Sickening Bullying at School + How I dealt with it as a Mother.

A very detailed and in depth blog post about Niah getting bullied at school and how her little heart couldn’t bare it anymore / what I did about it.


the signs as children

aries: rambunctious and energetic. the kid found running laps around the playground and becoming the king/queen/monarch of the monkey bars. 
taurus: gluttonous and reserved. the kid who always brings the best snacks and lunches to school but won’t share their food or toys.
gemini: popular and talkative. the kid who makes tons of friends early on and has lots of playdates.
cancer: kind and sensitive. the kid who probably cries the easiest when they get hurt on the playground and the kid who makes sure you’re okay if you’re feeling down.
leo: talented and outgoing. the kid who all the teachers fall in love with because they’re typically very precocious. probably the best at violin in the fourth grade.
virgo: intelligent and focused. the kid who’s found reading chapter books while their classmates are stuck on picture books.
libra: charming and bright. the kid who is really eager to come to school- not only to learn, but to see their teachers and their friends and be around everyone.
scorpio: intense and intuitive. the kid who takes on the “problematic” persona early on. extremely outspoken, but fiercely loyal.
sagittarius: quirky and innocent. the kid who isn’t overtly funny but has funny, adorable mannerisms about them that are totally endearing.
capricorn: mature and intelligent. the kid who has “an old soul.” often found around grown ups, having intelligent conversation despite being six.
aquarius: visionary and creative. the kid who always wants to play make believe and dress up with their friends. also the kid who loves dinosaurs and aliens.
pisces: imaginative and naive. the kid who is often found daydreaming or napping. also the kid who believed in santa and the tooth fairy until seventh grade.