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Idk if anyone had made this headcanon yet, but I present to you: NHL prospect Chris “Chowder” Chow.

Listen, NCAA hockey is no joke. So many of the best NHL players went NCAA first. You get to develop your game and go to school at the same time. And if Chowder is really as good as it seems, playing D1, you best bet he was on the radar for the NHL scouts.

He actually grew up a Boston Bruins fan, because both his parents are both from the Boston area originally. But right out of high school, before he came to Samwell, Chowder was drafted into the NHL. To the San Jose Sharks.

It explains his love on a whole new level. He’s more than just a hockey fan from California. He’s the chosen one of an NHL organization. Their top goalie prospect. The future of their team.

Just. NHL prospect Chowder.

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Prompt prompt prompt! Hockey!au in which Damen accidentally injures Auguste during a Stanley Cup final and takes him out of the game for good (concussion or neck injury or otherwise) and Laurent is the small, speedy player who snipes goals and has the foulest mouth on the ice, and who is determined to avenge his big brother and lead his team to victory (and Damen's heart). <3

Damen’s been watching tape for almost an hour now, and he’s not sure if he’s more depressed on behalf of his own D-men or just flat-out entranced. Of all the rookies to be picked up, and by all the teams. This season is going to be…interesting.

The figure skating background is obvious, but it enhances de Vere rather than holding him back. He’s nimble and flexible, he takes shots from angles that look physically impossible, and he’s one of the fastest skaters Damen’s ever seen. Damen pauses the tape; de Vere is a blur, gliding on one blade through a gap in the defence that nobody else would even consider to be a gap.

“I think I’m in love,” Damen says to the television.

“That would be inconvenient,” says a voice from behind him.

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