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“Rule 1.1. National Hockey League games shall be played on an ice surface known as the "Rink” and must adhere to the dimensions and specifications prescribed by the League and these rules. No ice markings shall be permitted except those provided for under these rules unless express written permission has been obtained from the League. On-ice logos must not interfere with any official markings provided for the proper playing of the game.“

so the Boston pride’s home arena will be changing this upcoming year to the warrior ice arena. which is cool because it’s actually in Boston, it means they’re working directly with the bruins, and it’s a new and NHL maintained arena. but it also sucks because the Harvard Bright-Landry center where they played last year could seat just under 2500 more people . I’m not joking. the warrior arena seats only 650 people. now this may not be a problem at all because even tho the pride had a few close to sold out games last year there might have only been a few hundred people at every other game.