Hockey players at restaurants

Waiter: so you wanted the salad?

hockey player: well ya'know, i'a think that the salad is a good choice and uh I think that the chef has just gotta make a real good effort and uh I uh trust the famer, he’s been doin’ a fine job growing the lettuce ya know he’s got a real good thing goin,he really cares and I uh just gotta do my part and uh finish that salad.

all the small things | auston matthews

Note: I wrote a thing and here it is?? I’m kinda nervous to post this so any and all feedback is appreciated - whether it’s positive or constructive criticism. 

Word Count: 4.8k

Rating: some nsfw y’all, but not a lot

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Don’t ask me why I made this

@igotthistoreadstuff provided the photos lmfaoooo I hate us


one point perspective | frederik andersen

Note: if you’ve been paying attention to my blog at all in the last week, you know the freddie feels are REAL. So, uhh, enjoy this. This is everything I want in life and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Also my first smut, and I’m incredibly terrified to post this, so any feedback is welcome!

Word Count: 7.6k holy shit

Warnings: This is pure smut. Filth. Completely obscene. I don’t even know what else to say. I’m so sorry.  

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Not a Joke

Requested: Meh, kind of? There are a million and one requests in my inbox for more Andre smut so this satisfies that to a point.

Warnings: Bullying, Insecurity, S.M.U.T. and swearing but I actually swore off warning you about that because in my mind they’re just replacement words.


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Player: Andre Burakovsky

A/N: I was SO incredible inspired by @babrielandeskog ‘s Plus Size Rec List. As a thicker girl myself, it is easy to get wrapped up in the idea that you’re not worthy of being loved, BUT YOU ARE. I PROMISE YOU THAT YOU DESERVE EVERYTHING my little curvy astro-babies.

You sat on your bed, burrowing into the duvet below you. You couldn’t help but notice that every time you adjusted yourself, the sweet and musky scent of Andre found its way into your senses.

It made sense, he had been sleeping in it, but you knew that he wouldn’t be very much longer.

You had met Andre as a traveling writer for the sports section of the LA Times. You were incredible at convincing your boss to let you cover the Caps, even if they weren’t your home team. Your empowered speeches about their players and the profiles you would do, and how you would all tie it back to the Kings managed to get you a primetime spot in Andre’s life.

It just… wasn’t the spot you wanted.

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My Favorite Imagines

Finally gotten around to reading the imagines I’ve liked in the past. This is a master list of some of my favorites. I’ve also reblogged them too. Probably going to make a part 2.

- Ignoring the Good in Front of Me @thirstyfordjoos

This one isn’t under a certain guy because it is a Tom Wilson and Madison Bowey. This a nice, realistic imagine. The ending is really great and positive and something we should all remember.

Morgan Reilly

- Twins @hockeygods14

Really adorable and fluffy.

- Do What You Do Best @thundersstruck

I freaking love soft Morgan Reilly. This man needs to be captain.

- A Fruit Basket or Something @mjau29

Shy Morgan in love.

Andre Burakovsky

- Never Letting You Leave Again @hockeygods14

So cute and adorable. Andre cares so much.

- Don’t You Cry No More @thundersstruck

Soft sweet Andre. Someone just love this boy!

- Family Matters @rosey-nols

Sweet and caring Andre interacting with your fam and showing how much he loves you.

- T.M.A.B @hockeyplayerstories

Andre + baby = cuteness overload

- Traditon @prettyhockeybois

As a girl who is curvy and struggles with weight and mental health issues, this imagine means a lot to me. It makes me believe that someone like me can be with someone like Andre.

- Everything @prettyhockeybois


- Stanley What Now @n-h-limagines

They win the cup and Andre really loves you and you really love him and everyone loves you and you love everyone. Oh, and TJ Oshie is your bro(shie).

Matthew Tkachuk

- Best Friend’s Brother @love-nhl

Amazingly written with so much potential. You will definitely get sucked in.

- Win Me Over @nhl-imagines-posts

This imagine reminds me why I wish I had a boyfriend. It’s so realistic and cute. Why am I alone? I want this.

- Attached at the Hip @nhl-imagines-posts

I’m really liking possessive Matthew. I don’t know why. I was never a Matthew Tkachuk fan until I read @nhl-imagines-posts Tkachuk imagines. So good.

- Inseparable @rosey-nols

It’s so fucking beautiful 😭

Jimmy Vesey

- Rangers Youth Camp @nhl-imagines-posts

Sooooooooo cute. I absolutely love it. I’m a sucker for anything with kids interacting with hockey players. So I attached the link to part 2. A link to part 1 is in part 2.

- Mini Jimmy @write-write-fanfiction-write

I’ll say this a million more times: I’m a sucker for anything involving hockey players being sweet and children.

- Shy @diaries-of-pucks-and-purses

Cute and fluffy meet.

- Opposing Player @nhl-imagines-posts

Awkward Jimmy ❤️

- untitled request @babrielandeskog

Brady and Kevin being good friends to a love struck Jimmy.

Michael Latta

- Baby and Brobeans @nhl-imagines-posts

Absolutely adorable. A baby and the brobeans 😍 What could be better and cuter than this? Nothing.

Sebastian Aho

-Albums @nhl-imagines-posts

Cute and fluffy with bashful Sebastian.

- Board Game Night @nhl-imagines-posts

Adorable. I want this to be a real thing. Game night with Sepe, Jeff, and Teuvo? Sign me up!

Alex Nylander

- Unsteady @rosey-nols

It’s so beautiful 😭 Gentle and caring Alex is amazing.

- Mini Me @hockeyplayerstories

It’s so cute and fluffy.

Tyler Seguin

- Tyler Seguin #14 @drabblemesilly

Tyler and child. Need I say more? Adorable af.

- My Forever @puckyeahhockey

Tyler and child once again. Plus he’s an adoring husband.

- *Won’t Go Slowly @psychospeak-blog

If you haven’t read this series then there is something wrong with you because it is the greatest thing ever. The plot is fantastic and well written. Tyler is a great human being. I freaking love this so much. READ IT!!!!! (Ongoing)

- How You Get the Girl @mjau29

BFF Jamie playing cupid.

Auston Matthews

- To the Grave @thundersstruck

Another adorable af one. Auston is a total sweetheart in it.

- I Call the Shots Bub @thundersstruck

The prequel to the above. Sassy Y/N and corny Auston.

- Just Watch @two-minute-minor

Auston tries to be cool and fails. Plus Mitch meddles.

- My Person @juiceboxmatthews

What a relationship should be ❤️

- Wedding Date @alisonwritesimagines


- The Younger Marner @pacific-matthews

You and Auston trying to be a thing but you are a Marner.

- Marry Me @ronaldhainsey

This reminds me of the song Marry Me by Thomas Rett (which I love). Happy tears people.

Zach Werenski

- Babysitting @love-nhl

So freaking cute.

Elias Lindholm

- Tech Manager @nhl-imagines-posts

Funny and cute.

Colton Parayko

- Glasses @nhl-imagines-posts

Colton the big softie. Plus I have glasses so I want this.

- Under the Same Stars @macdaddymackinnon

It’s so adorable and fluffy and sweet. I love this man.

William Nylander

- The Ten Day War @whockeywhore

A series that makes your heart ache and love. The link is for part 1. All parts are in the blog’s master list.

Teuvo Teravainen

- Requested 1 @jonesygirl31


★ Request: You can’t go home for Christmas, so Tyler invites you to his house for the holiday and the two of you wind up under the mistletoe. (Paraphrased, I lost the actual request. My bad!)

★ Warnings: None

★ Note: 🎄 I LOVED this request. I got really carried away, and it’s way longer than the other Christmas imagines I’ve posted for the holidays. Oops. I really hope you guys like it. Feed back is always appreciated. :) This is the last of the Christmas imagines. I’m getting caught up on the rest of my requests, I’ll be back with a new imagine on January 8th. Merry Christmas, y’all!

★ Links: Master ListCurrent RequestsImagine Schedule

The house looked beautiful; even Tyler had to admit it, though reluctantly. He hated giving his sister’s too much credit; it went to their heads. When his sisters had arrived a few days ago, they insisted his house needed to be spruced up since he was hosting the family at his house in Dallas this year. His parents wanted to get out of the cold, so instead of Tyler flying home, the family was coming to him.

His sisters had come to town early and his parents would be flying in tomorrow. Candace claimed the house needed to be ready for Paul and Jackie when they arrived. Truthfully, he wouldn’t have bothered with the extra decorations if it hadn’t been for the fact you would be spending Christmas Eve with his family.

When you had called and told him the blizzard hitting your hometown was cancelling all flights, he had hated hearing how upset you were. Immediately he had invited you to spend Christmas with him, not thinking that it meant you would also be spending Christmas with his family; who you hadn’t met before. He was thrilled to spending the holiday with you, but he hated that it was at the expense of not being able to spend the holiday with your own family. You loved Christmas, so he was determined to make it special for you, even if that meant listening to Cassidy and Candace and letting them turn his house into a winter wonderland.

He grabbed the last box of ornaments from attic, carrying the box down two flights of stairs and into the living room where his sisters were finishing up the last of their decorating magic.

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Hockey players at restaurants 2

Waiter: how is everything tasting over here?

Hockey player: EH ARE YOU FUCKIN’ KIDDN ME BUD? This salad is a fuckin BEAUT’! eh This salad is a straight SNIPER dude!