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Little PSA

So I never really wrote these kinds of posts before, but I felt obligated to do this. After some messages exchanges with some anon regarding my Frisk and Chara’s gender, people messaged me telling me the amount of hate that they were getting for giving their interpretations of these characters gendered identities/pronouns.

I am really saddened for this. People refusing to rp and unfollowing blogs with gendered Frisks and Charas? Making events where gendering these characters is NOT allowed as one of the main rules? People receiving anon hate? Jumping at people’s throats when they see something they don’t agree on?  People being called out? No, this is not OK.  Policing people’s interpretations and art is not OK.

We’re all for equality, we’re all tolerating differing opinions, we’re all for inclusion, isn’t that ut’s main message? People are being forced to change their own interpretations of Frisk and Chara out of FEAR.  (me being one of them)

Just let people have fun, let people express themselves freely, let people interpret Frisk and Chara how they want.  This has reached the point of fear mongering.

I am not attacking anyone here, contrary I just wish people would get along. What I am saying is, please, don’t be mean, and just let’s get some beer. K?.(or tea or whatever)

And for those who’ve been bullied, thanks for your messages, stay stronk, lil Hawk loves ya <3

Como cuando tu ex te confiesa que siempre has sido y serás alguien importante en su vida pasen los años que pasen, porque estás cuando más te necesita y conoces la mejor manera de alentarlo. Y por la forma en la que te lo dice no sabes si querer matarlo o tomarlo como un cumplido y agradecerle.

Para sa taong mamahalin ako,

Ang love hindi madali. Kailanman hindi magiging madali pero sana sa pag subok na bibigay sayo nito, hindi iyon ang maging dahilan mo ng pag suko. Sa oras na hindi na ako mahal ng utak mo, sana, sana hanapin mo yung pag mamahal sa puso mo.

Hindi araw araw pasko pag ako ang minahal mo. Hindi tayo laging magiging masaya pero I will try my best para di kita masaktan ng sobra. You know, I won’t wake up in the right side of the bed everyday. Kulang kulang ang utak ko ng madalas pero lagi mong tatandaan, na kulang kulang man ang utak ko, I can still love you with my all.

Love will test our endurance so let’s give them a good fight. I know we can belt, as long as you and I do know what we are fighting for.

Let’s build our relationship full of trust, respect and love. Seloso ako, sobra. But it doesn’t mean that I don’t trust you. Please, whenever I get jealous, make me feel that I was wrong. Ipakita mo sakin na mali ang feeling ko. I trust my instinct so much. Para ko syang best friend. So wag mong hayaan na guluhin nya tayo. It is just that takot lang akong mawala yung taong mahal ko. Please, kill the monster in my head if that time would come.

I will respect your decisions at all times. Hindi ko kukwestyunin, hindi ko guguluhin basta sasabihin at ipapaliwanag mo lang ng mabuti sakin. Hayaan mong malaman ko bakit ganyan, ganon at ganito ang nabuo mong desisyon. Tanga ang magiging mahal sobrang tanga, laging nasasaktan. Please, don’t hurt me because I am tired of getting hurt. Alam kong di ko din maiiwasan na masaktan ka, but please, alagaan mo ako kesa sa pag aalaga na gagawin ko sayo. Mahalin mo ako, kesa sa mas mahal kita.

Love me for who I am. Ako na ata ang taong pinaka makasalanan pero sana, sana, sana mahalin mo parin ako. You will be just seeing my half. Never mong makikita ang buong pagkatao ko pero, please, pag alam mong tinatago ko sayo yung totoong ako,mag kusa ka. Hanapin mo. My half meant to hide so don’t get tired of finding him, okay?

People keep on running away after they saw my other half, So I hope you would not run. Let him befriended you.

By the way, I intend to laugh more when I am hurt. Sana mapansin mo yun. Sana pag tuwang tuwang tuwa na ako at alam mong wala naman akong dapat ikatuwa, please, find the reason? I can assure you that I am not lunatic, it is my defense mechanism.

God keeps on giving me people who can teach me life lessons. At pag dumating na yung time na ikaw na yung binigay nya sakin. Sana, sana, sana ang ituro mo naman sakin eh maging matatag, malakas at huwag matakot na mahalin ka ng buong buo. Sabi ko kanina, mahalin mo ako ng sobra kesa sa mas mahal kita. Ituro mo sakin na higitan yung love na ibibigay mo.

Baka sa oras na dumating ka, sobrang wasak ako nun. I am so devastated. But dont worry, I already learnt how to fix myself. Susubukan ko. Sinusubukan ko. At susubok pa ako ng susubok hanggang sa mabuo na ako.

There is one wish I would like to happen, that if ever you are meant for me, I hope you are meant to stay.

Reggie Robert-Agoncillo Cuerpo Lobos.