Who is a beast and just squat 100 lbs?? THIS GIRL!!

So, one of the three below must be correct:

  1. I’m getting stronger faster than I realized.
  2. I was stronger than I realized and correcting my form allowed me to demonstrate it.
  3. Both of the above because I’m a BAMF.

Squats progression:

  • Last week: 6@60#, 5@70#, 7@60#
  • Today: 6@50#, 6@60#, 10@60#, 5@70#, 3@80#, 3@90#, 3@100#!

Shall be taking cues from this video as I attempt to teach myself how to sumo deadlift.

After fussing, fiddling and being uncomfortable all day at work yesterday, I busted out Nia Shanks Minimal Training for Maximum Restults (MTMR from now on since I’m lazy) Day 2 at the gym. I even convinced Jess to come with me.

The weights area of my Planet Fitness has more basic barbells & squat racks than the NH one, but it was also a testosterone fest. Mreh. I waltzed in in my hot pink shirt with my Barbie pink manicure and did my thing. What I liked a lot about Day 2’s exercises is they worked each side independently. I’m definitely much weaker on the left than the right. And now I get to appreciate that deliciously sore feeling all day until my 5k tonight.