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The Nilo/Nouiam masterpost we all deserve

Because I have a lot of feels about Nilo and I cannot believe not everyone screams about this OT3???

The rest under the cut because I got carried away with these menaces.

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So let’s say Harry’s a police officer. And at his police station, there’s a rather cute secretary girl who is in charge of organizing meetings, the filing system, and things of the such. They’ve known eachother for a while now, being in the same friend loop since she’d met Niall in college and he knew him even before college.

They’d gone out for drinks together, movie nights, eachother’s birthday parties– the whole shabam. They’re pretty close, to say the least.

And Harry has this crush on her that he can’t shake, but he’s too shy to ask her out. She’s really adorable, he finds. Kinda clumsy and really sweet. The kind of sweet where she brings him, Niall, Liam and Louis coffee almost every Friday as a gift for “keeping our streets free of psychopaths and, even worse, teenagers breaking curfew.”

And he sense that she might return his feeling because out of all the coffees she brings, his is always special. All of them are usually plain old black coffee, except for his. Sometimes he’ll taste hints of nutmeg and cinnamon. Sometimes vanilla chai. And in the winter, his favorite hot chocolate from the cafe down the street. She always puts in a little extra effort for him, without saying a word about it. It’s their own little secret.

And one Friday night, after getting of his shift, still in his uniform since he takes it home at the end of the work week to wash it, he decides to stop by his favorite farmer’s shop halfway home. It’s a dainty little shop run by a nice elderly woman named Rue, who always knows exactly what herbs and tea leaves he likes to buy. He’d decided to stop by because he was about to run out of chamomile and he knows she closes at 9 PM.

He pulls up to the store at 8:49, rushing in just as she’s starting to close down shop. But she’s too fond of him to send him back out so she rings him up while tutting at him over the brim of her bifocals.

Next to the little shop is a small pub– one he’s been to a handful of times with some friends. And as he’s walking out, someone else is too.

And sure enough, it’s Y/N, wrapped up in a long coat in a pair of uncomfortable looking heels with an empty expression on her pretty face. Harry had noticed she’d left earlier today than usual, but hadn’t paid much attention because it was non of his business.

But he can’t help but want to talk to her.

“Y'know, it’s kinda dangerous for a girl to be out and about all on her own so late at night.”

She turns to him startled, but then gives him a playful eye roll. “Oh, yeah. 9 PM on a Friday night is most definitely the witching hour.”

And basically she tells him that her and some girl friends had planned to go out tonight and have some fun bar hopping, but that she wasn’t really feeling it much anymore. “I was excited today when I left but for some reason, it just went away after one drink. And since Valery is the one in charge of getting us all home, i didn’t bring my car and so she has to stay, meaning I need a taxi.”

“Well, i can give you a ride.” Harry immediately volunteers, signaling his car by lifting his hand towards it, grocery bag bouncing from his wrist.

“That’d be amazing, Har. Thank you so much.”

Harry gives her a small smile, thanking the universe that it’s dark out so she can’t see him blushing at the use of “Har.”

And when they get to her apartment complex, she gives him a tiny smile over the rolled down window. “Do you wanna come in for something to eat? I’ve got Domino’s leftovers that are just screaming to be eaten.”

She claims it’s a thank you for the trip, and Harry doesn’t mind at all. His Friday night is going better than he expected. He can’t say how many times he’s dreamt of spending time with her alone, just the two of them, even if it’s something as simple as munching on veggie pizza.

They entertain themselves with leaning against her kitchen island and counter, across from eachother, chatting and somehow they end up messing around by picking off the veggie toppings and trying to get them into eachother’s mouths by tossing them.

The game is going swell until Harry misaims, a piece of green olive ending up on Y/N’s eyelashes.

“You did that on purpose!” She claims, chucking a piece of pineapple at his nose and laughing when it disorients him.

“No I didn’t! But you sure did.” Another olive ends up on the top of her cheek.

After a few more chucks of food, they’re a giggling mess, picking up stuff from the ground and sticking their tongues out at eachother playfully. Harry sees a slice of green bell pepper has ended up in her hair, alerting her.

“Hold on. You’ve got a little…here, I got it.” He untangles the food from her locks, scrunching his nose as he chucks it into the garbage bin.

“Thanks.” She smiles up at him softly, her eyes big and bright, probably from that one drink she’d had.

“Yeah, no problem. Saving the day is kinda what I do,” Harry taps his name tag, the words “Officer H. Styles” written into metal. “Not to brag or anything.”

Y/N rolls her eyes. “Yeah, okay. You’re definitely bragging now.”

“I mean, officer of the year is a pretty big deal. Especially since I’m the youngest.”

She gives her eyebrows a quirk, not noticing how much closer she’s gotten to him. “Really, now?”

But Harry notices. She’s so close that when he tilts his face down to look at her, his chin presses against the center of his collarbone. He gives his lips a cocky smirk, eyes flirting over her own tinted one’s and fighting the urge to surge forward and bite them. “Yep.”

“Well, Mr. Officer of The Year…You have anything else worth bragging about?” And now her fingers are playing at the clasp of his belt buckle and he feels like there’s fire lapping at his back.

Y/N looks down at her fingers, then back up at him, eyes questioning, wanting to make sure this was okay. Wanting to know he wants it too.

And, fuck, does he want it. “Sure do. Care for some visual evidence?”

And then he’s slamming her back against the kitchen island, her hands fiddling with his leather belt as one of his hands cradles her jaw to bring her lips to his, the other shoving down the front of her jeans and toying at her clit over her damp undies, a needy whine leaving his mouth as he feels one of her hands tug harshly at his freshly-trimmed curls.

She unbuttons his uniform shirt but begs him to keep it on, saying he looks incredibly hot in it.

“Y'gonna punish me, Officer Styles? I pelted you with food, after all. Isn’t that an act of aggression?”

“You’re into that?” He breathes out heavily into her mouth, biting her bottom lip roughly and grinning into the kiss when she let’s out a tiny whimper. “God, where have you been all my life?”

My Best Friend's Brother

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so i came up with the idea for this months ago but never got around to writing it but i’m so glad i finally did, i hope you enjoy x

Gemma and I had been best friends for years. We’d been through a lot together, and no matter what we had been there for each other. I moved to England five years ago to start pursuing my dream of becoming a singer, and when I meant Gemma on what seemed like a mere accident and we became such good friends, I knew we were meant to meet that day. She’s had my back through everything, like getting signed to my first record label just to be dropped months later, and helping me meet Harry and helping set things up so I could open for One Direction on their first tour. I basically have the boys and Gemma to thank for my success, though they always say it has nothing to do with them, but because of my talent and perseverance.

I always felt like I’ve owed Gemma all these years, so when Harry and Niall told me they wanted my help to plan a surprise party for her I accepted gladly. We started planning a month before because we wanted to make sure everything would go smoothly. Then, when the party date was a week and a half away, Harry invited me over to his place to go over everything.

“So, have you come up with what you’re going to say in order for her to show up?” I asked him, starting to stack up the many papers that were scattered all over Harry’s bed.

“Niall and I are going to tell her we bought this building for the record label we’re starting,” He explained, helping with the papers. “Then, we’ll invite her to come check out the space, and when she gets there she’ll see it’s really her party.”

“Ooh, good one,” I teased, earning a chuckle from him. “Do you think she’ll buy it?”

Harry sighed. “I hope so. It’s the only reason we could come up with.”

“Well, Mister Movie Actor, I’m sure you can sell it if you act all wide-eyed, passionate, and excited about it. I mean, that’s how you usually act whenever new projects come up.” I teased more.

Harry rolled his eyes playfully. “I do not get all… ‘wide-eyed’, alright?”

“Whatever you say.” I sang.

There were a couple papers left, and when I went to lean and pick them up Harry did the same, making it so our faces were very close. I stared into those green eyes I had come to love over the past few years, they still had the same glint in them as they did when we were a lot younger. Before I realized what was happening, Harry’s lips were on mine and he was hovering over me as I lay on his bed, his fingers interlocking with mine above my head. I’ve had feelings for him for as long as I could remember, but I never knew he felt the same. I just took his sweet and caring nature as him being the nice person he had always been, but apparently it was much more than that. I relished in the moment, enjoying the feeling and how fast my heart was beating, but it was short lived. I heard a gasp, and when I looked over at the door an extremely shocked Gemma came into view. When Harry saw her, he got up as quick as he could, getting off of his bed and fixing his hair nervously

“Gem, what are you doing here?” He asked his sister.

“I thought I’d come and surprise you with some lunch,” She said, holding up the brown bag she had in her hand. “But it looks like we were all in for a surprise.”

I sat up and fixed my shirt. “I swear this wasn’t exactly planned, I–”

“I don’t want to hear it, (y/n).” Gemma looked at me disgustedly. “I never in a million years would expect my so called 'best friend’ to go behind my back and try to get with my brother.”

I gave her a confused look. “That’s not what I did. We were just talking, and one thing led to another–”

“Ugh, that’s enough!” She interrupted me again. “You, of all people, know that I’ve dealt with girls in the past pretending to be friends with me to get to Harry, so why you would go and do the same is beyond me.”

“I’m not using you to get to Harry, you know me better than that!” I defended.

Gemma laughed sadly. “I’m not sure I really know you anymore. I thought you were my best friend, but all you are is a manipulating gold digger. Just like the rest of the girls who used me for my brother and his money.”

“Hey, that’s enough,” Harry said sternly, giving Gemma a disappointed look.

I scoffed. “First off, how dare you call me that! And second, why the hell would I use anyone for money when I’ve worked damn hard for my own? You, of all people, should know I would never take handouts or use other people to get what I want. I thought you were my best friend too, Gemma, but I guess I was wrong.”

Gemma’s look of disgust and hatred softened into a look of sadness and shame. “…I’m so sorry, I don’t know what’s gotten into me, I–”

“I don’t want to hear it,” I repeated her. “You’ve shown your true colors, and I’ve seen enough. Goodbye, Gemma.”

I stormed passed her out of the room, heading towards the door when I felt someone grab my arm.

“Please don’t leave, (y/n).” Harry pleaded. “Do you know how long I’ve waited for that to happen? I don’t want anything to ruin it.”

I sighed. “I’m sorry, Harry, but I have to go.” And with that, I left.

It had been days since I had spoken to Harry or Gemma. They both tried to contact me, even Niall texted me at least once everyday, but I couldn’t bring myself to answer any of them. I had always pictured the moment Harry and I would end up together, Gemma happy that he and I finally were a thing, and Niall excited for us to go on double dates with them both. When Gemma and Niall got together almost a year ago, I was so happy for them and supported it. But when Gemma blew up on me for almost being with Harry, I realized she wouldn’t do the same for me.

I was brought out of the trance I had come under when I heard someone knock on my door. Sighing, I got up and opened it, not expecting to see the person who was standing on the other side.

“Hey,” Harry smiled.

“What are you doing here?” I said quietly.

“May I come in?” He asked.

I tried my best to say no, but I couldn’t, so I stepped aside and let him in.

“So, um, the party’s tomorrow.” Harry started.

“And?” I countered.

He looked at me for a moment. “I was just going to ask if you were still coming.”

“Why would I?” I asked incredulously. “I know damn well if I showed up and Gemma walked in and saw me, she’d go off on me. Is that what you want to happen in front of everyone at her party?”

He sighed. “Look, I know how she acted toward you the last time you saw her was uncalled for, but she regrets what she said. She bawled her eyes out right after you left and begged me to try and work things out. You’d know that if you read my texts.”

I looked around and everything but him. He walked closer to me and I looked at the floor.

“Please, just, come tomorrow?” He tried.

“I dunno, Harry.” I mumbled.

He lifted my chin with his fingers so I was looking into his eyes. “Please?”

I, again, tried to say no but I couldn’t. I hated how he had this almost spell over me and I couldn’t say no to him if I tried.

“I’ll think about it, no guarantees though.” I managed to say. It was the closest I had ever gotten to not saying yes to him, though I knew I was still indirectly saying yes.

“Good,” He grinned, rubbing his thumb across my cheek. “It would mean a lot to us if you showed up.”

He looked at me, searching my face for something I wasn’t sure of, then started leaning in. Unlike the last time we kissed, I knew this was coming, so I didn’t hesitate to kiss him back. He pulled away after a while, resting his forehead on mine and keeping his eyes closed as he smiled.

“God, I’ve missed kissing you.” He whispered.

“So have I,” I grinned.

He opened his eyes and stared into mine. “Maybe you could be my date to the party, you know, if you decide to come.”

“We’ll see,” I winked at him, causing him to chuckle.

The day had come, and to say I was nervous was a huge understatement. I had performed in front of thousands upon thousands of people, but I wasn’t nearly as anxious as I was at this very moment. What if Harry just said that Gemma was sorry so I’d show up, and when I did she’d go off on me again? I was probably overthinking it, as always. But here I was, in my car parked outside of the building, too nervous to even get out. I checked my phone and it was 3:40, Gemma was supposed to get here at 4 and she was the type of person to show up early to everything. I finally got up enough courage to get out and walk into the building. I took a deep breath before I opened one of the double doors to the room and entered. There were lots of people in the room, most of which were already looking at me, and I realized it was because the one way windows in the room had a perfect view of the parking lot. I searched the room for Harry, and found him standing with Niall and Louis and a few of their friends by the food table. I walked over to them, Harry engulfing me in a hug as soon as I reached them.

“You look beautiful,” He said into my ear, smiling at me as he pulled away.

“Thanks,” I returned his smile. He stood next to me, Niall and Louis hugging me too.

I looked at the people standing around us. “Where’s Liam?”

“He couldn’t come, as he’s out of town.” Louis told me.

“But he told us to party for him,” Niall spoke up.

“I was beginning to think you weren’t going to show.” Harry said.

“Now, I couldn’t let my date down, could I?” I joked.

“Finally!” Niall said, throwing his hands up, a big smile on his face. “I’ve been waiting ages for this moment.”

Louis chuckled. “You and everyone else.”

Niall and Louis started talking to the other people standing around, Niall going on about the double dates we’d go on.

“Thank you, by the way,” Harry turned towards me. “Gem will really appreciate you being here.”

“She might, but I mostly came here for you.” I told him.

His eyes lit up as he smirked and leaned in to kiss me lightly, Niall and Louis awing at us.

We laughed as Harry came back to my side and Niall and Louis joined us again.

“So, did you guys stick with the record label story?” I asked them.

“Yeah,” Niall answered. “I’m still surprised she bought it, to be honest.”

“Well, I did a pretty good job of convincing her, if I do say so myself.” Harry joked, earning laughs from us all.

“Did you to the wide-eyed passionate bit?” I poked.

“I might’ve tried it,” He mumbled.

“No wonder she believed it!” Niall said.

“I don’t do that normally!” Harry tried.

“Right,” I drawled out.

We were interrupted when someone called out that Gemma had pulled up.

“Alright, let’s all be quiet so she doesn’t hear us.” Harry announced.

The room fell silent as we saw Gemma walk towards the door from the windows, then heard the door open.

“Harry? Niall?” Gemma called out from the hall.

“In here, love!” Niall called out, and everyone got ready.

As the door opened we all yelled surprise, Gemma’s jaw all but dropping to the floor.

“I knew it!” She said as she pointed at Harry and Niall, then hugged her friends that had walked up to her.

She said hi to the people that came up to her, then eventually made her way over to us. Niall wrapped his arms around her and kissed her forehead.

“I had a feeling you were going to do this, but my brother used his acting skills to convince me otherwise.” Gemma smiled, pulling away and hugging Harry.

“Sorry, I did what I had to.” Harry said as she pulled away and looked at me, her smile starting to fade and she came over and hugged me tightly.

“I’m so sorry, (y/n). I was such a bitch to you and you didn’t deserve it. It was awful of me to call you those names and accuse you of things you would never dream of doing. Please forgive me.” Gemma sounded like she was about to cry.

I hugged her back just as tightly. “I forgive you. I was so scared you still hated me and were going to tell me to leave or something once you saw me here.”

She pulled away and looked at me. “I could never hate you. I was just pissed, but once you left that day I was a wreck. I couldn’t bear the thought of not having you as my best friend anymore.”

“Who said I ever stopped?” I smiled, Gemma returning it and hugging me again.

“Alright, save some love for me,” Harry joked.

Gemma pulled away as she looked at us both in shock. “You guys are actually together now? We finally get to go on double dates!”

“That’s what I was saying,” Niall chuckled.

Harry laughed as he put his arm around me. “Well, she came as my date, so I guess we’ll see how it goes.”

“Ha ha. You’re so funny,” I teased him.

“Well, I’m going to make my way around. I’m really glad you came, (y/n).” Gemma said.

“Yeah, I am too.” I told her.

Gemma patted Harry’s arm. “Treat her right, baby brother.”

“That I will.” Harry said proudly.

Gemma and Niall walked away to talk to the rest of the guests, leaving Harry and I alone.

Harry grabbed my hands and I turned towards him. “So, as lovely as this is, I think a proper date is in order, yeah?”

I laughed as I nodded. “That would be great.”

Harry grinned as he lifted my chin up and kissed me again.

ahh how cute was that ending!!! if you have any ideas for imagines you’d like me to write then go ahead and request them, my requests are always open x

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Hello can I request a one shot please? If yes then... "Niall can read minds and Harry can't stop thinking how pretty he is AU" xxxx

I come alive when I hear your voice 

Niall goes to London’s School for the Gifted because he can read minds, and Harry’s a boy with a literal heart of gold. 

[A/N: I need to take a minute to apologize profusely for how long this took. It took me way too long to be able to get this written. I hope the quality makes up for it. Happy reading :)]


The voices are but a murmur as he walks through the corridors; unspoken thoughts, whispered in the back of his mind. Managing them is easy enough these days. Had somebody asked him a year ago, however, what it was like to be a ‘mind reader’, he’d probably have told them it was absolute torture. Having a busy mind of his own is one thing, but having his mind crowded with other people’s thoughts tended to give him a headache on most days.

It’s why his da agreed to homeschool him for his 10th year. It’s why, when he was given the opportunity to attend London’s School for the Gifted by the headmaster, himself, Mr. Cowell, who promised he’d help Niall ‘craft’ his 'gift’, he decided to take the offer. 

Now, managing those thoughts that don’t belong to him is like second nature. 

Jade needs a coffee if she’s going to make it through her next class.

Liam’s thinking about asking Sophia for a second (third) chance; he’s been thinking about it for a while now though, to be fair.

Sophia wants Liam to ask her.

Perrie wishes Zayn would get his shit together before his inconsistencies ruin their relationship.

Zayn loves Perrie, but he isn’t sure if he’s in love with her anymore.

Louis wishes Eleanor would at least take his calls.

And then there’s Harry.

Harry, who thinks Niall has the 'best face’.

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Niall has one of the cutest Fans, really. I love those Tweets towards him, where they write that he should take care, not forgetting to drink water, resting enough and eating right, etc ... That is so cute, I really hope Niall reads those Tweets from time to time. Really adorable :)

we really care about his health and well being :)) lol

au where narry are career music video extras and meet constantly on different sets and fall in love over a series big crowd dance scenes. they get kicked off of shoots for inappropriately touching and yelled at for being off in their own little bubble of love instead of doing as directed. and then harry gets picked up, finally, by a record label and his very first single is an adorable love song where the music video is a montage of other people’s videos, zoomed in on wherever he and niall were.


Okay so I’m typing this on my 12 hour drive back home today. And let me just first say it was fucking worth it. Wow. Okay so everyone in Baltimore pretty much is LARRY AF, and it was amazing! So many great LARRY signs and they kept showing them on the big screens. They showed happyyyydays He got the dagger sign and I texted her Freaking out!!! They also showed “I’d song LOUIS- HS”!! Also the change from WWA age range and OTRA was huge there weren’t as many younger fans this time around I mean there were a lot but it was mostly older people which was great to see! My seats were right at the edge of the end of the catwalk. So the boys come on and I was dying literally I saw Liam’s hair and was literally screeching about it. Like all my dreams had come true curly Mohawk Liam, @God what did I do to deserve this? Then I saw Louis…THE FUCKKKNG TANKTOP!! He literally looked so good! Already he looked happy and smiley and I was ready for it. Harry’s hair is so beautiful and listen as a stylist I’m allowed to drool over their hair okay? Nialler had on ripped jeans that made me wanna cry and his Irish accent is something I’ll never get over. Lilo off the bat was playful and talking while the other boys sang. The faces Louis kept making at him had me cracking up. I actually Posted some of them they literally describe Lilo in a photo. The first time they came to the end of the catwalk I thought I was gonna pass out. They are literally perfect. I was lucky enough to have Louis standing right on my side and he was so smiley and happy!!! He kept waving to everyone and giggling and he’s so freaking adorable I don’t think you guys understand. Okay so during little things I have a video I’m gonna put it up. Lilo was filling up water guns and squirting fans and then started squirting Niall while he was playing and he wasn’t pleased he got up and moved and Liam and Louis just started laughing at him and being the little shits they are moved on to other water gun victims. It’s so cute seeing them interact that way Louis has found himself a new partner in crime and that makes me happy. I need to talk about the harmonies and riffs next because WOW JUST WOWWOW! These boys are incredible. Their vocal ranges and control had me astounded. They play with note changes and they switch up harmonies and they sound amazing! I couldn’t believe how flawlessly their vocals all fit together they really proved that they can handle this and it made me even more excited than I already was for this fifth album. Okay so Harry and the cookies…dear god I love this boy so much my heart just swells when he starts to speak and he no doubt steals the show with his dimples grin and the fact that he gives no fucks. Him yelling at everyone why they didn’t bring cookies and then pretending like he was gonna sit there and eat them all was so cute! And then returning the freaking container, I mean only Harry Styles… Okay during little white lies there was a Lilo centric water fight! Right by me!! I was dying they were singing and squirting each other while singing. They started to walk down the catwalk and Louis took a bottle of water and just drenched Liam apparently the water guns weren’t doing him justice, you didn’t see me complaining. Liam got him back though a few minutes later Louis wet in a white TANKTOP….BLESSSS. Then they refilled the guns and this is when they squirted Harry. Liam got him right as he was walking back down the catwalk and Louis got him once too. The look Harry made was priceless! He was just like you little shits. Riveting stuff honestly. Okay boyfriends:Louis sang to HARRY during 18, seeing the fond in person is fuck is there words? I have a Larry centric video I’ll post that soon too! Liam thanked fans for all they had done for No Control Project and Drag Me Down! Louis slayed No Control and hearing him belt that out in a stadium of 60,000 people was a religious experience. I’m so proud of our boy it’s beyond words. We also got a next to you during What Makes You Beautiful and Harry kept playing armsies with Louis I was like damn you guys aren’t subtle I love it! It was cute I’ll get that up soon! Okay LIAM READING LARRY SIGNS. I was holding my own sign that said “I’m slowly being seduced by your curls-Lt” and I was watching Liam walk down the catwalk. He immediately first one he read was “investigate Wellington- what does that mean?” The crowd went crazy the sound was deafening! Then he read one about him pulling a prank on Louis. Then he read “I noticed Harry’s six pack was trending” and again everyone lost their minds! It was incredible, Dark Larrie Liam coming through for us once again. When does he get his Demon Larrie status? The last Lilo water fight was during best song ever, Louis chased Liam down the catwalk pouring water all over him of course and they were both soaked because Liam retaliated. Harry danced with a rainbow feather boa, Liam put that hat on Louis, Niall danced his little Irish jig to act my age. Oh and Harry’s solo runs at the end of Drag Me Down!!!!! JESUS CHRIST. HE WAS BORN TO SING THOSE RUNS. He slays and they were right there by me singing it and it was phenomenal. Okay I’m sure I forgot some stuff but overall the boys were happy and cute and giggly and playful and it made me incredibly happy as well. Harry is a special person his little dancing and his speeches and calling out men in the audience, I mean who doesn’t love him? Louis is so much energy and passion and playfulness packed right into one human being. I was reminded why I was a Louis girl last night big time. My baby Lime he was perfection, he just dances to his own tune and encourages Louis to be a little shit and I’m on board with that. His vocals are absolutely stunning and everyone deserves to hear them live. Nialler I mean wow, I’ve always known the boy had pipes but oh man did I hear them last night. Anytime Niall had a solo he would kill it effortlessly and the crowd would lose their minds for him. He got the loudest cheers it was insane he was so appreciated last night! You go Nialler!!! I had an amazing time and can’t wait Til the next time around. I’m stuck for life anyways! xx

so in the beginning of october i hit my first goal of 5k (i can’t believe that i am now more than halfway to 6k omfg) and just to show how thankful i am for all of my wonderful followers, i am making this follow forever of all my mutuals and some other favorite non-mutuals! i love you all so much :)

also, i am very sorry ahead of time if i skip anyone! if i skipped you, i am so very sorry and i love you dearly!

also another note: there were many blogs that changed their urls but didn’t post a redirect page or anything so i had to take them out. if we are in a mutual and you don’t see your url listed, let me know and i will add you immediately! 

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Best Of The Larry Moments

This one is really cute bc Harry turns and sees Louis looking at him like he is the fucking sun

And this is equally as cute bc Harry has this intense look on his face like “you are the love of my life” kind of look

Im not even gonna start with this one. There is so much love in both of their eyes. It makes me want to set myself on fire

I can imagine them cuddling on the couch and Louis brushes the fringe away from his boyfriends eyes like someone hold me

It’s like in every fanfic “Louis scanned Harry’s body up and down’‘ 

Boyfriends, your gay is showing!

Dont talk to me dont look at me dont touch me. Louis is being an adorable protective boyfriend and Harry is like ’'Im scarred Louis help me.”

You can FEEL the sexual tension 

The fond in his eyes in unbearably cute

There are no words 

Louis mouth forms a cute little smile and Harry is being so sweet and I just.

Ew no! a stranger is about to touch me- Oh, its just the boyfriend.