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What the hell? People are so inconsiderate! I can't believe they've stolen the right Jared and Gen had to announce the baby. They're even leaking her name already!!

Imagine actually thinking you’re that entitled to someone else’s life???

If I, the literal biggest padalecki trash, can see that’s a dick move, how the fuck does anyone think it’s okay?

Fucking… wow.

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I think that bees!!! on ice would be more endearing if Katsubee was like. An actual bee with six tiny legs and six tiny skates instead of the horrifying anthropomorphic version from the movie.

I get what you’re saying, but if you are insulting the OFFICIAL KATSUBEE YUURI art made by @forovnix I’ve gotta say pal – you’re messing with the best content here on Tumblr dot com. *finger guns*

BEES!!! ON ICE I’M LAUGHING WHAT A NAME. Kubo when is s1 of Bees!!! on Ice coming out?? The world is waiting??

Could we just give the thumbs up on the Vinsmoke Family for not employing slaves in their Kingdom?
—  There are a lot of vile Kingdoms in the World, only Germa that is actually applied to this.