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Love That Last

I was so excited! I got to see my best friend for the first time in two months. I smiled down at my carry on. I chuckled to myself Niall was going to totally freak out about me coming to see him. I mean I scraped together a lot of money to come and visit him in Italy, which he will probably kill me over because he ‘could have paid for it’. I walked out of the airport and hailed a taxi or cab or whatever they call them here. 

“Where to miss?” The Italian drive asked me and I rattled off the name of Niall’s hotel. I was so excited after all it had been forever. We pulled up to my hotel and I handed the driver my money. 

“Keep the change.” I said as a swiftly exited the car. I exhaled I was so excited for this. I pulled out my phone and began to drag my carryon with me. I dialed the oh so familiar number.


“Hey Ni, what are you doing right now?” I asked as I entered the lobby. 

“Sitting in my room.”

“Oh that sounds fun.” I said sarcastically. 

I knew that Niall had rolled his eyes. “Just loads. What’s up?”

“Not  much just got to my place.” I said which wasn’t a lie I was at the my place for the next few nights. I walked up to the clerk and handed over my papers. The women nodded at me and began to type  my information into her computer. I pulled my credit card out and slid it to her and she smiled gratefully at me before retrieving it.

“It’s really loud,” Niall stated.

“Yeah neighbors are throwing another party.”

“Y/N you can always call the po-”

“It’s fine Ni.” I said as the women handed me a recite and my paper work along with my card back to me. I quickly signed the receipt and gave it to her. She slid me my key card and motioned to the number on the paper covering I nodded at her. and mouthed 'thank you’. Before turning and walking to the elevators.

“Listen Ni I have an idea since we are both bored.”

“Great what is it?”

“I’ll call you back in ten minutes sound good?” I hung up quickly and shoved my iPhone into my pocket. I punched the third floor button to head to my room. When the elevator doors dinged I ran out and booked it to my room as fast as I could. 

“325….327….329….331 this is it.” I said out loud to myself and swiped my key card through. I dragged my carry on into the room and quickly. Thought about how I was actually going to surprise Niall without him catching on. I retrieved my phone from my pocket and  I quickly dialed Niall back.

“Y/N.” Niall said immediately.

I chuckled. “Ni.”

“What is this so called idea you have?”

“Okay I’m at the store and I’m going to pick something out and you have to guess what it is.”

“Y/N this is kinda stupid.”

 I rolled my at him, “I don’t care. You are going to go to the lobby and into the gift shop and do the same. Call me back when you get there. ” I quickly hung up this was going to be so good.I chuckled at myself I mean this was pretty ridiculous. I heard my phone ring and noticed that it was Niall.

“That was fast.” I said.

“Yeah, yeah. Okay boss what are my instructions?”

I grabbed my card key and walked out of my hotel room towards the elevator and decided that the stairs were a better choice. I quickly made my way down the flights. “Easy pick something out that reminds you of me.”

“Okay…” Niall responded as he trailed off. Which meant that he was really thinking about it. 

I reached the lobby level and took a deep breath and made my way to the gift shop. I spotted Niall wearing his Cowboy snapback along with a white t-shirt and jeans. I smiled a little at my best friend. 

Niall spoke again, “Alright. Now what?" 

"Describe it.” I said before putting my phone on mute. When I entered the shop Niall didn’t notice me which almost caused me to laugh. He was staring at a postcard and I couldn’t see what was on it. 

“It's….cute in a way…and is tender at times…” Niall said.

What in the hell was he looking at I wondered as he stared at it. 

“Oh really”, I said out loud as I walked up behind him. 

“Yeah….” Niall must not have noticed that I didn’t use the phone. 

I peered around him and it was a picture of apes. “Oh my god! NIALL!” I exclaimed. 

Which resulted in him tensing up. I realized that he thought I was a crazed fan who wanted a picture and an autograph.

Niall turned and faced me. “Do you want a pic-Y/N?” Niall said surprised.

“Ni….” I glared at him playfully.

He began to scratch the back of his neck awkwardly. 

“Apes? Really Niall?”

“It was that or male gladiators.”

I chuckled at him. “I don’t even want to know why either of those things remind you of me.”

Niall hugged me tightly and I felt his chest vibrate as he laughed at my response.

“What are you doing here?”

“I came to surprise you goofy!” I said cheerfully.

“Well you got me alright.." 

"Good to hear.” I said smiling. 

“Come on let’s go to my room.” Niall said and we quickly exited the shop and headed up to Niall’s room. When we arrived at Niall’s we both flopped onto his bed. 

“So…does Matt know you’re here?” Niall asked.

I sighed. “Actually yes." 

Niall looked a little disappointed. You see Matt was a 'bad boy’ at least at my school and we dated, I dumped him before coming to see Niall, for like two months. He treated my pretty bad, not one of those he beat the crap out of me, more like an exhausting fighting and ignoring relationships. Truth was after my boyfriend of two and a half years cheated on me I dated crap guys like Matt knowing that nothing good would ever come of it which really set Niall’s teeth on the edge.

"Why do you put up with him?” Niall said as he ran a hand threw my hair.

“I don’t anymore. We broke up.”

“I’m sorry Y/N.” Niall said as he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer to him so we were now basically laying on top of each other.

“Don’t be. I dumped him. I already knew that it wasn’t going to work out. So no harm and no foul.” I said smiling up to his face.

“Why did you date him then?" 

"It’s a girl thing Ni-”

“Well  I think that it is completely ridicules." 

I rolled my eyes at him as I played with the ends of his t-shirt. "After all i have gone through with guys Niall. Picking a guy and knowing his faults is better than picking one who hides his faults." 

I could tell that something was up with Niall. "You okay?” I asked him.

“No. No I am not. I just don’t understand if some guy broke your heart why would you go after an even worse guy?”


“You always go after the bad guy. I get it you don’t want to put your heart out there but how do you know that the best guy for you is waiting for just that?”

I sat up and stared down at Niall, “What is that supposed to mean?”

“It means that you have closed yourself off so much that you can’t see that maybe the person you should give a chance is right in front  of you.”

I was totally lost. What does any of what he is saying mean? “I’m lost Niall.”

“Never mind forget it.” Niall said as he got off the bed and walked to the window.

“No I will not forget it. Explain!” I said. I just couldn’t figure out what I was  supposed to understand.

“Your that dense?" 

I was slightly taken aback form Niall words. "Yes Ni I am so explain.”

“You date all these guys with terrible reputations or some supposed good guy who turns out to be a real jerk. Yet you won’t date the one person who has always put you above everything? Y/N that’s pretty messed up if you ask me.”


“No,” Niall said as he began to pace in front of me. “I know you have been hurt and what Luke did really hurt you and that’s why you date guys like Matt. But there are good guys who would never do any of those things to you. I-”

“What are you getting at Niall?” My hands began to sweat I realized that this whole time Niall had been talking about himself.

“I’m saying is why haven’t you picked me? Jesus Y/N. You’ve got to know that I have always had feelings for you.”

“Ni-” I started but was cut off by Niall’s sharp look which clearly said 'if you interrupt I will make you pay’ so I shut my mouth.

“God Y/N how have you never noticed that I  have been in love with you all of this time. Why do you think I don’t date other girls even when they throw themselves at me.”

“I-” I was speechless to say the least, Niall Horan, thee Niall Horan was in love with me. Also the same Niall Horan who just happened to be my best friend.

“You know what forget it jus-” Niall stopped and looked at me before quickly walking to me and grab the nape of my neck and crashed his lips  onto mine. His hands entangled themselves into my hair and  I wound mine around his neck pulling him down to my height. The way our lips moved together rhythmically was enchanting in itself. I felt as if electricity ran threw my entire body for just this one sensation. When Niall pulled away we were both breathing heavily. Niall stepped back and shoved his hands into his pocket.

“I-” I had no words, at least nothing coherent.

“Y/N…” Niall seemed unsure of what to due next so he began to turn on his heel.

“Why now Niall? Why wait until now?”

He sighed,“ I don’t know Y/N. You never seemed to see me like that so I just kept it to myself.”

“But…” I closed my eyes remembering the taste of him. “I did Ni. Maybe that’s why I went after those guys. Because I knew that  it would drive you crazy and that it   might make you tell me the truth.”

“Y/N…” Niall said as if he was warning me.

“No, it makes sense.’

We both stared at each other for a long while. Our friendship just got a whole lot more complicated. 

"Y/N no more hiding the truth.”

“I agree Ni. But I am terrified what if I am not good enough? Or smart enough? Or pretty enough Or-”

I was cut off with Niall kissing me. 

“You will always be all of those things to me.” Niall said.

I sighed and let my guard completely down. “What if you break my heart just like Luke?” I whispered ashamed of my thought.

Niall grabbed my chin and forced me to look into his eyes. “Listen to me Y/N I would never EVER do anything like that to you. You are my heart and I will do anything I can to protect you. I will break my heart before I ever break yours. So don’t you ever compare me to that scum I am nothing like him. You come first in my book princess you always have.” He wiped the pad of his thumb across my cheek.

“I believe you Ni.”

“Good princess because I don’t know how else to convince you that I won’t break your he-”

I grabbed the front of Niall’s shirt and brought his face down far enough to kiss him.

“I believe you Ni. I will always believe you.” I said before drowning myself in the wonderful being that was my best friend and now boyfriend.


Vlogging Series: Backstage With Niall
 "Hello, everybody! So, so sorry but I’ve just realized that I haven’t blogged at all today and I apologize for how brief this video will be. We were just having the most difficult time getting situated at the boys’ venue and this whole situation came up that I, quite frankly, don’t want to think about at the moment because if I do, I’ll most likely hurt my head… Let’s just change the subject. I’m actually with some lovely Niall girls right now. Say hi, guys,“ you encouraged as you turned with your camera in hand, to show the group of girls that had crowded earlier behind you.
"Hi!” Their multiple voices chorused together, their excitement causing you to laugh into your camera’s lens.
“Are you having a fun time tonight, ladies?” You called out with a convincing nod.
“Yes,” came a cheer of random answers before they started cheering and shouting just to settle back down.
“Yay! Good to hear,” you smiled before turning to your original spot, “I love meeting One Direction fans. They’re so sweet… Anyways, I’m just helping Niall get a little bit more organized before he has to go on stage a little later on. He’s pretty messy when it comes to carrying around the gifts you guys give him, so he often requires my help whenever he meets some of you lovely ladies. Right, Niall?”
“Hm,” Niall hummed as he finished a signature and looked up,“hm, what’s up?”
“Just say yes,” you shook your head, keeping your camera as stable as you could as to not nauseate your viewers.
“Yes,” Niall followed your instruction with a single nod, “are you vlogging?”
“You bet your bottom dollar. You wanna give us your best pose?” You inquired with a smile as Niall took a small step back from you before he quickly pursed his lips and wiggled his eyebrows at you.
“How’s this?” He asked as he continued posing in silly manners.
“Lovely,” you laughed as you stood completely still, capturing Niall’s odd facial expressions.
“Yeah? Do you reckon I could be a supermodel?” Niall questioned as his gaze was suddenly drawn to another fan asking for an autograph. Once Niall finished the last signature, he turned back to you with a smile.
“Well? Is modeling in my future?” Niall urged, sarcastically.
“Most definitely,” you smiled and nodded as you filmed Niall. You were sure your viewers would like to see a fresh face every once in a while.
“Yeah?” Niall raised his eyebrows in surprise as somebody quickly rushed to his side to get him wired.
“Oh, yeah. Loving the hat, by the way,” you commented just as Niall looked down to observe what the assistant was doing.
“This old thing?” Niall laughed as he looked back up at you.
“Oh, wait! I didn’t even notice your sweet tiara,” you briskly noted, trying to catch another glimpse of the silver headpiece set on the brim of Niall’s hat.
“Oh,” Niall rapidly bowed his head for you to get a perfect shot of the piece of jewelry set on his hat.
“I love it,” you nodded as you stood on your toes to show your viewers Niall’s hat.
“Yeah? Ya think I’ve started a new trend?” Came Niall’s muffled questions.
“Yeah. Yeah, maybe we can call it,” you trailed off as your index finger gently coaxed Niall’s chin back up out of the most likely uncomfortable position, “what can we call it?”
“Crowning,” Niall suggested with a nod of his head before his assistant announced that he would need to run on stage.
“Eh, not too fond of it but get it trending, guys!” You turned your camera to focus on you, noticing you didn’t have much time to come up with a better name with Niall.
“Yeah, hashtag crowning,” Niall laughed before kissing your cheek, waving to your camera and heading on stage.
“Alright, well, I’m going to watch the show but I’ll make sure to vlog a few songs for you guys. I would really love to see your crowning pictures, though. So, most definitely go take pictures with crowns on your hats and post it with the hashtag crowning! I’ll retweet my favorite ones and I’ll tell Niall to do so, too. Alright? … Alright! Love you and I’ll see you very soon! Bye!” You waved into your camera lens before finishing the recording.

Preference #08 Red Carpet Appearence


Since you had been Niall’s girlfriend for some time now, he thought he would bring you along to their album release red carpet. You both had only been out in public together a few times, but Niall was ready to announce it to the world. 

You spent all day getting your hair, makeup, and nails done by professionals. You wanted tonight to be perfect and you were really excited about the event. You changed into you gown and as you were looking in the mirror smoothing out the dress, you felt two strong arms wrap around your waist. “You look so beautiful” he breathed out into your ear. You blushed at his words and turned around to face him, “You don’t look to bad yourself, Mr.Horan” you cracked a small laugh and he spun you around. “I wasn’t going to bring you if I thought you were going to upstage me, babe” he laughed and you playfully smacked his arm. 

When it was time to leave, you and Niall locked the door to your flat and got into the awaiting limo. Harry, Liam, and Sophia were already in the limo and they all turned to greet the both of you. After the driver picked up the rest of the boys and their dates, you made your way to the location of the red carpet. The limo ride there was filled with noise, laughs, cheers, and champagne. Soon later you pulled up and the driver opened up the door, Niall squeezed your hand, “Ready?” he said. You nodded and braced yourself for pure craziness. Just as you were getting out of the limo you could already hear the fans screams and cameras flashing. You looked to Niall and he gave you a reassuring smile. You took his hand and he wrapped his arm around your back as you slowly made the walk down the carpet. You stopped for several pictures and allowed Niall to stop for autographs. A little less than halfway through the carpet you were stopped for an interview, knowing Niall, he would never say no. The first thing that came out of the interviewers mouth was “May I ask who this beautiful lady on your arm tonight is?”, Niall smiled and looked down to you. “This is Y/N my lovely girlfriend, she came out to support me and the lads tonight!”, he couldn’t keep himself from smiling but all you did was nod and shed a small smile. “You hear that everyone!? Niall Horan is officially off of the market! Sorry ladies!” the interviewer then turned to you saying it was very nice to meet you and such. You both thanked her for the interview and continued making you way down the carpet. This night was turning out to be really fun, and you would do anything to support Niall. 



The boys’ new movie was set to open in a few days and along with movie premier events, there’s also red carpets to be attended. Liam wanted to bring you since it would be your first one ever. 

The ride to the event was nerve wracking, you didn’t know what to expect. As you pulled up you could already hear the screams and chants, making you a bit more nervous.  Liam took your hand and told you not to worry and that he would be with you the whole night. You smiled and gave him a kiss before the driver came around to open the door. You braced yourself for the pure craziness as Liam stepped out and held his hand out for you. You took his hand and as you emerged from the car the screams grew louder. “Were they really cheering for you?” you thought to yourself but said nothing. Liam smiled and waved, so you did the same. You both stopped for several pictures and interviews. There was even one lady who only wanted to talk to you, not even Liam. Liam knew you would enjoy getting some attention and he was glad it was off of him for a little bit. As you were about to enter the building he wrapped his arm around you and whispered in your ear, “You were amazing, everyone loves you, and you’re so beautiful”, he kissed the side of your head and you blushed. You definitely were hoping you would have the chance to attend more events like these.



You, Louis, the rest of the boys, and their girlfriends were all in LA for the MTV Music Awards. You were excited to go because this would be your first time ever attending an awards show. The lights, the people, the music…you were just looking forward to it all. 

Before you could go to the awards, you and the rest of the girls took the day to get ready. Getting hair done by Lou and your makeup as well. The boys were in a separate room so they hadn’t seen you or the rest of the girls in your dresses yet. As soon as Louis walked into the room he could’t take his eyes off of you. He stood speechless. “You look absolutely stunning” he said as he made his way over to you. You blushed at his words and smiled, turning so he could see the rest of the dress. 

When all of you finally left the hotel room to go to the awards, you could sense the nervousness in the limo. The boys were up for multiple awards tonight and they were really hoping on winning. When you arrived, the carpet was already packed. Everyone was trying to snap pictures of the boys and every once in a while you guys would stop for an autograph or quick interview. The boys’ security ushered you guys inside to escape the crowds and before you knew it, the show was getting ready to start. It was now to the “Best Group” category, and the boys were nominated. The boys sat their nervously awaiting the results, “And the winner for Best Group IS….ONE DIRECTION!” the announcement rang throughout the building and the boys jumped up and cheered. Louis leaned down to give you a kiss, “You must be my good luck charm, I’ll have to bring you to more events like this” he said cheekily. You laughed at his words but were glad that he brought you along. You hoped to be apart of more events like this, because you were truly so proud of him and all his accomplishments.



Harry was always getting invited to red carpet events, you had no idea why because most weren’t even music related, but you were happy to accompany him. You always found it fun to get dressed up and have on your best hair/makeup. Tonights event was a Hollywood red carpet and since you were staying at Harry’s LA flat for the week, you both decided to go. You didn’t really find it as being a big deal, you’ve been to these kinds of things before with Harry, for his music awards and album releases. 

When you and Harry arrived, it was exactly what you expected; chaos. Screaming fans, bright flashes, obnoxious paparazzi, and loads of interviewers. Even though you had been to these events before you still were shy, keeping close to Harry the whole time. The paparazzi were going crazy trying to take pictures of the both of you, some even saying rude remarks to you. Harry held you closer and you could tell he was getting angry. “Let’s go babe” Harry said as he pulled you away from all the negativity and towards the building. “This is the reason I hate going out in public..from now on we should just stay home. I’d much rather enjoy a cuddle with you instead” he mumbled as you walked into the gala. You nodded in agreement. From now on you and Harry would avoid red carpets at all costs.



The red carpet for the American Music Award was filled with celebrities, noise, and laughter. It was such a fun atmosphere to be apart of. You and Zayn walked arm and arm down the carpet, taking in the scenery and different celebs that walked past. You were star struck 50% of the time as you saw some of your favorite artists, actors, and actresses that were in attendance. The whole night Zayn kept whispering to you how good you looked, and how beautiful you were. You loved how sweet he was to you. When the category the boys were nominated for was up next, everyone was anxiously awaiting the results and when the boys were called onstage you immediately jumped up and gave Zayn a kiss. You stood in awe as they accepted the award for “Best Album of 2014”. You couldn’t believe how far they had come and you were so proud of all of them, but especially Zayn. You wanted to be there for him whenever he needed you because you knew he would do the same for you.


It was hard to come up with ideas for these ones! (and Zayn’s is kind of short!) 

#3 Shopping with him:


It’s been 2 hours that you two were walking on the little streets of Cannes in which many luxury shops were piled up. Louis forced you to get out of the hotel room in which you’d have liked to sleep all day long, the eve you still were in South America and you were exhausted. Some branded bags were hanging to his arms.

-And this? Don’t you like it? Said Louis, showing you a necklace in a window shop.

Your eyes made their way to the price which was really high cost.

-Louis, are you kidding? Look at the price, it’s crazy!

-It’s not as if we couldn’t buy it. (Y/N) it has been months that you refuse every gifts from me.

-You bought me an apartment in Nothing Hill for my birthday, it’s the biggest gift I ever had, I don’t know if you realise it! I don’t want you to buy me some expensives stuffs, I don’t want you to think that I take advantange of your money.

Louis stopped walking, hopefully the street was almost deserted, some looks would have turned to us because of his sudden reaction.

-I would never think this (Y/N).

My gaze dropped and I hugged him. He kissed my forehead.

-I love you (Y/N). He whispered in my ear.

-I love you too.


-You’re alright? Said Liam behind the cab’s curtain.

I was looking at my reflect in the huge mirror, the only things that I saw was defects, my body was awful in the dress I had just put on. Liam was persuade that this dress will perfectly fit me, but actually I felt like I was about to cry.

-I…the dress doesn’t fit me at all, don’t you want to bring me some tee-shirts please?

-(Y/N) it’s always the same, I’m sure that you look awesome in that dress.

-No Liam.

He opened brutally the curtain and closed it directly when he was in the cabin with me. I was half naked in front of him, having started to put the dress off.

-Don’t move.

He put the straps on my shoulders and zipped the closure in my back, he stayed behind me, his tall figure reflected in the mirror. He pulled my hair in my back and kissed my cheek.

-You’re gorgeous as always honey. I don’t understand why you said that this dress don’t fit you.

-I don’t like my body Liam.

-You’re really beautiful as you are, I love you, and your tinny curves, but if you don’t feel comfortable in it, I’m not gonna force you to buy it.

I turned on my tiptoes and looked him in the eyes.

-Can we go back home?

-Sure sweetheart. He said, kissing my forehead.


-Do you see something that we can bring home or to (Y/BFF/N)? said Zayn.

-Hmm…there’re some Mickey’s ears there but it’s not so original.

-We’ll find something, there’re still some stores to do.

You saw some baby dolls with effigy of some Disney’s princesses, you took the Pocahontas one.

-Pocahontas is the favorite princess of your niece right? I said, showing the doll to Zayn.

-I believe, yes, she watchs this cartoon twice a day.

-I take it for her.

He smiled to me and put Minnie’s ears on my head. I bought much more things that I had planned to: pencils and others useless things, a plush for my best friend and a mug for my mum and Zayn’s mum.

-You finished your purchases? He said, insisting to carry my bags.

-Yes, we can go to the airport, it’s 5:20 pm already, I don’t want to miss the plane.

I kissed his cheek softly and  he passed a hand in my back, walking towards the hotel where we left our luggages to come back home, London.


-You don’t want anything else?


-What? (Y/N) it’s your birthday, I can buy you everything you want.

-I know but I want EVERYTHING in this store.

I rummaged in a radius of the store where were aligned many vintage jeans, I took one and I went in the cabin to try it. I get out of the cab few minutes later and put the jean on my shopping basket. I started to walk towards the supermarket checkout but Niall grabbed my wrist slightly.


-No, it’s ok, I’ve got everything that I needed.

-3 articles?

-It’s fine babe.

I kissed him softly on the lips and I felt him smirk, he took my hand and we walked towards the checkout to pay our purchases. We were in the line when a small voice rose behind us, it was a teenager, around 13 years old.

-Excuse me, you are Niall Horan right?

-It’s me!

-Can I take a picture with you? Just one.

-Of course.

-You maybe want me to take the picture? I asked.

-It would be nice, thanks. She said smiling.

I grabbed her phone and took a few pictures, she insisted to take a picture with me and Niall autographed one of the tee-shirts she just bought. Once in the car, Niall put his arm on my thigh.

-I love you. He said.

-I love you too, I’ll always love you.


-Maternity clothes don’t fit me at all. I said, stroking my belly.

-You’ll be gorgeous, tomorrow in the morning every tabloids will say it.

-Tabloids are only gonna tell that I’m a fatty woman.

-(Y/N) you’re five months pregnant!

I had an hour left to find a dress for the tonight’s charity event. Harry unzipped the closure in my back and helped me to take off my dress and handed me an other one, a long black dress with a plunging neckline.

-You’re beautiful, kitten.

I always felt embarassed when he complimented me.


The dressmaker came in the little dressing and came to see if the dress didn’t need retouching.

-This dress fit you perfectly ma'ame. And congratulations. She said, looking at my baby bump.

I smiled and Harry came by my sides, his big hands searching something in the back pocket of his black skinny jean.

-How much do I owe you?

The dressmaker indicated the amount to pay and a few minutes later we were out of the luxury store, the dress will be deliver at our hotel room in the afternoon. We decided to have a walk along Monaco’s beach.

-Why do you always want to pay everything Styles?

-Because I’m a fucking gentleman and I know that you hate it. He smirked.

I punched him slightly the shoulder, making him giggle.