ni ni ni ni ni ni ni

Distinctions between NFJ and NFP “mindreading”.

With NFJs – FE-NI is a force to be reckoned with - their analysing capabilities allude to reading your intentions on presently shown behavior but people also end up overcrediting FE-NI for being “psychic” when some of the direct observations are based off of confirmation bias. Why and how? Even if (and when) their ideas of you are wrong, they can adjust instantaneously to your physical/emotional/social feedback – their dialogue style, when engaged, tends to be in an ask and answer format. And normally, people want to be understood and to be known and consciously correct the images that others have of them to align with what how they see themselves. Others’ body language, intonation, personality traits all give away to FE input - much like a sculptor chipping away your true form outside in.

However – NFPs are rarely on people’s radar for being psychic. Whereas NFJs are dubbed social manipulators, “manipulator” in the sense of constructing a portrait of you and acting on what they see, NFPs are more like attitudinal observers – your individual’s attitudes, biases, beliefs, ideas. What FI-NE means instead is that they synthesize a profile of you over a period of time from the discrete behaviors you display, observing the various ideas you present without necessarily reacting to it immediately. And when they do, FI-NE tends to provide an environment of comfort by relating your stories back to themselves, placing themselves personally in your shoes - and you can say ‘redistributing and repurposing’ their knowledge of you back into a reaction. 

Both NFJ and NFPs have about the equal capability of being psychologists but different ways of expressing what they understand of you. 

“Em chẳng có bất cứ mục đích gì đối với anh cả. Ngoài chuyện em yêu anh ra…
Cô không hiểu vì sao mình lại bị chìm ngập vào một mối tình cô đơn như thế. Biển rộng mênh mông. Chẳng biết khi nào mới có thể cập bờ.”