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Predators devour their prey to nourish their being 

But the way you tend to feed off of me is the most vicious thing I’ve seen

You must be an animal
Unable to feel

A monster starved for centuries
You’ve made me your meal

I have been 



We…don’t know when it happened. We didn’t know she had gotten hurt. Gotten…bitten by something. Some kind of…parasite. A Grimm we had never heard of before. Never dreamed of before. Never feared before.

Aine didn’t show any signs of being…sick. Nothing out of the ordinary. She was always prone to pains. Only Rhode noticed a mark on her, she assumed it was a bug bite or something. I wish I had noticed sooner. I wish…

She looked in pain, she became volatile and skittish, always on edge. I think she was fighting it. But she was afraid. And her fear only fed it more.


You can scream as much as you want,
I hear you loud and clear

The thought of being alone
Fills you with fear


I’m joining the Parasitic Grimm AU OTL  thanks tajitangu and team-kaze-hunters for inspiring me to do this. I do so like dark au’s.

Sadly this piece is rushed. I wish I had done it more sketchy like. 

Parasitic Grimm!au belongs to the-rabbit-doodles - thanks for an awesome au.