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Niall and Olly for SU2C. x

ESTP: Batgirl, “Batman: The Animated Series”

ESTP – the Adventurer, the Dynamo, the Promoter

(aka: Barbara Gordon)

Batgirl is Batgirl before she even realizes it. Unlike Batman or Robin, or any of their Rogues, she doesn’t have to go through any trauma to decide to take on her new kick-ass persona. Barbara sees a problem and runs to solve it, gaining her superhero status through the merits of her quick wit and good heart.

Dominant Function: (Se) Extraverted Sensing, “The Kitchens”

Barbara’s given to take action immediately in response to situations. She’s a sharp student and a top gymnast, and on top of what she’s learned being the daughter of the police commissioner, she’s highly capable of her own vigilante crime-fighting. She’s a little rough when she first starts out, almost falling off a truck she jumps onto, and coaches herself to get it together.

She follows the robot imposter of her father as soon as she decides there’s someone off about him, and takes it upon herself to use the Batsignal to summon Batman for help. When he shows up, she joins him in fighting robo-Bullock, even though she has no equipment or fancy armor. She takes to using the Batrope like a natural, however, and takes robo-Bullock down.

When Batman tries to leave after the fight, she grabs his cape to hold him back and insists on going with him. Once he leaves, she gathers her own crime-fighting equipment and heads out on her own to rescue her father.

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station-ox11  asked:

I read that the government in Madrid overruled the Catalonia government's bullfighting ban. I was curious, what is the general Basque opinion of bullfighting (if you've seen opinion poll numbers) and what are your personal opinions of it?

Yeah, as well as they overruled the Basque anti-fracking law. They just want their sick laws.

Haven’t found any “Basque numbers” on the subject, but HERE (in Spanish) we’ve found some interesting info from this very year.
- Since 2007, attendance to corridas has dropped by 54%
- 84% of young people between 18-24y is “a bit proud” or “not proud at all” of living in a country that kills bulls
- 58% of people between 16-65y are against bullfighting
- 73% of people between 16-65y are against public money being invested in corridas

Now tell us, is the Government giving most of the people what they want, or instead are they working for the high classes (bull breeders with huge ranches and money) and picking on the Catalonian Government along the way? And working on linking bull fighting to Spanish nationalism, of course, if you’re anti-bull fighting, you’re not a patriot and all that stuff (*ahem* Gibraltar español *ahem*) that they love.

Revelada la historia de la OVA de Shokugeki no Soman para el Jump Special Anime 2016.

El tour donde se proyectará la OVA se llevará a cabo del 27 de noviembre, al 4 de diciembre.

La edición 47 de la revista Weekly Shonen Jump de Shueisha ha revelado la historia de la próxima OVA adaptación del Manga Shokugeki no Soma de Yuuto Tsukuda y Shun Saeki que será proyectada durante el próximo tour del Jump Special Anime Festa 2016 de este año. 

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