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Mitch Marner -Prank ft. Auston Matthews

I finished mixing the corn syrup and red food coloring so I poured some of it on my hands touching the walls making it look like a struggle happened.

Before I did any of this though, I called mom and told her about it so she would not freak out if Mitch called her.

After all of that I pushed over some of the tables and put fake broken glass on the ground and put a sticker on the window making it look broken. I then took my door off the first hinge and made my door knob look broken. Then going to the kitchen to get a small fake knife I had gotten from the dollar store before dipping that in the fake blood and leaving it in the hallway.

I made sure my camera was set up and hidden.

You see, I’m doing the ‘dead sister prank’ on my brother Mitch for my YouTube channel. I had asked them what they wanted me to do and this was what they chose.

I then proceeded to put the ‘blood’ on the front and back of my shirt. Then I used a small mop to drag the ‘blood’ along the hallway.

After that I waited till about ten minutes before I knew Mitch and Auston were going to be home to make sure I was positioned on my bedroom floor correctly.


“Sis were….Where are you?! Are you okay?!” I hear Mitch yell as he walks in the front door.

“Mitch why are yo……..What the hell? Where is your sister?” I hear Auston ask in a very rushed tone before I heard two pair foot steps running more like thumping toward my room.

“Sis?” Mitch asks as he opens my door.

“Mitch?!” I hear Auston yell

“What?” Mitch asks before I hear his footsteps near my spot on the floor.

“Oh my god…..Sis? Sis?” Mitch yells shaking me.

“Auston, get my mom on the phone!” I hear him yell.

“Mom! It’s (Y/n) she’s hurt! I think she might be dead! What do I do?” I hear Mitch sob.

“Mitch, calm down it is only a joke. She is fine.” I hear my mom say to him.

“Okay, thank you mom.”

“You can sit up now.” Mitch says.

So I do.

“(Y/n) Marner!”


“Don’t “hey” me. I thought you were dead! I thought I lost my best friend! Do you know how worried I was?!“ He yells. That was when I noticed the tear tracks on he and Auston’s faces.

“Look, I’m really sorry Mitchy it was just supposed to be a joke. I took it to far and I’m sorry. By the way Auston is right there how would you lose him if you guys are always in the exact same room.” I say as I get up hugging Mitch and wiping the tears off his face kissing him on the cheek in a sisterly way. Before moving on to Auston and giving him a hug, wiping his tears with my sleeves.

“I’m really sorry guys. On the bright side. Now we can all clean up like a family.” I say with a bright smile.

To which Auston and Mitch just raised an eyebrow before leaving.

“Love our family bonding!” I yell down the hallway at them.


Afterwards I felt really bad but, I made it up to them by making there favorite foods all week.

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can we please get rid of the idea that you have to play hockey in order to know the game because that’d be nice

Jamie Benn #6

Requested by Anon:  Would you please write a story where Jamie Benn is reminiscing about how he met his wife as he drives her to the hospital to have their first child. He was trying to keep his wife calm reminding her how fitting it was that it’s snowing since they met when he rescued her after she lost control of her car and got stuck in a small ditch in a rare Dallas snowstorm.

*I’M BACK!!!! Thank you so much for this. I hope you like this one, I love love Jamie!! <3 Also what do you think of that facial hair, eh? Enjoy!! :)*

Word count: 897

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Jamie had that wistful look on his face that he only gets when he’s remembering a particularly special memory. You’ve seen that look when he talks about the first time he skated in front of his mom, the first time he played an NHL game with his brother, the day he proposed, things like that – and he has it now. You are one for reminiscing and stuff but this not the right place and time to look back on the last ten years or whatever because in between ice chips and contractions, you can’t stop this baby from popping out of you in a few hours.

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Big Brother - Zach Werenski (#24)

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Ugh I love Zach so shoutout to all the requests I’m getting that are for him!!!  Big big fan!! Hope you guys enjoy, let me know what you think!! Much love! <3

Word count: 761

Warnings: like one swear word

Requests: “Could u do another zach werenski where you play hockey too and meet his brother brad? :)” - @brooke5bb


“You’re coming to my game tonight right babe?” you asked your boyfriend as you got dressed to go to the rink.

“Of course! Wouldn’t miss it for the world!” he smiled from his spot on the bed.

You walked over, pressing a gentle kiss to his lips then made your way out of the bedroom.  Just as you had passed through the door way Zach called out, “also my brother Brad’s coming to the game tonight, he’s in town for the next couple days!”

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