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Let Check Please Characters Have Different Professions 2k17

some suggestions for fields/professions/specific jobs just so we can mix things up:


  • a food critic
  • a sommelier (wine expert - he got the palate for it)
  • marketing
  • editor
  • cookbook author
  • nutritionist 
  • i know he doesn’t like to study but imagine him as a college prof please it’s so cute guys
  • literally anything other than a baker/working in a bakery/owning a bakery like i know it makes sense but let him do other things pls


  • gm for a hockey team
  • author
  • physical therapist
  • model
  • any kind of coach
  • athletic director for a university
  • the guy who comes up with those ridiculously specific stats for NHL.com (ex: at one point the Blue Jackets won their last five games on dates with repeating numbers. (ex: 1/1, 2/2, 3/3, 4/4, etc.)
  • shout out to all the historian!jack fics out there


  • museum curator
  • literally any management position
  • gallery owner
  • industrial designer
  • graphic designer
  • jewelry designer idk
    • there’s a post somewhere about her designing nhl goalie masks and i love that idea so much but i cannot find the post
  • don’t just say she’s an artist, give her something specific to do


  • writer for How to Get Away with Murder specifically
  • law school prof
  • journalist
  • community activist/organizer
  • politician
  • lobbyist
  • there are so many subsets of law! don’t just make him a lawyer - have him do family law or immigration or environmental or contract or real estate or hell, just state if he’s in prosecution or defense 


  • nhl referee
  • sports analyst
  • hedge fund manager
  • radio personality
  • voice actor
  • auctioneer 
  • screenwriter 
  • stay at home dad


  • biomedical engineer
  • nutritionist 
  • zoologist
  • college prof (courtesy of @nicepasses )
  • something in sports medicine/orthopedics 
  • and if you do make him a doctor there are so many interesting specializations! also, remember that med school and residency take a long time - he’s not going to be an established doc until late 20′s at the earliest 
    • A L S O - Ransom is Canadian and I feel like the healthcare differences between the US and Canada will probably affect his schooling/job?? does anyone have more information about this?


  • playwright
  • journalist
  • copywriter
  • freelance writer
  • editor of either books or online publications
  • teacher or professor (he could create the Woke Poets Society)
  • defenseman in the nhl (where are the NHL!nursey fics??)


  • CIA analyst (idk where this one came from but it sounds interesting)
  • app developer
  • tech expert/the guy who reviews the newest products and tears them apart like can you imagine him grumpily telling the internet why macs are too expensive?? perf
  • handyman or mechanic 
  • nanny (does he actually have a thousand siblings or is that fandom lore?)
  • the angriest google employee


  • the new sun when ours inevitably burns out
  • honestly i’m 100000000% here for NHL chowder 
  • game developer
  • goalie coach
  • video coach for an nhl team
  • there are literally so many jobs in tech that i do not know about so I will just but the ubiquitous ‘Coder’ whatever that means
  • consultant
  • engineer
  • crow: has a history of concussions
  • crow: takes a weber slapper clean off the mask
  • crow: drops like he's been... shot...
  • crow: looks wobbly and out of it getting up
  • concussion spotter: yeah you can stay in

Lardo low-key starts designing goalie masks for NHL players.

It starts kinda accidentally with Snowy. The SMH crew goes to visit Jack in Providence one weekend. They take in a game and then hang out afterwards with some of the Falconers.

At some point, Chowder is excitedly telling Jack about his new mask that Lardo designed for him and how sawesome it is (even if it still only has one shark) and Snowy overhears. Snowy needs a new mask and has been looking for something different (there’s only so much you can do with a Falcon and a small city like Providence). He convinces Lardo to sketch something for him really quick and she comes up with something really cool and unique. Snowy sends it off to his usual guy and starts wearing the new mask as soon as it’s ready.

People start noticing his new look and ask him about it. The style is a bit different but really amazing and unlike what he used to wear. He only says a friend designed it for him because he knows Lardo doesn’t really want to design goalie masks for lots of people. She is still in school and needs to focus on that. She only did his as a one time thing while they were talking that time.

Lardo ends up randomly designing a couple more for Snowy that are just as cool and a few other goalies eventually find out who designed the masks and get Lardo to do one or two for them.

It’s never a full fledged career for her, just another facet of her art and something she grows to enjoy doing for various NHL goalies when the mood strikes her. But very few people ever know it’s Lardo who designs the masks.


in the honor of nhl season starting tODAY, here are my old and new goalie drawings