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@alexa_bliss_wwe_: “Now, I’ve got a message for all the other drivers out there. If you smell a delicious, crispy smell after the race, it’s not your tailpipe. It’s just a little of Shake…and Bake!” -Talladega Nights #ShakeNBake #TeamRude @niajaxwwe

I don’t dislike Sasha that isn’t why I’m upset :/
I’m upset cause literally you could have given us
A.) Nia Jax vs Alexa Bliss where Alexa would be a little scared and have to outsmart her to win or Nia Jax as champion
B.) The Mickie James vs Alexa Feud I’ve been waiting for since she came back where Alexa becomes obsessed with Mickie (when Mickie came back she said Alexa remembered everything about her career I though that is where they were going with it)
C.) Bayley vs Alexa the redemption storyline
E.) You could have made Dana not look like a total doofus and start building her up
But Nia has one of her best showings since coming to the main roster and I feel like it wa s really wasted and I’m so sad


Cardi B puts money on 15yr old rapper NiaKay

Sometimes your friends just happen to be in the Middle East and then in the country where you live. And then they’re willing to drive to your dusty little town and sit in the homes of the refugees you love and drink Turkish coffee and hear the story of the refugee- the heartbreaking story about fleeing a land that is home. And these friends, they are ones who listen. They listen really carefully because they understand that the story of the person who sits before them is their story too. That the pain comes from the same thread of injustice that has continued for generation after generation and that it can and must be stopped. And that we can each have a part in making that happen. These two are making waves. Thanks for your enormous hearts,@nialauryn + @sophiabush. And thanks for taking the time to listen.