Auston Matthews - Part 12

Who doesn’t love drama?

As we make our way back downtown to where the rest of the family is waiting, the more and more I wish that I could just stay in here with Auston. He isn’t asking me questions and he doesn’t have that smile on his face that makes me sick with guilt. Yeah, keep telling yourself those are the only reasons.

               “Almost there,” he says, I think so I can mentally prepare myself. I pull down the visor and open the mirror, trying to fix my makeup as best I can, given I only have one hand to work with, my other is still on the center console, my fingers laced with Auston’s. It isn’t a romantic gesture, it’s his only way of comforting me while he drives.

               “Do you actually pre-game nap?” I ask him, genuine curiosity getting the better of me.

               “Most of the time, though I’m not sure I will be able to today, knowing that you’re sitting in a little cheesecake bakery miserable,” he replies and I flush, a little bit of guilt in my stomach.

               “Don’t worry about me, Auston. Trust me, I’m doing enough of that for the both of us,” I say and he only tightens his hand around mine.

               “I know we don’t really know each other very well, but you’re important to my parents and my sisters, so you’re important to me,” he says, this time fully looking me in my eyes and I feel my heart beat a little faster.

               “That’s sweet of you to say,” I softly reply, ever since I got here Auston has been pretty much exactly what I pictured him being, except a thousand times better. “Just don’t mention anything to anyone.”

               “I know, not a word. But tonight, or tomorrow, you and I will talk about it. You can’t keep everything all bottled up, Y/N,” he says likes he’s fifty years older than I am.

               “Yes, dad,” I snap, thoroughly chastised.

               Auston blinks at me and then erupts into laughter. Frowning at him, I grab my water bottle and bring it to my lips to take a drink as he pulls up to one last stop light, I can see the sign for the bakery just one block in front of us.

               “Of all the ways I’ve pictured you calling me something very similar to that the last two days, that was one way I hadn’t thought about,” Auston says through his laugh.

               I splutter in my water bottle and start coughing.

               “Call you what?” I ask through my coughing, although I know full well what he meant.  

               “We will find out someday,” Auston says under his breath and something stirs inside me that I haven’t felt in a very long time and suddenly I’m aware that the playful flirting that we’ve been doing might not have been as playful as I thought.

               I make a noise back at him which makes him laugh harder and I roll my eyes as he pulls up to the curb. The Matthews’ wave from the sidewalk and I take a deep breath, grabbing my purse from the floor and Auston reluctantly lets my hand go.

               “Don’t let them upset you, Y/N, they only want you to be happy,” he says quickly before I open the door.

               “I know. If I don’t see you before your game, good luck I guess.” I say, the Leafs are above my team in the standings and I may still be a little bitter about it, no matter how pretty the team may be.

               “I’ll see you before, and thanks… I guess,” Auston replies and I can’t help but smile at him as I climb out of his car once again and step onto the curb. Just like at the university, he winks at me and waves at his family before pulling back into traffic and heading home.

               After being seated and having the biggest piece of cheesecake I’ve ever seen placed in front of me, which I plan on absolutely destroying, I answer the many questions everyone has for me in as little detail as possible. I decide to play with my words and tell them that the plans are not finalized yet, but they will call me before I go home and we will come to a final decision then. Which seems to settle down the questions a bit, even though guilt takes over my nervousness for lying to them, especially Alex.

               I realize that I’ve spent more time alone with Auston than anyone else since they picked me up from Ann Arbor. I mention this to Alex and she nods in agreement.

               “We should go do something, there’s so many things to do here. And because Auston isn’t with us, we can do touristy things like go to the tower and all that stuff,” she says, already getting her phone out and we put our heads together, planning out a route to hit all the touristy spots in a reasonable amount of time.

               After saying goodbye to Mr. and Mrs. Matthews and Breyana, who doesn’t seem to mind being left behind, we set out of the bakery and make our way deeper downtown. Like last night, it seems to be a bit of a warmer day for Toronto’s standards.

               “So Y/N,” Alex says after our first stop, I had seen a question flirting around her face for the last forty-five minutes.

               “Yes?” I ask, having a feeling I know where this is going.

               “How’s your stay been?” She asks, a funny tone in her voice.

               “My stay? You tell me, I’ve been with you the whole time and you’ve been watching me like a hawk since we got into the Toronto city limits,” I reply nonchalantly keeping my eyes straight forward, pretending to people watch.

               “I have not! I’ve been watching both of you like a hawk,” Alex says and I giggle. “Although, I did think I was being subtle about it.”

               “Yeah, so subtle,” I say sarcastically and she hits my arm playfully.

               “I can’t help it, Breyana and I had it all planned out and you’re taking longer than we would like,” she says, stopping to look in the window of a little shop.

               “I’m so sorry we aren’t falling madly in love like you apparently want us to, Alex,” I throw even more sarcasm into my words but I actually don’t mind. “I can’t even believe that you and Breyana, and apparently your mother, are even considering it.”

               “Well, we can’t help it Y/N, I think mom wants you as an actual daughter more than anything else right now. She has since Auston admitted that he had a crush on you when he was younger.” Alex says before even thinking about it. Her cheeks flush and she glances at me quickly. “Oh my god, please don’t tell him I told you that!”

               I freeze in my steps and stare at her.

               “What?” I ask dumbly.

               Alex starts nodding. “It’s true, I know you never even met him but apparently when you would go to work with your dad when he was helping out with the USHL you would sit in the stands with your books or entertain yourself with a volley ball. He said that while he knew I was your best friend he was too nervous to ever start a conversation with you.”

               I open my mouth to say something but nothing comes out. I shake my head at her and find my voice.

               “You’re just making that up. He was in Ann Arbor for what? Two years? How did I never notice him? I was there all the time with my dad,” I splutter at her, still slightly at a loss for words.

               “That’s what he said, you never noticed him. You always had your face in an Astronomy book. Apparently, a lot of the guys in that program noticed you as well and you wounded a few egos from what I hear,” Alex grabs my arm and drags me back along with her.

               “But a crush? How can you have a crush on someone you’ve never talked to?” I mutter, reluctantly letting Alex pull me along the sidewalk.

               “You didn’t notice it then and you still don’t notice it now. Crushes don’t just go away, Y/N, they might fade, but they are always there.” She says, a little impatiently. “Like right now even, the last two days he hasn’t taken his eyes off you and you are completely oblivious.”

               “Not completely oblivious,” I argue, talking under my breath but she still seems to hear me.

               “I knew it! I knew there was something there!” Alex claps her hands, clearly happy her mini plan just worked in her favor. I scowl at her and keep walking.

               “Oh, stop getting your hopes us, Alex. It’s just been friendly stuff,” I counter, avoiding her gaze knowing damn well it wasn’t just friendly stuff.

               “Yeah, whatever. You can stop avoiding looking at me, I already know you’re lying,” she glances at her watch and adds. “We have time one more stop and we should head back, gotta get ready for the game.”

Three hours later I find myself sitting between Alex and Mr. Matthews in the Air Canada Center. After getting yelled at by Alex and Breyana for half an hours, I gave in and put on a blue shirt and white scarf, ignoring the hat and Maple Leafs shirt that was shoved my way. We are sitting a few rows up, closer than they usually sit they tell me. When the Leafs and Rangers come out for the game to start the arena goes insane. The atmosphere is electric and I can feel myself getting more and more excited.

My eyes scan the players flying around the ice before the National Anthems start and my eyes land on the familiar 34. I can’t help but smile, he looks like a different person with the jersey on, his confidence visible even from here.

Like he can sense me staring at him, his eyes snap to mine and my stomach summersaults. I wink at him and I can sense movement to my side and when I glance over Mrs. Matthews is leaned forward in her seat and staring back and forth between Auston and me. I gulp and lean back in my seat, my cheeks burning. I risk another peek at Auston and see him laughing as he skates one more loop before lining up on the blue line with the other starters.

The game starts and the Leafs take an early lead, the arena is buzzing and it’s intoxicating. My favorite part of having a NHL scout as a dad is getting to tag along to hundreds of games since I was a toddler. The atmosphere of a NHL game never ever gets old, even more so when a game involves two Original Six teams. Staying neutral, I clap quietly when the Leafs score, and only stand when Alex sends me a glare. I can’t help it, it’s in my blood to dislike the Leafs, even now.

As the game wears on, in typical Leaf fashion, the Rangers tie it up late in the third and the buzzer sounds for overtime. Alex and Breyana are a nervous wreck on either side of me, both have their hands to their mouths as if in silent prayer. I sit between them and sip at my beer, unconcerned with the outcome of the game. I’m not exactly sure if that makes me a bitch or not…

The crowd stands as we reach the halfway point of overtime. I slowly follow, I catch a glance of 34 flying across the ice and I can’t help but feel a little bit of hope that he scores and instantly mentally slap myself. Sure enough, he flies down the ice, dropping the most beautiful pass I have seen all season and number 16 buries it behind Lundqvist. The entire arena goes off like a bomb, Alex and Breyana are jumping around on either side of me, and the same can be said for the sea of blue and white before me. I clap politely, not wanting to be torn to pieces of the Leaf fans surrounding me.

Mr. and Mrs. Matthews lead the way out onto the concourse and make their way towards what looks like the way down to the locker room and I stop in my tracks.

“What are you doing?” Alex asks, stopping a few feet in front of me. “Aren’t you coming?”

“Uh, no, I’d rather not,” I confess, shifting uncomfortably. “It’s just more of a family thing I guess, I’d rather just go start the car.”

“What are you talking about? You are our family,” Alex presses, the others have reached the door leading to where they need to go and are looking back at us with confused looks.

“I’m your family, Alex, not Auston’s,” I snap, annoyed. “Please, just give me the car keys. It’s just too much right now,” I add, using a softer tone this time.

Alex gives me a bewildered look but at the same time, reaches into her purse and hands over the keys to the SUV.

“We won’t be long,” Alex says quietly and I instantly feel guilty for snapping at her. I nod my head and turn on my heel, pressing into the sea of blue walking towards the front doors.

Alex POV

“Where did Y/N go?” Breyana asks when I reach them at the door.

“To the car, she wasn’t comfortable coming down here with us. Something about it being a family thing,” I reply, still feeling the sting of Y/N’s tone when she snapped at me, even though I can see her side of things. “Let’s go,” I say, gesturing at the door that we are still standing at before anyone can say anything more.

Once we reach the hallway outside the locker room, we wait patiently for Auston to come out. The other family members and friends waiting with us are buzzing from the thrilling game. When Auston appears mom kisses his cheek and dad does the weird guy thing and shakes his hand. Breyana and I both hug him and he looks around us for a moment.

“Where’s Y/N?” He asks and I see disappointment in his eyes.

“Getting the car,” I say quietly, not liking the expression on Auston’s face and silently cursing Y/N.

“Oh,” Auston says just as quietly and gives me a questioning look.

I just shrug my shoulders and shake my head.

“Don’t ask me.”

Sidney Crosby #5

Requested by @zoegalindo13:  Can you do Sidney Crosby drabble where your parents and the media don’t like the age difference?

*I was listening to Jesse Ruben’s This is Why I Need You on repeat when writing this. This is it!!! This is the Sidney Crosby I’ve been so excited about! I hope you really really like this because I LOVE IT. <3 I loved the prompt!!! Enjoy!:)*

Word count: 1, 037

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It was the loud phone ringing that woke you up. Not the movement on the bed as Sid shifted or the light that was filtering in from the slightly open bathroom door. It was the voice of Taylor Swift singing Shake It Off, your current anthem considering what’s been going on in your life.

You felt Sid reach over you to see who was calling you at four in the morning before dropping the phone back on your bedside table. His arm tightened around you and he nuzzled his nose on the crook of your neck, “your mom,” he simply said.

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Girl Scout Cookies

Connor McDavid x Reader

Team: Edmonton Oilers

Warnings: Just a bit short

POV: Second Person

Summary: Connor has a nice conversation with the girl selling cookies

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“I’ll get it!” You yelled, walking to the front door of your place. There was a little girl and who you assumed to be her father. “Hello,” 

“Hi, I’m selling girl scout cookies, do you want some?” The little girl asked, pigtails bouncing with excitement. 

“Ooh, cookies? I’d love some, let me get some money.” You smiled at the two and called for Connor, who turned the corner and walked to the door next to you. 

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So far this NHL season:

•The St. Louis Blues have had an 8 game winning streak
•The Philadelphia Flyers have had a 10 game winning streak
•The Washington Capitals have had a 10 game winning streak
•The Minnesota Wild have had a 12 game winning streak
•The Columbus Blue Jackets have had a 16 game winning streak

Generally speaking, it’s rare for a single team in the NHL to achieve an 8 game win streak throughout an entire season.

We’ve had 4 teams achieve a 10 game or higher win streak, and its only January 16th

This has been a hell of a season

Auston Matthews: Toronto Maple Leafs #34

***Austons POV***
“Come on, you are telling me that you would rather sit here and do nothing all night, alone, then go and hang out with Steph and I?” Mitch said again for the hundredth time in the last day.

“Why would I want to go and third wheel on yours and Stephs date?”

“Because it is not just me and Steph going tonight. Steph is bring on of her friends to the Jays game tonight.”

“And so you need me there because…?”

“Listen (Y/N) is a really nice girl and is completely single. She is going to be going to UoT in the fall and she needs some friends. Eventually you are going to end up meeting her so why not tonight?”


“And what?”

“And, there is always a catch to this.”

“I may have already bought an extra ticket for you, so you are coming.”

“Fine, but Mitch I swear if there is anything else,  I will kick your ass.”

***Your POV***
“Steph, I have so much unpacking to do tonight, I could come see a Jays game any other time with you. Why does it have to be tonight?”  You asked, thinking of all the other things you could be doing tonight rather then sitting here.

“Okay so there may be a catch 22 with tonight”

“Steph. What did you do.”


You looked at her, rising your eyebrows at her tone.

“Okay, well I did nothing. Mitch on the other hand I can’t account for.”

“What the hell is he going to do?”

Before Steph could answer, Mitch showed up behind her, carrying drinks and food.

“Mitchell, one of those better be for me, since you made Steph drag me here.” You stated sarcastically.

“Okay, first. We’re going to tone your attitude down. And second, keep it up and this won’t be yours if you don’t.” Mitch said putting his hands on his hips after handing you your drink and taking his seat between you and Steph. You laughed at his poor attempt to sass you, before realizing there was an extra seat between beside you. Before you could ask who the seat was for Mitch stood up.

“Hey look who decided to show! I thought you were lying when you said you were going to come! Anyways, you know me, you have already met Steph. Auston, this is (Y/N), (Y/N) this is Auston.”

You each exchanged hellos before Auston sat down. Pulling out his phone it gave you the chance to glare at Mitch and Steph. Steph noticed immediate, well it took Mitch a second to realize you were looking at him.

“What?” Mitch asked, oblivious to the disapproving look on your face.

“I know what you’re thinking Mitchell and no.” You hissed  

“I’m bot doing=g anything other than trying to enjoy a Jays game on a beautiful day.” He replied smirking.

“Mitch I’m going to wipe that smirk off your face.”

“What, you don’t trust us?”

“After last time? Not a chance in hell.”

“This time it will turn out better. I promise.”

The last time Mitch and Steph tried to set you up it went terrible. Mitch decided that you were lonely and needed a boyfriend. So he decided that Matthew Tkachuk would be the perfect guy being the newest recruit to the London Knights. You went on a couple dates and it was all going well until you found out 10 months into the relationship that he had been cheating on you for 2 months. You swore you would never date anyone else that they tried to set you up with. Let alone one of Matthews friends and American team mates.

After the game was over all you wanted to do was go home. But Steph had the idea to go out to dinner. You couldn’t take another hour sitting next to Auston again. For the first few innings you had tried to be polite by making small talk. Asking him how he liked Toronto so far. And how hockey was going. But quickly conversation died off and the rest of the game was spent in uncomfortable silence, while Mitch kept yelling in your ear when unfair calls were made.

Reluctantly you agreed to going out for dinner, considering the restaurant was close by you all decided to walk. Mitch and Steph walking hand in hand, well you and Auston trailed behind.

Auston was the first to brake the science. “How long have you known Mitch and Steph?”

“Steph and I grew up next door to each other. So when she started dating Mitch, he and I became friends.” You nodded at your answer unsure what to do now.

When you arrived at the restaurant, you were seated quickly, Steph must have noticed your discomfort during the game an decided to sit next to you in the booth, but yet you were still seated across from Auston.

“What are you going to study at UoT (Y/N)?” Auston asked.

“I’m going all the way through for criminology and physiology.”


“It’s a fancy term for studying crimes and criminals. It’s kind of like a detective and forensic anthropologist in one.”

“What’s the physiology for?”

“It’s the study of the body and the mind of living organisms.”

“How long have you been interested in this stuff?”

“Since she first started to fry bugs in the backyard with a magnifying glass” Steph chimed in from beside me. “She was the freaky kid next door that no one wanted to play with.”  She laughed.

“I wasn’t that bad.” You mumbled under your breath, embarrassed that Auston knew that now. No you shouldn’t feel embarrassed, why should you care what he thinks of you.  (Y/N) you can’t fall for him. Young lifted your gaze from where it was on your drink well you played with the straw, well Steph was talking about what you used to do when you were younger.  Auston was looking at you. Your eyes met for a brief second before Mitch coughed. Your eyes shifted to Mitch’s gaze.  Gosh you wanted to lean across the table and wipe that smirk off his face.

“Is there a problem Mitchell?”

“No not at all (Y/N).” The smirk still present on his face.  Auston looked between the three of you, knowing that he was clearly missing something.  You excused your self from the table and walked outside.  

“I told you this was a bad idea Mitch.”  You heard Steph say, knowing her she would be right behind you following you out the door.

“(Y/N), (Y/N), I’m sorry okay. I told Mitch it wasn’t a good idea and I should have pressed harder. But please don’t take it out on Auston he’s a really nice guy and totally oblivious to what Mitch and I were trying to do.” She said catching up to you.

“You know he’s friends with with Matthew. I’m not about to date another hockey player, let alone one of Matthews friends. You know what it did to me and I’m not about to put myself through that again!” You looked up to go and see a person appear behind Steph. You sucked in a breath hoping he didn’t hear much of what you had just said.

“(Y/N) what are you staring at- oh.” She said well turning around. “Well, I think that it would be best if I give you two a minute.” She said heading back to the restaurant to re-join Mitch.

“I’m sorry, I, I, I um I don’t know how much you hear, but it’s nothing personal that I have against you its just that…” You trailed off with Auston still looking at you, you on the other hand couldn’t take your eyes off the ground.

“I didn’t completely know what Mitch was up to when he asked me to come the game today. Although he did tell me that you were going to be coming. It wasn’t until a few minutes ago that I realized what he was trying to do. But I guess his masterminded plan didn’t work very well.” You smiled and laughed. “ No it didn’t.”

“Listen (Y/N), I’ve known Matthew most of my life, and ya he can be a dick sometimes and it sounds like he hurt you pretty bad. But I don’t plan on hurting you and I would really like a chance. Just not with whatever plan Mitch had in mind that plan is probably crazy based on how today went. But just a date and if you don’t like how the first one goes you don’t have to go out with me again. We can then just be friends.” He said smiling.

You pressed your lips together thinking for a moment. “Okay, Matthews. I will go on a date with you.”



“Are you two done yet or can we leave now?” Mitch called from the doors. You and Auston looked over to see Steph smack him in the back of the head. You looked up at Auston and smiled. “Ya we can leave now.” You called over.


3 days later there was a knock on your door.

“I’m coming!” You called well running to the door. You opened it to reveal Auston with a bouquet of flowers.

“Woah, slow down Speedy Gonzales where’s the fire?” He laughed.

“Hi!” You smiled

“Hi, you look nice. Um these are for you.” He handed you the flowers.

“Thank you. You look nice too.”

“Are you ready?” He asked holding out his hand. You accepted his hand and closed your door behind you.

You nodded before walking down the hallway and stepping into a new relationship.