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The days leading up to the Deadline in a nutshell:
  • NHL Team: We're not looking to trade [insert player here] at the deadline.
  • *Two days later*
  • NHL team: *Trades player they said they weren't interested in trading two days ago*

ghostpunkers  asked:

hey i was just wondering, like, how u met all the stars players??? me and my friend are driving to dallas next week the pens game and i know that people met players in the hallways beofre games and i have no idea how they get there????? i just,,, wanna make the most out of the trip were taking and see if we can met anyone u know?

I’ve only ever met them at their practice facility. Thy have practices open to the public and then you wait afterwards and a few of the guys come out and sign and take pictures. The practice is usually about an hour long and then they’ll come out usually for an hour and a half. So I’m usually there for about 2-3 hours. Practice schedule is here! https://www.nhl.com/stars/team/practice-schedule
Good luck!

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