nhl valentine

Petals - Andre Burakovsky

words: 594

You’ve always hated Valentines day. It’s all so commercial and if you’re being honest, you’ve never had a good experience on the day. In high school you weren’t really into the whole relationship thing. Which was fine, until Valentines Day when all of your friends were on dates and you were at home binge watching Friends and watching them be in love. Last year was your first real valentines day, and of course, Andre was on a road trip. Since you had class, you couldn’t go with him.

But this year, Andre was completely free. You had no class, no work, just a little brunch with your mom, then home to your handsome boyfriend.  Maybe this Valentines Day will change your mind about the whole thing.


You arrive at your apartment around seven. Andre had left some cash for you this morning, and a note telling you to treat yourself and that you couldn’t come home until seven because he needed time to do something special for you.

As you entered the apartment, all of the lights were dimmed and you heard some soft music coming from the bedroom. As you walk down the hallway you roll your eyes at the cliche trail of rose petals. As you stepped into the room, you smiled as you saw him sitting on the end of the bed, in one of his nicest suits.

When he sees you he stands to his feet, smiling as wide as possible, showing off his pearly whites.

“Hi,” you say meekly, not really sure how to react to the rose petals all over. “So, what are we doing?”

He smiles again before his his eyes rake up and down your body and he answers. “We, are gonna take a warm bath and drink champagne.”

“You know, you don’t have to go through all this trouble just to get me naked,” you reply wittily, moving closer to him and removing his suit jacket.

“Well of course, but if I didn’t do something special and cliche, then it wouldn’t be a valentines gift. I know you don’t like the commercial bits of today so I just thought we could do something normal, but with roses and alcohol.” At this point you weren’t even listening, you were too busy undressing him and kissing all over his toned chest. He chuckled at your eagerness and began to remove your clothes, until anything and everything you’re wearing is discarded somewhere. Before you know it, he’s scooping you up and carrying you into your master bathroom.

The bath was already drawn with even more rose petals floating in the water and champagne glasses set out on the counter. He sets you down and helps you into the large tub before grabbing the glasses and the champagne bottle and settling in himself. After two glasses of champagne and talking about your days and just random things that were on your mind, he gestured for you to come to come and cuddle up to him. You oblige and lay in the tub with him, settled between his legs with your back against his chest.

He sets his glass down and wraps his arms around you, kissing your neck and letting his hands roam your bare skin. You move your head to the side to give him more access and he continues to leave hickies on your delicate skin. As his hand disappears into the water, brushing against your skin all the way down, it’s as if the world is gone and you’re the only two people in existence.

A/N Ummmm okay so Happy belated Valentines Day. Here’s an unedited V-day imagine that was supposed to be smut but is now just a big tease because I like to torture you all. Oops!