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I burst out laughing when I read about the chadsonas, does Viktor ask Yuuri one day if he knows any Chads because fandom obsession with Chads still confuses him even though he's Yuuri n°1 fan?

I feel like this is a question Victor would ask Phichit, because it doesn’t take a lot of observation to realize you could be throwing down hints to the effect of YUU-UUU-UUUU-RI-III-III LETS CUDDLE ALL NIGHT I’M SO LONELY PLEASE LOVE ME and watch them sail over his dear precious head (and then Yuri apologizes for stealing the dog. The dog was not stolen. The dog is a WORTHLESS TRAITOR) so even if Yuri did know a Chad he probably didn’t know who that Chad was. If you see the difference.

“This is my Chadsona he’s half Japanese and half Russian and won silver in the JGP before he decided to play hockey. He has ten dogs and platinum blond hair. His eyes are gray and he is super built. He met Yuri Katsuki in a JGP event and has spent the last ten years trying to get to be good enough to win the Stanley cup for his Yuricchi. I didn’t Photoshop him, I made a composite image of my headcanon. Don’t steal!!!!”


12/2/2017: Dylan Strome roofs his first NHL goal on home ice.