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1, 7 and 8 from the romance asks for Nis and Krem, pretty please?

1. What drew your character to their LI and vice versa?

So their first meeting was actually pretty unpleasant. Nis thought Krem was one of the slavers who’d just taken her clan (even though the Chargers had just sort of stumbled into the clan campsite and were looking for survivors to help), and she attacked him.

When Dalish and Skinner calmed her down, Krem (injured but not mortally) got a good look at this girl who kicked his ass and his heart was gone. She was so strong, so fierce, so small, so beautiful, and he just lost it. He loves her spirit.

It took Nis a lot longer to feel drawn to Krem (for obvious reasons), but the first thing was his kindness and respect for her. He never pushed for more than she was comfortable with (which, at first, was very little). As he proved she could trust him and she got to know him a little better, that’s when she really started to fall.

7. Favorite date activity?

They like sparring, reading together, and doing it.

8. What are their most prominent memories of each other?

Krem’s most prominent memories are of the first time they met (wild clouds of red hair with knives trying to kill him) and the first time he heard her say his name.

Her most prominent memories of him are of the first time she realizes she’s safe around him, and the look on his face when she sat next to him to eat. It was so open and hopeful and it made him look so handsome.

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