nia vardolas

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OKAY WAIT A MINUTE. I'm not kidding my cousin is Nia Vardolas (from my big fat Greek wedding) I noticed that was one of your favorite films and just had to share!

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!! Yes, I love love love My Big Fat Greek Wedding. It’s like, one of the absolute best comfort films of all time, and it’s really inspiring to me (I have a post floating around about how it’s the only makeover film that actually matters because it’s not about how there’s a secret bombshell inside everyone, but that everyone has the potential to change their lives for the better, even though it takes courage and stepping out of your comfort zone). I just love it so much, and I also loved the sequel, and it’s just one of those movies I can go back to again and again because the characters are so real and good and lovely!!! So if it’s not too awkward please thank your cousin for me because she has brought me so much joy and happiness through that movie!!


Academy Award nominated screenwriter Nia Vardolas (My Big Fat Greek Wedding, 2002) on dialogue writing.