. and don’t try to come at me with “i didn’t see anyone saying these but ok” because i see them everywhere. when i make a post of the other boys i see them in the tags from the people who reblog it. i see them on my twitter timeline and i see them on my dashboard too. i see them in my bitter anon messages. and it’s just annoy the shit out of me.

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Niall......with sunflowers.....

It’s.. probably not what you wished for, but.. consider this:

louis doing the eyebrow thing

look at this fucker

he does it all the time 

annoyed lou

sassy lou

cute and fluffy omFg

in disbelief (and same tbh just look holy)

i mean look how cute he is

i cant be the only one who’s noticed?????????????


i mean




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