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But I bet you if they only knew pt. 3

Harry Styles - 1659 words (Requested by anon)

“Niall, I uh- It isn’t what it looks like!” I quickly let the ramble past my lips, clutching the towel to my chest as I don’t dare to keep my stare away from his horrid, yet amused face.
“What are you talking about? This is probably exactly what it looks like.” Harry answers me incredulously, receiving an immediate loud smack to his chest from me at his stupidity. “I thought you two were good mates? Are you together?” Niall questions as he throws my bikini top my way, the blush permanently etched onto my cheeks as I nimbly take it from my lap and command Harry wordlessly to hold the towel up for me as I quickly click the damn thing closed behind my back.

But Niall asked a perfectly good question I couldn’t answer. Harry and I started off as strangers, a one night stand leaving me to wake up in the morning with a pounding headache and a naked, very attractive young man next to me. Afterwards we’d decided it would be quite pleasant for both parties to maybe continue whatever it was that had happened previously.. In the time that had passed since then, we’d grown closer and grew out to be really good mates, best friends even. Harry knew anything and everything about me, as I did about him. We’d grown so close but I never even thought about having anything more with him, merely because he was a well-known (that might be an understatement) celebrity and I was just a plain simple girl who got to tag along with the benefits, just like this holiday right now. Harry wouldn’t let me pay for anything and I just simply let him pay for me, mainly because Harry would throw hissy fits if I didn’t let him pay for things. He said it was his way of showing me how much he cared about me, seeing how he couldn’t be there sometimes when I really needed him.

“I uh-“ I stutter, looking towards Harry to see if he would answer. I didn’t receive anything though, his gaze transfixed on Niall as they seemed to sort of have a silent conversation. After a few moments though, Harry blinks and gives me a guilty smile before bending down to retrieve my bottoms for me and holding it out, before standing up and pulling his own trunks back over his hips. I understand him walking around naked, they are boys and have probably seen a lot more of each other over the years, but what am I supposed to do with a statue Niall only twee meters away?

Harry decided to speak up though, leaning against the pole that keeps the roof over our heads, his attention completely on Niall and not on me. “Niall, we might’ve, uhm, lied about how we met.”
Niall rolls his eyes as he pushes past Harry, not giving me a second look as I try to get my bottoms on without showing my private parts to any more unwanted visitors.
“No shit, you’re kidding.” Niall sarcastically spits before disappearing into the door, Harry immediately following him. I’m trailing behind still, pulling my sweater back over my head as I pad along Niall and Harry to see where this conversation is leading too.

“Come on, as if you’d would be as friendly to her if you knew I’d met her during a shag.” Harry groans and I can’t help but feel slightly hurt at his choice of words. I stop in the middle of my tracks, seeing Harry and Niall in the kitchen, both of them frowns on their faces.
“You know that’s not true Haz.. So you’ve been shagging for three years?” Niall questions as I see his eyes narrow into slits, Harry groaning before throwing his hands into the air.
“Come on you’re saying it like it’s a bad thing. We’re more like friends with benefits.” Harry grunts as he slams his flat hand onto the table, Niall not even flinching at Harry’s temper. I guess when you’re stuck together for almost five years you get to know each other way better than I know Harry.

“So you just leave her every time another comes around or what?” Niall asks demandingly again, my heart warming at how sweet he is being by having my back like this, even though I didn’t actually find it necessary. Although my mind had wondered multiple times when he was on tour about what he would be doing with random girls.. But it wasn’t my business, I am not his girlfriend of any sort. What Harry said next though, chilled me to the bone and made me heat up with all the right emotions all at once though.

“I haven’t been with anyone else since I’ve met her.”

I don’t know why it makes me feel like this, maybe I do have developed some feelings for him over the years. But now be honest, who wouldn’t? He is freaking handsome, has the cutest little smile and to top it all off, he is a good person. That’s like a gift sent from Heaven itself.

Niall seems surprised to as his eyes widen at Harry’s confession. His eyes dart towards me, the first time any of them acknowledges me. Our gaze is broken soon enough as he focuses back on his best mate in front of him. “Well maybe then it would be time to take the next step, don’t you think? I’m sure she’d like that as well..” Niall trails off and nods his head towards me at the end, my body blocking the doorway as I push my sleeved hand towards my mouth so I could hide half of my face and this ridiculous blush that wouldn’t seem to fade at the words that had been spoken in the last few minutes. Harry turns around breathlessly, his hands grasping the kitchen isle as his piercing green eyes meet mine.

“I meant to eavesdrop.” I dryly state, not going to lie and Niall snorts at my comment, chuckling as he waves at Harry to refocus to me instead of him, trying to contain his laughter.
Harry swiftly walks towards me with big paces, grabbing my elbow as he passes me and pulls me towards the bedroom with him. He closes the door behind us and paces around a bit before abruptly stopping and turning towards me. “Do you- Are you- Uhm.. Well..” Harry starts off and cursing under his breath before he starts pacing again, his pointer fingers and thumb pinching his chin.

“I’m not sure if this is like a nervous good pace or a nervous shit I’m about to break her heart pace..” I nervously state, my hand coming up to scratch the back of my neck awkwardly and I avert my gaze from his tall frame. This causes Harry to stop in his tracks again, immediately turning before standing in front of me in under three steps.

Harry doesn’t say anything, instead he catches his lips with mine in a kiss I’ve never experienced with him before. It is passionately, loving and filled with so much emotion it leaves me in a dazzled state. “Maybe we should’ve done this ages ago.” Harry smirks, his hand cupping my cheek and I roll my eyes, but the smile was evident and never leaving my lips for as long as Harry would kiss me like this.

“I didn’t want anything to change between us.” I mumble, my fingertips tracing over Harry’s abs and his butterfly tattoo, trying to avoid his stare. Harry chuckles before stepping away from me, pulling my hands so I’d follow him towards the bed. He twists us around so I feel the edge of my bed against the back of my legs, almost losing my footing before Harry grasps my waist and steadies me again.

“If you’re so anxious about me not shagging you senseless, love I promise to keep doing that every day as long as you let me.” Harry smirks and he kisses me again, trailing from my lips towards my cheek, jaw and later on neck. “Way to ruin the moment H.” I chuckle, my fingers already kneading through his hair, as I throw my head back to grant him more access.
“Oh love, don’t be like that. I see your body language and believe me, I know how you’re feeling.” He grunts as he roughly bites my neck, a whimper leaving my lips as I let my head come back up to fake my glare at him, a tiny smile already evident on my lips.

“But, would you go on a date with me?” Harry asks as he takes a bit of distance to see my reaction and he frowns when he sees me roll me eyes, but I squeeze him tightly before I formulate my answer. “Harry, you already had me since the first time you stood at my door with that bucket of ice cream.” I chuckle, squeezing his cheeks with my fingers before my hands are swatted away. “Although yes, I’d love to. But for now, I’m tired of speaking.” I smile at Harry before pulling his lips towards mine again, my movement so rough we both tumble onto the bed, a strain of gibberish giggles leaving both our lips before Harry rolls us over, hovering over me as the famous smirk comes into view again. “Let me be your goodnight, every night.” He whispers before kissing me again.

I know there were bound to be rough days ahead, but coming home to this, letting him kiss me goodnight every night, meaning he’d capture me, raise me back up when I’d fall was the best thing I could wish for. He’d gone from someone I’d call whenever I craved a release to a best mate, to an unabridged ease and I was more than okay with that. Oh and the sex is nice too, I guess.

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In case you didn’t know, I’m kind of obsessed with his hands …. #spontaniousblurb


His hands. They are warm but can also be cold. They are strong but can also be soft.

Soft, when they rub small circles on your back. But strong when he catches you when you slip or fall.

And when you come home on a cold winter day his hands are there, warm, comfortable.

On a hot summer night, when they roam your body, they feel cold. They are the coo your hot flesh needs.

They secretly rub your knee at a family dinner.

They zip up your dress when you can’t manage it yourself.

They flip the pancakes on those lazy Sunday mornings like a pro.

The way they massage you feet after a hard days work.

The fact that they hold your purse while you try something on in a random dressing room.

The way his fingers intertwine with yours. The way they fit like a glove around yours.

There are simply his.