niall cuddle

Imagine cuddling with Niall.

His arms would wrap around you, either from behind in a spooning position or with you facing him (although sometimes you’re the big spoon, because you believe Niall is precious and deserves to be held).

The cuddling session is usually filled with sleepy giggles, Niall blowing raspberries on your neck because he’s a small child, and quiet talk about anything and everything.

“Want to buy a house out in the country,” he tells you one time.

Your hand curls around the back of his neck, fingers running through the longer hair there. “Yeah? What for?” You ask softly.

His eyes are closed when he answers. “For uh-” a stifled yawn interrupts him, “for gettin’ away from the city. To raise some kids away from the bustle, raise them properly. Maybe get a goat or something.”

It’s a nice dream. You quite like it. “Sounds good,” you drowsily murmur, pressing your head into his chest. His hand radiates warmth on your back, flowing through your entire body. “Whenever you want to house hunt, I’m ready.”

A sleepy chuckle rises in his theist. “Ya want to buy a house with me?”

“I would buy anything with you, Niall.” You admit softly, words muffled by his own shirt.

There’s silence between the two of you for a while, and it’s looking like this cuddle session might really become a nap session, which is totally fine with you. “Anythin’, huh?” Niall mutters in a wistful tone, almost to himself, like he expects you to be asleep.

“Mhm,” you reply, just on that soft edge of sleep. “A house or two, ‘cause we’re gonna have kids, and we can’t keep them in a one-room apartment and we have to have a place in the city for your work. Maybe a garden in the country home. That would be nice, yeah?” You’re rambling a bit, but that’s okay.

Niall hums deep in his throat. “How many kids do ya want?”

“I’m not sure.” You say, thinking it over. “At least two. I think it’ll feel right when we’re full. Get a dog, have the good family life.”

Niall’s quiet for a while, fingers brushing over your back thoughtfully. “You’ll marry me someday, yeah?”

Your heart flutters in your chest. This is not a proposal, you know. It’s just a simple question, one that even in your tired state makes you want to fire off a smart answer, but you don’t, because this is is serious. This is life. “Yeah. I’ll marry you someday.”

Niall breathes out a sigh of relief, before nestling his chin further into the top of your head, a small amount of tension you hadn’t noticed leaking out of him. “Good.”

Good indeed.

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If they're out, it won't just be them posting vids and pics of them. Imagine Lottie and the Tomlinsons finally having sounds on their vids whenever Harry's around, the pics Gemma would post of her and Louis with Anne saying it's a night out, and the other boys shitposting about them maybe while on tour!! Liam posting snaps of HL backstage or Niall posting cuddle pics. ALL THE GOOFY AND SWEET POSTS! and maybe, just maybe, H tweeting random quotes again, this time with Louis name with it.

Waking up after a drunken hook up with your best friend Harry

Or when your roommate Niall endlessly makes fun of you for hooking up with Harry while you freak out…

You roll over and immediately groan at the mounting pain in your head. Why the fuck did you drink all that last night? You open one eye, the other barely opens from the gobs of mascara you forgot to wash off the night before.

The phone next to you lights up with a notification, grabbing for it, you notice the time and groan again. You never get a good night’s sleep after drinking heavily, you’re dehydrated body woke you up at 6 a.m.

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“I love your cuddles”

well, what can i say? there are 58 of us and it’s making me very very happy so i just wanna say thank you again :D X

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Could you pls do a blurb where Niall gets annoyed at the fact one of the kids crawl into bed and destroy their cuddle 😂😂

Niall was just where he wanted to be after a tough day in the studio.  He had fallen into bed after a quick bite to eat of the leftovers you’d left in the refrigerator and cuddled into your back for some late night TV and a cuddle with the most gorgeous woman in the world.

He let out a content sigh, his eyes falling closed,

“Kids asleep?”

You giggled softly,

“It’s almost 11, Niall.  What do you think?”

“Oi…just askin’.”

You smiled, secretly loving it that Niall came home every night to ask inane questions.  He wasn’t around a whole lot these days with his new album about to launch.  And he felt really bad about leaving you home with three youngsters under the age of five.  It was his nice, yet subtle, way of letting you know he wasn’t disconnected from you and that he knew the importance of what you were doing.

He pushed himself up into your back even more,

“Careful there, Killer.  You’re gonna stick us together for good.”  You chided as you reached for the remote to turn the channel.

“So?”  He shot back without missing a beat, “Married ya didn’t I?  Bein’ stuck together is part o’the deal.”

He tried to push his cold feet between yours.

“Niall…your feet are cold!”  You hissed.

He nodded,

“I know, need ya to warm me up.  Can think of a couple o’ways t’get that accomplished.”

You giggled, just about to answer him when a tiny voice invaded the air of your bedroom,

“Mummy?”  Both of you lifted your heads to see your oldest child, five year old Sienna, standing in the doorway of your bedroom.  She was dangling her favorite stuffed animal out of her tiny fist that was currently almost all the way jammed into her mouth.

“What is it, Sweetness?”  You asked softly.

“Can I sleep in here with you?”

Niall let out a deep sigh.  Sure, he loved his kids.  He loved his kids more than he loved anything.  But this was the first quiet time the two of you had had in almost a month.  His plan was to cuddle you for a good 30 minutes and then have his way with you.  He lifted his head off the pillow,

“Somethin’ wrong, Angel?”

She shook her head,

“No.  Just wanna sleep in here.”

Niall started to shake his head just as you maneuvered yourself out of his arms and sat up,

“Sure, Baby.  C’mon in.”

Niall watched as Sienna happily hopped onto your bed and crawled in between the two of you to take the spot up against your body where he’d just been.  He rolled onto his back and pushed himself up onto his elbows as he stared over at the two of you.

You shot him a look, mouthing the words “What?” to him.  He shook his head and disentangled himself from your feet.  He let out a deep, dramatic sigh,

“Guess I’ll go finish me dinner.  No one needs me in here I suppose.”

Niall Horan - Wakes Up Sick - Imagine

[Sick Niall. :(  I’m sick, wish I had a Niall to cuddle with right now. Enjoy!]

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All the Love

Inspired [x]

They came out and said their thanks and bowed. Niall clung to Harry a bit tighter in the hug.

Harry likes it. He feels at home in Niall’s arms. Not that he is ever admit that.

Niall feels the same, not like he would say that to Harry though. Or to anyone… except for Louis. Which seemed to be a bad judgement call on his part.

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woah... a masterlist

these suck but what can ya do.
requests are open, make as many as you want here 

One Shots/AU’s:

  1. Horan’s Home for Teens
  2. A Trophy Father’s Trophy Son 


  1. niall & y/n are arguing and their child gets scared
  2. niall taking his daughter (to the first day of) school 
  3. “niall explaining to his little girl that his bedroom isnt haunted despite the moaning she hears at night lmfaooo”
  4. “where Niall and you spend a lot of the time there with his nephew and he loves & later tells you that he wants to try for a baby & finds out you don’t need to try anymore”
  5. “a day on holiday with niall?” 
  6. finding and reading nialls leather book 
  7. one where one is drunk and thinks the other is the fairy godmother and rambles on about the princess?
  8. going to a space museum with niall 
  9. “i know it’s 3 in the morning but i cant find the cat” 
  10. “where you use a safety word” 
  11.  scratching nialls car by accident 
  12. “is that my shirt?” 
  13. “ignore me i didnt see anything” 
  14. “go on i dare you” 
  15. wedding fluff 

Blurbs & Drabbles: 

  1. finding niall sitting outside on his guitar
  2. giving niall tummy kisses 
  3. cuddling niall when he comes home from hiatus 
  4. the little popsicle bandit 
  5. sweet & slow & sleepy (nsfw!!)
  6. bandaging niall’s blister 
  7. what do you mean your name isnt “dad” ?? 
  8. another one where you use a safe word (nsfw)
  9. best of wives and best of women

Imagine a casual Friday evening spent on the couch, a shirtless Niall cuddled close to you and a fuzzy blanket over your laps as a movie plays in the background. You’re actually close to dosing off, but right before you do, a hint of movement under the blanket startles you. Your eyes open wearily, but nothing happens, so you relax. Right when you’re nodding off, it moves again, a lump under the blanket. In that very instant, you realize it’s Niall’s hand, making its way over to assuredly tickle you.

“No!” You yelp out, lunging out and snatching his hand up. Niall starts chuckling, making a grab for you with his other hand, but by some miracle of god you manage to clasp that one too.

Not about to let Niall scramble free, you kick the blanket off and grasp both of his hands in one of yours, hauling yourself over his lap, straddling it.

With a raised brow, you stare down at him, all the while moving your free hand down to the exposed skin of his tummy. He’s vulnerable, and he knows it. Niall’s eyes widen and he twists under you. Somehow you stay on top of him and begin to tickle the soft skin of his stomach.

The effect is instantaneous, because Niall is extraordinarily ticklish, and you’ve gotten quiet good at it. Your fingertips dance along his skin while he snorts and laughs and giggles, all while trying to buck you off. It’s like trying to ride the mechanical bull at the fair, with the added influence of Niall trying to jerk his hands free.

Christ woman! You’re gonna kill me!” He gasps out, tears visible in the glassiness of his eyes. “Mercy, mercy! Please, I’m beggin’ ya!”

Deciding to be a good person, you stop tickling him and release his hands, though you remain on top of his lap, smirking down at him. Niall’s panting, pressing a hand to his chest, and his eyes are closed.

But when he looks back up at you, it’s good-naturedly, with a grin on his face. “I won,” you gloat, smirking still. This is unusual for you - you never win tickle fights like this. You’re lucky you caught him when you did, or this situation would be reversed.

“That you did,” Niall agrees easily, but there’s a gleam in his eyes. “I got a prize for ya for winnin’.”

You eye him wearily. “Yeah?”

His reply is smug. “Yeah, it’s in me pants.”

You gasp and smack his arm. “Niall Horan! You’re so gross,” you shame him even as you start to giggle.

Niall’s response is to simply tip his hips up, and you bite down on your lip as you feel the hard length of him pressing up into your core. You didn’t even notice he was getting hard…although you definitely know now.

“Yeah, well, you’re already up there, now aren’t ya love? Come get yer prize…”

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Writing prompt number 4 with Niall! :D

4. “Is that my shirt?”

Niall was in the shower, you were in the kitchen pouring popcorn into a bowl for a snack while you two watch a movie. The movie remained paused, Niall insisted that it be until he was done being squeaky clean. You tried to get as cozy as you could on the couch, but it wasn’t working how you wanted to since Niall was absent. You took a few pieces of popcorn in your mouth, bored and waiting. If Niall didn’t hurry up, the popcorn would be gone and the movie would have already started.

Just as you were about to call for him, tell him to hurry and come back because you missed him, he appeared, like a little ghost. He waltzed into the living room, sweat shorts coming to his knees and white socks on his ankles. You didn’t understand how some people could walk around their home in white clean socks, it made your skin crawl. He was wearing a shirt that was a little too big for him, but it was cute. It showed more of his collarbones and shoulders than his regular lazy shirts did. The design on the shirt made you squint, trying to recognize where you’ve seen it before.

“Ready?” Niall huffed as he settled on the couch. 

You kept looking at his shirt as he tried to settle in under his favorite fuzzy blanket. Now he was having trouble because you weren’t on top of him as you usually were. Niall lifted the blanket, inviting you to cuddle with him. He had a pout on his lips when he saw you looking at him funny.

“What’s wrong?” Niall asked.

“Is that my shirt?” You quizzed.

It indeed was. It was one of your favorite nightshirts to sleep in. It was unnecessarily big on you, hanging off your shoulders, coming mid thigh, swallowing your entire frame, insanely comfortable. Niall looked down at what he was wearing, pulling at the material on him to get a real look. He hummed.

“Sure, I just grabbed whatever.” Niall shrugged. You couldn’t lie, it looked good on him. Everything looked good on him, almost to the point where it was annoying.

“Why does it look better on you than it does on me?” You joked. Niall rolled his eyes.

“Oh please. It’s just an old shirt.” He laughed. He leaned up, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you into him to cuddle. Niall kissed your cheek. 

“My shirts look good on you, we look good in each others clothes.” Niall stated. 

He took the popcorn bowl out of your hands and sat it on the floor in both of your arms reach. He reached in and took a couple of pieces and shoved them in his mouth.

“What’re you waitin’ for, start the movie.” Niall motioned to the TV. You shook your head and chuckled, nuzzling closer to Niall and deeper in the blanket, pressing play on the remote and starting the movie.