niall at nandos

Being friends with Niall would include:

-       Getting Nandos at midnight

-       Food fights

-       Cooking large quantities of food

-       Him keeping the leftovers in the freezer so he can have home cooked meals all week

-       Him coming over and taking you for a walk when you can’t sleep

-       Dancing to tradition Irish songs in your underwear

-       Road trips

-       Teaching you guitar

-       Hikes

-       Him not letting you leave his apartment after midnight so you have to sleep over

-       Spooning

-       Finding weird shows to binge watch

-       Getting drunk in Irish pubs

-       Him trying on your high heels when getting drunk

-       Getting a dollar every time you catch him fart

-       Kicking him when he snores

-       Playing guitar hero

-       Duets of Disney songs

-       Him getting shy when you go shopping in Victoria’s Secret

-       Going with him for cloths fittings because he likes your opinion

-       Cuddling by the fire drinking cheap wine

-       Taking cute selfies

not my gif

Ziall Masterpost

Zayn is so in love with Niall, and he never misses an opportunity to stare at his blue-eyed angel

he rushes about trying to look through Louis, who covers an overview and doesn’t allow him to enjoy his baby

 with how admiration he looks at him

and with desire

he’s just staring at Niall while Louis talking to the interviewer 

God, it’s driving me crazy…. the way he looks at Niall

Heart eyes *0* 

fetus Ziall where Zayn is sooo in love 

It is a beautiful sight when Zayn Malik sings . But even more beautiful when Zayn Malik sings for the love of his life. His singing becomes much more sensual  


he blinks at all?
completely stuck…oh, love love love :) 

looking at him and mouthed “it’s you” …

I love when he first looks at him, admiring him, and then starts laughing. He loves him, and Niall makes him the happiest man in the world

a few pics where Zayn can’t control himself. not during the interview or during a concert, and even during a photoshoot 

why are you so happy Zaynie?
do you like what you see?

you see how he looks at him … ah, no comment

please stop 

he looks at him and the same time trying to catch his eye

and he did it ! Niall looks back *-*

well, maybe Niall not so often fond of his boyfriend, but sometimes he so sticking to his Greek God

no matter how OFTEN,  it is important HOW he looks at him

with a look of adoration 

sometimes, he literally freezes with mouth open and stares at him

like here 


oh God

the way he looks at him, and then looks at his lips

look at that sunshine, as he looks at his boyfriend while Zayn talked about him  

and finally, let’s see how they look at each other.
how lovingly and smilingly

they love each other, deal with it :) 

Old fan fics be like

Liam: *watches toy story for the millionth time*
Harry: *listen to Ed Sheeran and straightens hair*
Louis *plays footballs and always lets you win*
Zayn: *draws you*
Niall: *eats Nandos*