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Drought- Aaron Ekblad

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Ok so seriously Aaron Ekblad has no right looking like that ok? I don’t know what is going on in Florida, but I apparently need some of that water. Anyway! I like how this one turned out and I really hope you guys do too! So enjoy!

Warning: mentions teen pregnancy

Anon Request: One with your son , the 1st nhl draft pick, is having a goal drought and he is really depressed about it and his dad Aaron ekblad helps him out?


              You winced as the door slammed shut behind your son.

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hey so i did say this before but i just wanna make sure everyone knows: i’m gonna be going to the nhl awards/expansion draft on june 21st! if anyone else is planning on going hmu!

“Being the first Chinese player, there’s a lot of pressure from people back home. Good pressure. I hope that’ll motivate me to become a better player and hopefully I’ll make them proud” - Andong Song, the first Chinese-born player drafted in the NHL (Selected 172nd overall by the New York Islanders)


Top 3 prospects from the last decade

NHL!Bitty, Part VI -  ‘The Code’

Origin: From Samwell to Seattle | Pens!AU | Part I - Hug Check | Part II - Chirping |  Part III - Post-Season | Part IV - RPF | Part V - Dating | 

Eric’s teammates are protective of their highly-publicized rookie. Maybe a little too protective. So, when a closeted!Jack gets flirty and starts flustering Eric on the ice, his Schooner teammates conclude that Zimmermann must be harassing Eric and decide to act accordingly. Leaping to Eric’s defense: starting goalie Markus Bay and defenseman Carter Morin. 

(TW: hockey violence, little bit of blood, big ol’ misunderstandings)

“You seeing this?”

Morin slaps Markus on the shoulder and jerks a thumb toward Zimmermann, who is skating determined circles around Bittle. He stops stretching and watches the Falconers forward come close, say something to Eric, and skate away quickly. This happens twice, each time, Bittle flushes and looks upset, but seems to brush it off and go back to his warm-up drills.

“Do you know what he’s saying?” Markus asks, hoping for some kind of reasonable explaination.

“No, but, just watch, man.”

Zimmermann comes in close again, this time with Mashkov in tow, and Eric doesn’t flinch, but he does something, skating away quickly as the two Falconers laugh. Again, Bittle looks uncomfortable.

“Didn’t they play together?” Markus asks. “Why’s Zimmermann being a dick now?”

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this whole video is pure gold