niagara falls comiccon

Guys I met Paul McGann!!

I went to Niagara Falls ComicCon specifically to meet him, even got his autograph! It’s the first celebrity autograph I’ve ever gotten haha and I was nervous and didn’t know what to say, ended up with something generic about liking his audio dramas. But he was really nice and kind, I can see why everyone says he’s so charming all the time! Sadly I didn’t know I was going until a few days ago and didn’t have time to get something fancy for him to sign so I had to take one of the poster things from the table, I love it anyway though.

Later I went to his q&a panel! I tried to take a video but it was really awful and shaky so I won’t put it up haha. But here’s a list of cool stuff he said!

  • His favourite Doctors are William Hartnell and Peter Capaldi
  • If he were to return to the show as any other character, he’d want to be the Master! (Please do this. Paul McGann as the Master is something the BBC must give us)
  • He told a funny story about himself and Sylvester McCoy! When they were filming the TV Movie in Vancouver, they apparently went out to look for something to eat and ended up in “a bad part” of town, where they ran into some scary-looking guys who gave them trouble and Sylvester McCoy tried to ward them off with a spoon (which apparently worked?) Idk if this is a well known story haha but I thought I’d share anyway
  • They’ve already recorded the first four Time War audios, and apparently they’ve got lots of Daleks in them (who knew), they’ll be released in August or September
  • Some lady gave him jelly babies and he ate them and she was really ecstatic about it lol
  • But yeah basically Paul McGann is super charming and awesome and BBC hire him to play the Master please