Jesus CHRIST I finally finished this painting! I started this in like December…

Anyway Brawnz is probably one of my favorite designed characters in the show I just really like his color scheme and outfit and hair and just AAAAA HE LOOKS GREAT

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You can watch the speedpaint here! And here’s the transparent version!
(do not edit out the signature. the transparent file is meant for use only on tumblr)

anonymous asked:

This isn't an ask, just a thank you! These may be quick sketches for you, (They may even be just scraps you enjoy seeing us practically fight over) but it's still really fun to read every single one! I know it's not being made for anyone in particularly, but I really do appreciate the work put into all this! Again, THANK YOU! (I mean it! Don't even post this for my own genuinity sake and all that)