nhl goaltending


I stand apart from the rest.

I stand as the last line of defence.

I stand in the way of what every player wants most.

I am a dream wrecked. A momentum killer. A goal robber.

In my world every puck is a threat, every puck carrier, an accomplice.

I defend my net on the principle that it is my home and that nothing comes in uninvited. Every save I make fuels the next and every crease I protect is my own. I am satisfied only after I stop everything.


Dear most of the NHL, associated publications, and definitely NBC,

Please shut the fuck up about Dallas and its goaltending. I realize that it is not a terribly conventional system, but we finished second in the league in the regular season and won seven playoff games.

That is not by accident.

And the goaltender that you like to shit on the most? Half those regular season wins were his, as were all the playoffs.

Are our goaltending numbers Braden Holtby good? No. But you know what? Dallas has a very offense-minded system. That means that sometimes when the score looks like a tire fire, it’s not the net minder’s fault.

Please fuck right off very sincerely,

PS - even if we let in a very respectable two goals, we would have lost to the Blues. That in itself would imply the problem wasn’t only the back end (or maybe you expect Kari to score too - oh wait, he is the active points leader amongst goaltenders).