nhl awards red carpet

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: auston matthews brought his mom as his date to the NHL awards. i mean he could've brought anyone. but as the good boy and son he is he brings his beloved mom whom we all love and adore. if you don't adore ema matthews then you are clearly lying to yourself. and knowing the pride she feels for auston and the respect auston has for ema. you know they are very close. AND !!!! HE !!! BROUGHT !!! HER !!! AS !!!! HIS !!! DATE !!!! TO !!! THE !!! NHL !!! AWARDS !!!! AND !!! RED !!! CARPET !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It’s great, best thing in the world. She is two months old almost and everyday something new. I miss her because I’ve been here for seven days. It’s just awesome.
—  Tuukka Rask on his new daughter on the red carpet at the NHL Awards