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hello! i was wondering if you knew of any fics where one or both of them are vampires, but not a fic where it's a sexualized thing? idk how to really explain it, but the ones i always find are mostly smut, or it's all sexualized, and i kinda of want a good story? thank you so much!! i love all your fics recs, you're absolutely amazing!! <3

Heya love ! You’re right, most of the  Vampire fics are very smutty !

I don’t read a lot of supernatural fics tough so I can’t rec you fics, but I made a little search on AO3, and I think you should take a look at :

- domestic monsters(Series of 9 fics, 230k in total) : (Harry is a witch who carries around a stuffed pumpkin, Louis is a vampire with too much time on his hands, and their best mates Zayn & Niall aren’t exactly what they seem…)

- and just one mistake is all it will take  : Harry is a vampire. Louis is a human with hemophilia. They are both oblivious to these things, even though they’ve lived with each other nearly a year. They find out and things will never be the same again. (7k)

- this time i´m not leaving without you  : “Louis… I-I need to leave.” The silence in the room is incredibly thick, Louis stares at him in confusion as he opens his mouth slightly. “Leave?” “Yeah Lou, leave.” Louis’ bottom lip starts to tremble at that. “But… but why?” “Because it´s too dangerous, I can´t be here once I´ve turned 20.” He tries to explain as calmly as possible but of course Louis isn´t buying it.or harry is a vampire. louis is a human. they grow up together and become best friends. things go wrong when harry leaves for three years and is the only one who will be able to fix it when he returns. (15k)

- A Real Boy : Harry is a college student who is forced to live with his dad in Portland. Louis is a vampire, who’s in Portland to catch a hunter. They meet, drama ensues, they fall in love and this is their story.OrThe not so Twilight fic where Harry falls hopelessly in love with vampire Louis Tomlinson . (30k)


Capital STB 2017: Niall Horan “Can’t wait” to see his mate Harry Styles in Dunkirk!

Break-up Novella.



I’m not 100% on this specific part of the Break-Up Novella bit I felt like I needed a filler part in between Parts 3 and 5. I promise you, Part 5 will be filled and it’ll be better and we’ll see their relationship really get better. There may or may not be a cheeky smut scene at the end, as well as the cutest scene I think I’ve ever written in my life. 

I’m really iffy on this part, so, I apologise in the horrendous flow. I really tried to work through it, I can promise you, haha. Chances are, I will come back to this a really re-do it to fit the novella properly. I lost all inspiration for this section and I’m so unsure as to why. I think I’ve just been SO excited to write the final part because I hate it when the missus and Harry fight because I just love them and I’m rooting for them SO hard… :(((

Enjoy! xx

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Hey I love your writing! Can I please have a Niall imagine where you get into a bad fight and he walks out and comes back later when he's calm down to find you in the bathroom crying holding something of his? Kind of specific I'm sorry!! 💖

~1,527 words


“God (Y/N) i just want to go out with the lads for a beer. Get off my back!” He snapped at you while he stomped out of the bedroom and down the hall. Jumping off the bed you followed him.

“Get off your back?! Niall, you’ve gone out for a beer every night this week and the last. You’re at the studio all fucking day and you come home late. I just want one night with you!” He didn’t even react to your words as he went to the closet and pulled out his jacket and boots. “Are you fucking listening? Sometimes I feel like you don’t care anymore. You stopped texting me during the day, and stopped saying goodbye in the mornings. You haven’t even said ‘I love You’ since last saturday.” Tears threatened to fall from your eyes as you watched him slip his boots on his feet. You hate fighting and you hate acting this clingy but it felt like he wasn’t even in love with you anymore.

Niall finally made eye contact with you, anger was present in his blue eyes. The way he looked at you made your heart drop to your stomach. “Maybe I go out all the time because you’re so goddamn needy. You constantly want my attention. And I have other things to worry about then saying I love you.”  He pulled his hat onto his head, “Don’t bother waiting up. I might even just crash at Bressie’s house.” His voice had no hint of emotion, turning on his heel he left without another word.

You stood, frozen, staring at the closed front door. You’ve been dating for two years and this was the first fight where you actually felt like he was going to leave you. Even when he was pissed he would still say he loves you, but the look in his eyes made you feel as though that love was gone. Niall did have a loose tongue and would say things he didn’t mean but the words he just said seemed like they were from his heart.

The tears you tried to hold back now fell freely from your eyes, drenching your cheeks. Your feet absent mindedly carried you back to the bedroom and into the walk in closet where you found his favorite sweater. The cream colored fabric still smelled like his cologne and body wash. Taking the sweater into the bathroom you closed the door and sank down to the cool tile floor where you then let all your emotions out. Heavy sobs racked through your body as you hid your face in Niall’s sweater, desperate to feel close to the man you loved; even though it was starting to feel like that love wasn’t mutual.


“You good mate?” Deo asked Niall while he nudged his shoulder, “You’ve been zoning in out all night.”

“It’s just- I’m fine.” He responded taking another sip of his Guinnes. His anger and frustration had worn off a while ago and the gravity of what he said, and didn’t say, was just now hitting him. Guilt filled his stomach the more he realized you were right.

“What did you do, Horan?” Another one of the lads asked, all of his friends eyes were on him now.

“I had a fight with (Y/N) before I left and I was a dick.”

“What was it about?” Bressie asked.

“She wanted me ta stay home tonight and watch a movie. She was also upset that I’ve been going out a lot and haven’t really spent time with her.”

“You have been going out a lot though and you’re living in the studio. Why didn’t ya just stay home?” Deo pointed out.

“I- I don’t know, I’m just stressed that the album isn’t gonna be that good and I just wanted a beer. I’m an ass okay, now I wish I just stayed home. Wouldn’t be surprised if I go home and find that all her stuff is gone.” The last sentence almost brought tears to his eyes, he had to bite his lip to prevent himself from crying in front of his friends.

“Why don’t ya just go home, man.”

Niall took a deep breath to ward of his tears before nodding and grabbing his hat off the table, “Bye guys.” He said standing up and leaving without waiting for a response. His boots tapped on the pavement as he made his way to the range rover, telling the fans that he couldn’t stop for pictures. The whole drive back to the house he tried to piece together an apology, he stopped at a gas station and got a bouquet of flowers and all your favorite types of candy. He knew that the flowers and candy would do little to make up for the way he has been acting but it was worth a shot.

When he pulled into the driveway he sighed in relief to see your car still parked but as he looked into the windows he saw that all the lights were off. “Shit.” He muttered under his breath thinking that maybe you got one of your friends to pick you up.

He slowly came into the home and toed off his boots listening for any sign that you were still in the house. Niall had never been so happy to still see your shoes lying on the floor, it was one of his pet peeves that you didn’t put them away on the rack in the closet. He didn’t hear the tv in the den or in the bedroom, it was still fairly early in the evening so he doubted that you had gone to sleep. Wondering around the house he called out for you, “(Y/N)?! Petal, where are ya? I’m sorry I’m such an ass.”

You were still in the bathroom crying, the fight had happened two hours ago but you were still upset. Everytime your tears would slow you’d think about the words Niall said to you and you were right back to sobbing. His sweater was soaked with tears at this point, probably another thing that would make Niall mad at you.

Niall had given up on trying to find you, he walked into the bedroom dropping the bag of candy and flowers on the bed with a huff. He went to go into the bathroom but when he turned the knob and open the door the last thing he expected to see was you sitting on the floor crying with his sweater held tightly in your hands.

Your hair was messily hanging out of your ponytail,  your face was red and blotchy, and your eyelids swollen from crying so much. “Babe..” Niall sighed sinking down to the floor next to you. His presents made you jump, looking up at him you let out a choked sob. All you wanted to do was jump into his arms and hold onto him but he told you you were needy so you stayed where you were.

“Come here princess.” He said sadly pulling you into his chest and rubbing your back. Tears soaked into his shirt but he didn’t care, “I’m so fucking sorry my love. I didn’t mean anything I said. You’re not needy or clingy and nothing is more important than you. I’ve just been really stressed and I didn’t want to burden you with it so I’d just go out.”

“Then why di-d you say that?” You said into his chest, your breath hitched as you tried to talk.

Niall’s heart broke as he heard your voice, “Because I’m stupid and ya know that. I’ve been struggling to get the album together and today was particularly rough, I took that frustration out on you and I’m really sorry about that.”

The two of you sat on the bathroom floor for a good ten minutes before you finally looked up at him, he smiled down at you sadly before pressing a gentle kiss to your forehead. “Do ya forgive me?” Niall asked.

“Yeah,” You answered. “Do you forgive me?”

“There’s nothing for me to forgive darlin’, ya did nothing wrong. You were right, I wasn’t spending enough time with you. So tomorrow we’re gonna go out for dinner and a movie then I want ya to tag along to the studio with me. Sound good?”

You nodded cuddling closer into his chest. “Why did ya take my sweater?” He asked. You blushed not wanting to tell him but you did anyway.

“I-I just wanted to feel a close to you.” You responded, your cheeks even redder now. Your answer made Niall realize just how much you missed him and it made him feel like shit.

“I’m sorry love.” He whispered into your hair. “Why don’t we go lay on bed instead of sitting on the hard tile. I also got ya all your favorite candy and some flowers.” You chuckled at his thoughtfulness and the fact that he got you candy and flowers to apologize.

Niall helped you stand and led you by your hand into the bedroom where you both stuffed your face with candy while you just enjoyed each other’s company.

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Do you have any good fics that involve a bet like soft hands one?

oh that’s a good one !! (warning : i haven’t read them all !)

- Soft Hands, Fast Feet, Can’t Lose  , by @haydolce : American Uni AU. Harry Styles is a frat boy football star from the wealthy Styles Family athletic dynasty. A celebrity among football fans, he knows how to play, he knows how to party, and he knows how to fuck (all of which is well known among his legion of admirers). Louis Tomlinson is a student and an athlete, but his similarities to Harry end there. Intelligent, focused, independent, and completely uninterested in Harry’s charms, Louis is an anomaly in a world ruled by football. A bet about the pair, who might be more similar than they originally thought, brings them together. Shakespeare, ballet, Disney, football, library chats, running, accidental spooning, Daredevil and Domino’s Pizza all blend into one big friendship Frappucino, but who will win in the end?   (112k, M)

- Play the Odds , by @alivingfire : Harry and Louis are best friends since childhood who, after a night of drinking, find themselves locked in a bet: first one to kiss the other a thousand times wins. Wins what? They don’t know. Glory, Harry supposes. Bragging rights, though those don’t do much in this economy. All Harry knows is that this is one bet he can finally win. What he doesn’t expect, though, is what happens when he starts kissing his best friend on a daily basis. Namely, he doesn’t expect falling head over heels in love with his best friend. Now all he has to do is make sure the bet never ends, so he never has to stop kissing Louis. (25k, M)

- Is This Seat Taken? , by Lainy122  : Louis makes a bet with Zayn that he can sneak into a music awards event without getting caught, and when he ends up posing as a seat-filling member of staff he runs into superstar Harry Styles and sparks fly.  Que the music. (35k, E)

- The Way You Make Me Feel , by  orphan_account “You couldn’t last a damn day without trying to sleep with me.”“I can last a whole fucking week,” Harry says, rising to Louis’ challenge.“Wanna make a bet on that, Styles?”“You’re on,” Harry grins.Or, Disney AU where Louis and Harry try not to fuck in public places. (7k, E)

- all we do is drive,  by justaboat : It doesn’t make sense, the way Louis can have such an effect on him. From one look, or one stupid bet, Harry’s now street racing, apparently. He hates it. Doesn’t know how to control it, every time he sees Louis looking at him - it comes like an impulse. Without a second thought. No rhyme or real reason to it. He’s just Louis. (46k, E)     

- Dangerous Liaisons,  by  IWillSingWithYou    Niall is the master of deceit and Harry is the master of seduction. Louis is just a very strong willed male model who happens to be straight. When Niall tells Harry he wouldn’t be able to seduce Louis, the bet is on, but Niall’s schemes are hard to avoid. (42k, M)  

- DJ Got the Floor to Shake, by  fauvistfly :  AU in which Harry and Louis are interns at Radio 1. Louis is assigned to Greg, and Harry is assigned to Nick. They have a friendly, competitive relationship that also happens to be charged with sexual tension. Of course Greg and Nick have to make a bet about where these two will be caught in a compromising position because two interns with this much chemistry? It’s inevitable.  (11k, E)

- More than a bet  , by larrysbitchx     :     “I bet you my signed Manchester United jersey, and drinks on me for the rest of the year if you can make him fall in love with you and then dump his arse in a week” Stan said, smirking afterwards and quirking an eyebrow at Louis who was sitting there feeling himself shift in his seat.Or the one where Louis makes a bet to date the art freak, Harry Styles, for a week and dump him. But what happens when he ends up falling hard for him? (13k, E)

- Long Nights, Hard Times , by  drunktuesdays  :     He didn’t offer further explanation, because “I’m in a no-sex bet” would probably cause more questions than it would answer. (4k, E)

- The Coffee Factorby indierection (amandamoraisa) :  The one where Harry’s a musician hired to play ballads on The Coffee Factor and so, so nice that it’s infuriating. Louis, manager of the establishment, also known as the Grinch who stole Valentine’s, kinda of hates the singer’s guts. A bet set between the pair might be the only way to draw them together. (11k, T)

- Please Break My Heart, by  tomlinbum  :  Louis has been wanting to get the shy, nerdy Harry Styles in his bed ever since the first time he’s laid eyes on him. He makes a bet with his mate, Niall, that he can succeed in getting Harry in bed with him before the month is up. Can Louis get Harry to have sex with him or will it be a bit more difficult than intended? (20k, M)

I know we always talk about how the boys protect Niall and how much they love him but I feel like we really underestimate the love and support Niall gives to his band mates; to his brother.

Niall is always the one who hugs them when they cry, who comforts them and more importantly he’s the one who stands up for them when anything makes them uncomfortable.

He hugged Harry so hard when he cried in that one interview when he had felt so uncomfortable by the question the interviewer was making. He made sure Harry was alright when he got sick. He made sure to hug Harry hard when they got third place on the X-Factor and he’s done so so much more.

He always make sure to cheer Louis up when he’s mad or uncomfortable. He’s silly and happy around him to make sure Louis stays silly and happy. He laughed so hard when Louis’ voice cracked in that one concert during Moments but then made sure Louis wasn’t upset. He looks up to him so much and he’s always there for him,too.

With Liam he’s always been so soft and gentle. He play fights and tumbles with him all the time but he’s so gentle and careful whenever Liam is upset. The concert right after March 25th Liam had been visibly upset and crying and Niall had walked right over and hugged him from behind until he was sure Liam was okay. When Liam was insecure about anything Niall would make sure he gained his confidence and made sure to have everyone pay attention to Liam so that he wouldn’t feel left out.

When it came to Zayn, their relationship was one of mutual protection. They always made sure the other was fine and happy and smiling and if they weren’t they would take it upon themselves to change that. Niall was the one person that made sure to get Zayn heard. He made sure everyone around them knew he was there and that he shouldn’t be left out. There was one time in the Italy Midnight Memories interview where they’d asked what they loved as kids and Zayn was shy to admit that he had loved the Power Rangers as a kid and I remember him telling Niall as much and Niall making sure that the person interviewing them would pay enough attention to Zayn so that he could say his piece.

He’s the same with every single one of them. He loves them so much and he’s always there to bring comfort to his boys; every single one of them and I think that’s so important.

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Mmmm I'm here for lumberjack Louis...

Anon, I’m really happy to hear that because let me tell you both @taggiecb and I are stoked about it. Don’t be fooled by all the amnesia/blind Louis fic talk, Lumberjack Louis is my priority now and if you like angst I promise you’ll be in for a treat. I feel like all of you don’t really grasp how painful it is going to be so let me paint you a picture. Are you ready? Here you go.

This is Louis. He lives in “Middle of Nowhere” Canada as a Lumberjack. He’s a 34 years old man who practically lives like a recluse in a cabin he built with his own hands 15 years ago. If it wasn’t for a weekly movie night with his childhood friends that he’s forced to attend, he would have turned into a caveman years ago. He can go days without talking to anyone but his beloved horse Jasper and that is just as well. He likes his peace and quiet, thank you very much.

 Louis hasn’t always been like that. Losing Teddy turned him that way. No matter what his mates say, no matter what Niall - Teddy’s brother- say, there’s no moving on after this. They were supposed to be in love forever. Teddy was supposed to be there forever. And now he’s left with a hole in his heart in the shape of his late husband.  

Louis only has his memories. And the pictures on the walls. And Teddy’s plaid shirts in the closet that stopped smelling like him a long time ago, Louis slept in them so much. It barely hurts anymore to look at Teddy’s guitars on the wall with all the maths signs engraved on them, symbolising key moments of their relationship. “+” for when they got married, “x” for when they decided to have children, he doesn’t want to think about the one with a  “-”or a “÷”.

Niall keeps asking Louis to empty the closet. That it can’t be good for Louis to live like this. Niall would know better, he’s Ed’s brother, He’s more of a Sheeran than Louis he says to shake Louis out of his slumber.

Niall can fuck himself for all Louis cares. This is the house he built for himself and Teddy when Teddy was in college, studying for becoming a veterinarian, Louis will damn do what he wants in his home.

On his way back from a long day of Lumberjacking, Louis stumbles upon a trespasser, camping in his woods. Louis can’t have that.

The trespasser ends up hurting his ankle, trying to gather his things hastily. He happens to be named Harry, which Louis learns rather quickly since the man doesn’t stop talking all the way to Louis’ home perched on Jasper’s back. He also learns Harry is the new temp principal of the local High school, where all Louis’ mates happen to work.

The trespasser -Harry- is everything Louis despises. Chatty, clearly comes from a big city, chatty, enthusiastic, chatty, never built roots anywhere, chatty.

Niall suggests Harry stays in Louis’ home until his ankle is healed since he doesn’t have a place to stay.

Niall thinks it’s a great idea. Louis seriously considers depriving the world of another Sheeran.

Bonus pic: The Sheeran clan for their last new year’s party together.

#23-Past Abuse (Harry)

Request: Can you do a preference where he finds out you were abused in a past relationship

A/N: If there is the possibility of this triggering you, please don’t read this. This is not meant to romanticized abuse in any way. 

Warning: descriptions of abuse, crying, a nightmare.

You’d woken up that morning, haunted by a dream you’d had that night. It was him, it was always him. He would raise his hand, and bring it down across your face, or he would connect his foot with your ribs. He would squeeze your upper arms or wrists to the point where you thought that your bones would give. You’d try and stay silent, but small whimpers would escape your lips.

“Good morning, love,” Harry said, from behind you. You jumped slightly, before turning and smiling at him.

“Good morning, Harry,” You murmured, walking over to him. He put his arms around you, and you repressed a shiver at the feeling of his touch.

“How are you this morning?” Harry inquired.

“How are you?” You deflected, hoping that he wouldn’t pay attention to the deflection.

“I’m alright, love,” Harry quietly said. “Wondering if you would like to come to lunch with the boys  and I soon?”

“Yeah, that sounds great,” You murmured, giving him a slight smile. You went upstairs to get dressed, showering to try and shake off the memory of your dream. You quickly got dressed, and the two of you left your home.

“Hey, Niall, Liam, Louis,” Harry said, greeting the boys.

“Hey, Harry. Hi, (Y/N),” They greeted, smiling at the two of you. The five of you sat, and you began to look over the menu. The waiter soon came by, and all of you ordered drinks. You ordered dinner soon afterwards, and ate, all of you talking. When it was time to leave, you all stood, and Niall moved towards you. You gasped slightly, biting your lower lip and flinching away from him, fear evident in your eyes.

“(Y/N), are you okay?” Niall quietly said.

“I-I’m fine, Niall,” You whispered, turning towards Harry. “Are you ready to go, Harry?”

“Yeah, let’s go, love,” Harry replied, putting an arm around your waist. You tried to hide your flinch, but, evident from the expression on Niall’s face, it didn’t go unnoticed.

“Harry, can I talk to you for a moment?” Niall inquired. Harry turned towards Niall, and took in the furious expression on his face.

“Sure, Niall. Love, hang out with Liam and Louis for a moment?” Harry inquired.

“Yeah, sure,” You replied, watching the two of them leave.


“What did you do to her, mate?” Niall snapped, his expression furious.

“What? What do you mean, Niall?” Harry asked, his brow furrowed in confusion.

“She flinches every time someone comes near her, Harry! She flinched when I went to hug her, she flinched when you put your arm around her! Has someone been hurting her? Because, so help me, if they have….” Niall angrily said.

“She’s been flinching? I mean….she was jumpy this morning, but I just figured she didn’t hear me come in….” Harry whispered.

“You better talk to her, Harry,” Niall sighed, before the two of them walked back into the restaurant.


You and Harry left soon after he came back in, his brow furrowed in worry, which you didn’t notice. Harry drove the two of you home, glancing over at you repeatedly. You stepped out of the car, heading inside. You changed into your pajamas, and slipped under the covers, exhausted from the tension that you felt.

“Love?” Harry called, coming up the stairs. He paused in your doorway, biting his lower lip.

He quickly slid off his jeans and put on a pair of pajama pants, before getting into bed next to you.

“Harry….I’m sorry.” You whispered.

“What are you sorry for, love?” Harry quietly asked.

“For not being honest with you,” You quietly replied.

“It’s okay, love,” Harry murmured, holding his arms out. You moved closer to him, hiding your face in his chest.

“It was my ex-he….he would get so angry with me,” You whispered, tears gathering in your eyes. “He would hurt me.”

“I won’t ever let him near you, love,” Harry quietly said, gently pressing his lips to your forehead. “He won’t touch you ever again.”

Written by Angel xx

She's Gotcha Mate

The simple get together of the band had been thrown together at the last minute, a quick round of games and snacks and talking amongst the couple’s couches. Louis sat near Liam, who rested in the floor just below Niall’s knee. There was a sense of laughs and grunts and chatters between them.

But they died down when the trio noticed Harry’s thumbs tapping across the screen, a smile broad a clear. They knew him. They knew their friend well enough that Niall spoke with a chuckle when he said,

“Yeh texting her again mate?”

His head of bouncy curls sprouted upwards as he finally noticed his question. He mumbled something about you coming home soon from the store and looked down once more. He couldn’t help it. The entire time he spends with you had swallowed all of his senses, leaving his spare thoughts vulnerable to the loneliness he faces when your gone. That feeling shrank a bit when you told him you’ll be home in a few minutes.

“Come on H. Remember us? Your friends?” Liam taunted. It was funny to see his cheeks rage with a blossoming blush.

“S-Sorry guys. Lil’ distracted.” Harry replied.

Louis barked back with a smirk.

“With ya new birdie right?”

“Oh close yeh mouth ya wanker.”

Harry rolled his eyes. He would never be able to explain it to them. His feeling for you had only grown, and when that doorbell shook its shrill through the halls, the lads watched with amusement as the Cheshire boy sprang to the door. Niall shook his head. That was definitely a first.

“Hey Harry. The boys over?” You smiled as you peered over his shoulder. The three guests waved at you and their “hello’s” melted together.

He mumbles a little “mhmm” into the crook of your neck as he hugs you, making sure to linger the touch of his fingers on your waist. Liam lets out a snicker while you walk to put the groceries down. But your boyfriends hands fail to leave you alone long enough to put any of them away. Before you know it, his large arms are hooked upon your sides, carrying you in a fit of giggles to his previous spot on the sofa.

And it’s funny. Funny how the pecks and kisses and subtle grasp on your thigh doesn’t go unnoticed. Funny how even as the movie begins to play and the darkness surrounds the small huddle of people, Harry can still sense your eyes lingering on his lips and hear the boys murmurs. Funny how the boys take note of his small favors and the way he opens doors for you.

So when the night dwindles down and the group of friends begin to file out the door with goodbyes, he can only smile when Niall pats his shoulder and says

“She’s gotcha mate.”

Because while he knows it to be true, he wouldn’t want it any other way.

So I finally went into my list of bookmarks and tried to find the fave fics i’ve read so far.. and i think this is it :)) Please read the tags and stay safe!! Enjoy x

Autumn Leaves by suspendrs (28k)

“Brave?” Harry frowns, caught off guard. “No, not particularly.”

“You seem brave,” Louis decides, pushing off the wall and stepping on the butt of his cigarette. “You are strong, and you are not mean. That’s good,” he assures, touching Harry’s arm gently.

“Thank you, but that’s not true,” Harry smiles ruefully. “I’m really not anything special.”

Or, Harry is an American soldier in France during World War II, and Louis is a French waiter that doesn’t mean to fall in love with him.

Mute by TroubledPro (123k)

How is love supposed to speak, when one can’t even choke out the words?
Louis’ life was a joke through his witty words.
Harry’s life was a joke through his lack of words.
Louis was classed as a normal child; mentally and physically.
Harry was classed as an abnormal child; mentally and physically.
Louis could speak.
Harry could not.
Harry had progressive mutism.
Louis did not.

Escapade by dolce_piccante (146k)

In the grand scheme of things, finding a date for a wedding should be no problem for Louis Tomlinson. 

He’s rich. He’s handsome. He’s reasonably well behaved. But when the wedding is for his lifelong best friend (and former boyfriend), and is happening in under a month, finding a date for the ceremony and accompanying festivities becomes more of an adventure than he ever could have planned for.

As You Are by zarah5 (139k)

AU. Five years after The X Factor launched his career as a radio host and songwriter, Louis Tomlinson returns as a judge. Falling for a contestant is the last thing he needs. It’s also against his contract.

The only reason Harry auditions for The X Factor is because his best mate signed the two of them up as some kind of joke. Harry doesn’t get the big deal—not until he’s faced with this season’s judges and realises that one of them used to be his desperate, impossible teenage crush.

And down the long and silent street by whimsicule (86k)

The year is 1881 and if you’re alone in this world you might as well be dead, because starving dogs have no mercy.

Or: Wherein Louis and Harry are on the opposite ends of the social ladder, but their paths still cross on the filthy streets Louis calls his home. The odds are staked against them from the beginning, and even more when Louis’ past finally catches up with him.

With All My Heart, And More by littlelady (32k)

“A young John Doe, probably in his mid-twenties. He was found out on the street, lying in the snow completely beaten up, covered in blood. Internal bleeding, collapsed lung, the bones in his leg completely shattered, sprained wrist, dislocated shoulder, severe concussion, cut and bruised all over. He had more broken ribs than whole.”

“Is he in the ICU? Room 405?”

“Is he one of yours?”

“Yeah, looks like it.”

When Harry is left to die after having gotten abused and seriously injured by his ex-boyfriend, he is brought into the hospital where Louis works as a nurse. Louis instantly feels the need to take care of him, maybe a bit more than he usually does with his other patients. But only because Harry survived the abuse, it doesn’t mean that they are out of the woods yet. They still have a long and hard journey ahead of them filled with cries, fear and pain, but also with joy, laughter and lots of love.

domestic monsters series by g_uttertrash (234k)  

(this is the summary of chapter 1: come on, jump out at me)

Harry is a witch from a long line of power, an ancient line that’s one of the strongest left alive in their hemisphere. He can cast spells without a word if need be, fly on a broomstick, and has a black cat (a kitten, really) named Felix that is his animal familiar. He can shape galaxies in his cupped hands and can destroy them just as easily. He can choose exactly how to use his power, for encouragement and support, or for more nefarious causes if he wishes to.

And as fate would have it, he’s scared of haunted houses.

(Harry is a witch who carries around a stuffed pumpkin, Louis is a vampire with too much time on his hands, and their best mates Zayn & Niall aren’t exactly what they seem…)

Shake Me Down by AGreatPerhaps12 (209k)

Harry’s new to college, fresh out of Catholic school and conversion therapy camp, and Louis runs the campus LGBTQIA organization.

Bring Your Body Baby (I Could Bring You Fame) by theboyfriendstagram (84k)

Eighteen year old Harry Styles just graduated high school and landed a summer job as a waterboy for his favorite football team. His job description is simple: be ready to hand water and towels to players if needed. That didn’t seem to include Louis Tomlinson though, a twenty-three year old, recently transferred Paris Saint-German player, who seems to like making Harry’s job much more difficult than it has to be.


A self-indulgent AU that takes place over the summer of 2015. 18 year old Harry hates pining after people he can’t have, and 23 year old footballer Louis loves flirting with people even though it never means anything.

we’re still going, eight in the morning by nooelgallagher & yoursongonmyheart (32k)

Harry washes his hands quickly before grabbing his phone. His screen lights up to 3 notifications.

DJTommo is now following you!

@DJTommo mentioned you in a tweet!

Direct Message from @DJTommo!

Harry yelps, throwing his phone to Niall who just barely catches it.

Niall looks down at the phone, seeing first the tweet, then the DM. He tosses the phone back to Harry, who nearly drops it. “What are ya doing, mate! Answer him!”

Harry thinks for a moment about what he wants to say. This is his chance to actually talk to Louis Tomlinson. Louis Tomlinson messaged him directly. He can say anything he wants. He begins typing, his fingers shaky.

Niall comes over to stand next to Harry and peers down, looking to see what he wrote. When he does, he lets out a groan.

…Or, the one where Harry owns a bakery, Louis is a radio DJ, and Niall and Liam roll their eyes at their incessant flirting.

hold onto you stars by vashtaneradas (16k)

au; harry’s in the army, louis’ back home, and ninety days is a lifetime.

Niall-- Dancing in the Moonlight

“I’ve got it handled, don’t I Doodle Bug?” Niall said, tickling at his little girl who squealed and ran off, a giant grin on her face.  He turned back to his wife, love and adoration naturally slipping into place as he looked at his best friend.  “Go have your girl’s night, love.  You deserve it.”

And as far as Niall was concerned, she really and truly did. He had been doing promo and then touring for months which left his loving and strong wife to take care of their house and child by herself, all while still working and following her own dreams. She never once complained about all of the weight on her due to the rigors of Niall’s career, but he knew she needed a break and that she wouldn’t take one if he didn’t push her to.

It had been Niall’s suggestion that she take a day to spend with her friends and sisters.  It had been four months since she had done anything just for herself, not with their daughter or Niall in mind, and he was determined she would relax.  He had let her sister and best friend plan out a day full of spa treatments, nail appointments, a few nice meals, a movie, and shopping at her favorite mall, all funded by his credit card.

She was grateful for his thoughtfulness, but she couldn’t help but be uneasy.  “Are you sure you’ve got everything under control?  She’s going through a bit of a phase and you’ve only been home a couple of days…”

“Hey,” Niall whispered, cupping her chin in his hand.  “I love you, but you’re overthinking things.  I’m her dad, remember?  We all win today.  You get to rest, she gets to hang out with her daddy, and I get to spend time with my little princess.  Don’t worry about us, go enjoy yourself.”  Lots of kisses for Niall and their daughter ensued, but he could see how grateful she looked as she slipped into the front seat of her best friend’s car.  It was hard for her to turn off the full time mom part of her brain, even while she was at work, but that made it all the more important for her to get away.

Niall locked the front door and turned around to see his three year old daughter looking at him curiously.  “Daddy, where did Mommy go?” she asked, her thumb slipping into her mouth. 

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request:  Hi, I don’t know how this works, but can you do 1, where like it’s set at the 2013 VMA you’re bffs w Rihanna and you walk up to talk to her and since Harry is behind her, he and EVERYONE looks up and is like star struck bc ur like Beyoncé level famous 😇

hello loves! this will be kind of similar to my other imagine called ‘Celebrity’ but hopefully still unique to your liking. i’ve decided to switch writing prompt lists. this new one came from a very talented writer known as @hardliquorhaz, so check out her writings! send in requests from the new list or whatever you want! hope you enjoy!

Being invited to the VMA’S in 2013 was a very big deal to Harry and the rest of the boys. They were even more happy to find that they had not only been invited, but had been nominated. This was at the start of everything they had, so they were more than glad to attend any award show they were invited to. But they were a bit nervous for most of the event. 

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First You Fall

Maisie Dalton fixed things.  And Niall Horan was definitely broken.

Chapter 1

Did anyone’s day ever go well without coffee?  Maisie Dalton’s sure didn’t.  Walking through the streets of downtown Los Angeles in six inch heels was always an adventure but without the promise of a large cup of coffee in her future, it was positively horrifying.  She’d grown accustomed to the disgusting cat calls from construction workers as she walked by, some days she wondered if these men had ever been in the presence of a female before.  What woman was honestly going to respond to, “Hey Baby, lookin’ hot today.  Wanna ride me home?”


She curled her fingers around the cold steel of the handle on the huge glass door to her office building.  Some days opening that heavy ass door was harder than others.  This day was definitely the latter.

Before she’d taken two steps into the lobby she had a large cup of something shoved into her face while her assistant, Grant tried to help get her coat off.  Maisie breathed a sigh of relief as she lifted the cup to her lips,

“You’re a lifesaver.”  

Grant opened his mouth to protest but was quickly silenced when Maisie gagged.  She looked up at him, her mouth twisted in confusion,

“What the hell is in this?”

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                                          June 11th Fic Rec

1. we took the slow way by dangerbears
Words: 15k
Tumblr: @dangerbears

liam and louis teach kindergarten and harry styles has a kid and zayn is a dj and it’s all very complicated for various reasons.

2. come on, jump out at me by g_uttertrash
Words: 7k

Harry is a witch from a long line of power, an ancient line that’s one of the strongest left alive in their hemisphere. He can cast spells without a word if need be, fly on a broomstick, and has a black cat (a kitten, really) named Felix that is his animal familiar. He can shape galaxies in his cupped hands and can destroy them just as easily. He can choose exactly how to use his power, for encouragement and support, or for more nefarious causes if he wishes to.

And as fate would have it, he’s scared of haunted houses.

(Harry is a witch who carries around a stuffed pumpkin, Louis is a vampire with too much time on his hands, and their best mates Zayn & Niall aren’t exactly what they seem…)

Part 1 of domestic monsters

3. It’s Always You, I Always Knew by fackinglouis
Words: 8k
Tumblr: @fackinglouis

“Louis’ trying to weigh the pros and cons of writing out satanic curses and possibly carrying through with a damnation to hell in the middle of their local diner when somebody’s fingers rudely snap around in front of his face.”

Or the one where Louis pines pathetically and miserably for his best friend who is inconveniently taken.

4. When We Were Younger by waytoomanypeopleintheaddisonlee
Words: 76k
Tumblr: @waytoomanypeopleintheaddisonlee

About a week after Harry started visiting this particular chat room, he was watching some kid argue with the whole room about football, personally disinterested as he tipped a bag of crisps into his mouth. He happily chomped on the crumbs, taking a swig from a glass of Ribena to wash them down, glancing at the screen and very nearly spat the squash back out again.
His heart was pounding wildly. The display icon of the argumentative newcomer had caught his eye, and not in a good way. He gulped as he clicked the picture, and when it popped up in full resolution, his heart nearly fell right out of his arse.
Sixteen year old Harry Styles’ world turns upside down when he logs on to gay teen chat to discover somebody has stolen his photos and used them as their own.

5. The Evil Boss by Monktommo
Words: 40k

Louis is the new secretary for the famous CEO Harry Styles, who has had a record for breaking hearts. Almost instantly, Louis hates the man yet lusts after him all together. So they make a deal to use each other for their own needs. But what happens when the CEO’s ice cold heart starts cracking?

under my skin - two

two || it starts with a picture

“Wait, you’re not disgusted?” Niall asks, brows furrowing. This is a first, he thinks. He’s gotten used to her telling him that she’s not interested, but that phrase hasn’t left her mouth yet.

“No,” Brooklyn answers with a shrug – Niall has an odd look on his face when she says that as if that’s not the answer he’s expected to hear – before quickly adding, “I mean, why should I? He’s cute.”

read below || story page

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Harry hated being woken up. He felt like there was no need to wake him up unless it was on his terms, which was rare. Says that he’ll decide on his own when he’ll wake up, and if he never does than that’ll be the end of it. That’s just how he felt.

So, when the pounding at the door woke him from his constant turning and grunting from his bed (since he couldn’t get a proper sleep from the thunder booming through the city) he wasn’t very happy.

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Harry Styles Cooks... Volume 1: The Baking Years

In which Louis Tomlinson can’t cook, there’s a very special shower curtain, and Harry Styles used to be a baker. 

Or: Louis owns all of Harry Styles’ cookbooks, and he never intends to cook a single thing out of any of them. 

Or: I don’t know what the fuck this is, sorry. 

Louis Tomlinson can’t cook. He can, for the most part, feed himself and generally keep himself alive, in a frozen pizza, tins of soup, cereal-for-dinner kind of a way. He can do pasta and sauce, and cheese on toast, and sandwiches, and microwave meals and things which require zero attention, zero skill, and even less enthusiasm. Louis Tomlinson likes Tesco meal deals for lunch and cans of coke on the way to the bus stop after work. He likes bags of crisps, and the biscuit tin by the printer in his office.

He has a long list of things he doesn’t like – including but not limited to courgettes, baked beans, couscous, fish, posh sausages that taste of stuff that isn’t pork, vegetables on principle, drinks that are green, kale, stuff they sell in Waitrose, mushrooms, weird fruit, lentils, and pineapple on pizza.

All of this is perfectly normal and doesn’t bother Louis one little bit.

It doesn’t, however, go any way to explaining why Louis has an entire shelf in his bedroom devoted to Harry Styles cookbooks, or why his best mates Liam and Niall bought him a custom-made Harry Styles Cooks… pillowcase and duvet set for his birthday last year, with Harry Styles’ ridiculous face plastered all across it like on the titles of his stupid cooking TV show, or why Louis had to buy a DVR purely to save all the stupid episodes of each of Harry Styles’ stupid cooking series so he could watch them whenever he wanted. It definitely didn’t explain the three different Harry Styles-themed mugs in the kitchen cupboards, and it 100% did not explain the special shower curtain.

There obviously is an explanation for all of that, but it isn’t something that Louis can file under any sort of ‘wants to learn to cook’ headline.

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They Meet Again Part 2

Harry sits across from her, nervously he starts to rotate his ring, pink lips pressed in a line. People where stumbling past them, drunk, laughing, talking, they were happy. He could tell she was nervous as well, she bites her lower lip, anxious. 

“How are you?” Harry asked, clearing his throat and forcing himself to look at the damage he’s done. 

“Fine,” she responds, reaching to tuck her hair behind her ear. 

Her eyes are glossy and her voice is shaky, he can tell she’s going to break soon. He can tell that this is too much for her, he was being selfish yet again. But he couldn’t live with himself knowing that he didn’t at least try. 

“I miss you,” he admits. 

He can hear her suck in a breath, and she looks at her lap, a tear falling on to her black dress, “please don’t,” she whispered. 

“But I do, I messed up-”

“What part did you mess up Harry? Do you even know where everything went wrong? Or do you just miss having someone clean up after you all the time?” She snapped, wiping the tears away and looking up at him, her eye’s aren’t as soft as they used to be, they’re cold, it makes him want to shrink in his seat. 

“I let the fame get to my head,” Harry admits, “I let others use me for fame and I wanted it, I liked the attention, I put them first. Y/N, my priorities were messed up, and I am sorry, I am so so sorry.”

“You made it very clear,” Y/N says, standing, “you want all this,” she motions around the room full of celebrities, expensive gowns, expensive suits, expensive food, “and not me. There is no room in your life for me Harry, you don’t want to.”

“Give me another chance, please,” Harry pleads. 

“Why? So we can be fine for what? Two maybe three months, and then you’re off again and when you come home you treat me like a burden? No-I can’t,” she shakes her head, grabbing her clutch on the table. 

“I still love you,” Harry says. 

“You don’t get to come in here and say things like that!” She says, anger filling up her body, before she can even think she stomps her foot like a child, “you don’t get to tell me you love me, that you’ve missed me, and make me feel bad. I wouldn’t have left if you didn’t hurt me, I wouldn’t have left if you hadn’t said those awful things to me! You don’t get to make me feel bad.”

“So what? That’s it, you’re going to toss three years down the drain because I said some words?” Harry snapped. 

“Some words? You clearly don’t get it,” she turns, but he grabs her elbow, towering over her. 

“Three years Y/N, really, we are going to just let that go?” Harry asked. 

“You waited six months-you didn’t even try afterwards Harry, am I just supposed to wait another six months for you to try and fix our next problem?” she asked.

“I was scared,” he whispered. 

She pulls away from his grip, shaking her head, she turns walking away. 

“This place is a mess Niall,” she laughs softly, seeing Niall’s house once it’s emptied out. 

“Oh yeah,” Niall nods, “I’ll just call a cleaning company in the morning.”

“Good job Niall!” Harry says, walking in from behind her.

He hugs Niall, patting his back, “you’re doing really good,” Harry smiled. 

“Thanks mate,” the irish man grins. 

“I’m just going to head out,” Y/N says, slipping on her jacket, “I’ll see you later.”

She steps outside, the breeze blowing her hair back and she hugs herself, walking down the steps. She hear his steps right behind her, after three years she would be able to pick those steps out of eighty. 

“Y/N,” Harry calls, keeping up with her without a problem, “please, just wait.”

“I’m really tired H,” she says, not bothering to stop. 

“I miss you,” he repeats, running in front of her, making her stop, “don’t you miss me?”

“I do,” she admits, “but that doesn’t change how you treated me-how you ignored me.”

“Just give me one more chance, I swear Y/N, I swear on everything I love, I won’t mess it up,” Harry brushes her hair out of her face, knowing how much she loved it. 

“I’m scared,” she admits as his thumb grazed her lips slightly. 

“I know,” he whispered, “but you don’t have to be, with me you never have to be.”

She reaches up, placing her hand on top of his, “I don’t want to get hurt again,” she says. 

“You won’t,” he promises, “I promise.”

She looks at him, her eyes softening at the sight of him, “can you guys just kiss, I have to lock my gate,” Niall yelled, “I’m tired too!”

She laughs, resting her head on his chest, “only Ni,” she giggled. 

“So?” Harry asked, tilting her chin up, “please?”

She pressed her lips on his, missing the taste, missing him. Harry doesn’t hesitate, reacting to her in a second, “I never stopped loving you, and I don’t I can.”

“Good,” he whispered against her lips, “I don’t want you to.”