Niagara Falls

I arrived at the airport just as Natalie’s plane was about to land, and as I got out my car to head in, the rain started - just in time to welcome her to Canada!

And the rain didn’t stop for most of her trip (booo hiss), but nonetheless we made the best of it, and headed to the stunning Niagara Falls on the Sunday. 

This was my third time to the Falls, and it still blew my mind. I mean, there is just soooooo much water constantly moving through the system.

“Crikey! That’s a bloody big waterfall mate” - Natalie (so, so Australian). 

Luckily, the rainy weather kept the massive crowds at bay, so we got some awesome shots of the Falls (and video!). 

The water was so blue, and watching it was sort of mesmerizing.  We walked along the edge for over two hours admiring this natural wonder. 

(That’s the American side over there). 

If you don’t know that much about Niagara Falls, here’s a quickie of a map to get you up to speed, as the Falls is made up of water running from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario. 

The length of the falls is 1060 feet /323.08 meters, with a height of 176 feet / 53.6 meters, and the volume of water going over is 150,000 U.S. Gallons / 567,811 Liters per second (which is hard to even imagine… so, back to photos!). 

A little zoomed in action for your pleasing. 

We spent a whopping $1 each on ponchos, which was a good call as A) it was raining out, and B) the mist from the Falls was all up in our grill. 

So stylish, I know. 

Other fun facts about the falls (because obviously I googled them over lunch): 

- The first person to go over the falls and survive was a woman in 1901 (she needed money for her retirement, and raised money by going over in a barrel)
- Over 5,000 people (!!!!!!!! how?! what?!) have gone over the Falls
- About 42 people a year commit suicide by going over (awful way to die :( )
- Two years ago a girl from China fell in as she was leaning too far over to take a photo (I kept thinking about her as I was snapping my shots) 
-  It’s one of the most photographed New World visiting spots. 

Here’s another video of the Falls (look! it’s like you were there with us). 

Listen carefully to that video up above - gets me every time! 

Ahhh yes, the wonderful world of no crowds.  

After Niagara Falls we headed back to our $20 parking spot (ugh! parking is expensive there), and zoomed out little car over to Niagara on the Lake - a quaint Canadian town where the Niagara river meets Lake Ontario. 

It’s super cute and super pricey, so we strolled through the town, avoided all the ice-cream parlous and expensive restaurants, and then dined for $2.99 on our homemade lunches from the back of our car while staring out over the lake fog. 

And with that, we made the trip back to Toronto to get ready for our camping/portage trip (and to nap, because LOL, I was on about 4 hours of sleep this day). 

ALSO, because sharing is caring, here are three cool photos from the falls I found: 

For Pride (source

From above (source)

Frozen (source