niall at nandos

Being friends with Niall would include:

-       Getting Nandos at midnight

-       Food fights

-       Cooking large quantities of food

-       Him keeping the leftovers in the freezer so he can have home cooked meals all week

-       Him coming over and taking you for a walk when you can’t sleep

-       Dancing to tradition Irish songs in your underwear

-       Road trips

-       Teaching you guitar

-       Hikes

-       Him not letting you leave his apartment after midnight so you have to sleep over

-       Spooning

-       Finding weird shows to binge watch

-       Getting drunk in Irish pubs

-       Him trying on your high heels when getting drunk

-       Getting a dollar every time you catch him fart

-       Kicking him when he snores

-       Playing guitar hero

-       Duets of Disney songs

-       Him getting shy when you go shopping in Victoria’s Secret

-       Going with him for cloths fittings because he likes your opinion

-       Cuddling by the fire drinking cheap wine

-       Taking cute selfies

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Closed || Angel & Louis


Louis and the other boys were back in England. They made a short tour break and visited her families. Today Niall and Louis were in the shopping center in Westfield. The wanted to buy some new clothes. Louis wore just  skinny jeans a black shirt and some of his favorite vans and of course a snap back. Niall suggested to go to Nandos for lunch. Both were at the check and Louis looked around an saw this girl. She stood a bit behind them both. She looked cute but he dared not to talk to her. It wasn’t easy for him to knew new girl because of One Direction. He tried to get some eye contact with her and if she looked in his direction a small smile came over his lips. 

Okay but does anyone remember back in like 2013 when 1D was at their prime and literally EVERY SINGLE fanfiction about one direction included Carrots, Spoons, Play boy Harry, Super vain Zayn, and Niall ALWAYS eating nandos, because for some reason that was literally all we really truly knew about them. Do you remember?!! Those were such simpler times!