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Many of you guessed it, and now we’re thrilled to confirm ~ the Harajuku icon that we will be collaborating with very soon is the wonderful, one and only, HARUKA KUREBAYASHI!! o(≧∇≦o) ♡

@kurebayashiii, also known as “90884”, embodies all that is Harajuku, and is well known for her amazingly creative signature looks incorporating decora, pop kei and other colourful styles. She is a fashion designer, a performer with her own band, and also a model – you may have spotted her in KERA magazine, modelling for LISTEN FLAVOR, featuring on NHK World’s Kawaii International show, and starring in makeup tutorials for Kawaii Pateen.

Dreamy Bows is beyond excited that Kurebayashi has teamed up with us, and we can’t wait to show you the range of collaboration items we’ve been working on with her! We’ll be unveiling them in the weeks leading up to HYPER JAPAN, where the range will be launched at our pop-up shop. °˖✧◝(⁰w⁰)◜✧˖° Please stay tuned for another exciting detail about this collaboration, being announced very soon!!


Fashion glasses are popular in Japan right now?  Is that why Persona 5’s protagonist wore fashion glasses?

So the I finally got around to watching the Kawaii.I episode featuring me. Absolutely disappointing. I didn’t expect it to be all sparkles and giggles, but to act as if I can’t speak Japanese is really astounding.
Let me just say this, I don’t want to come off as “messy” or negative, but I value my self respect 1000000x more than any level of fame or validation.

The journalists working with them were “fluent” in English(wink wink). Most of the time I had to speak Japanese or they had to ask me questions in Japanese, with me responding in English(for the program) because of this. They cut out 90% of my Japanese speaking parts, because apparently I’m just some silly negro who can’t speak the language I’ve been studying for nearly a decade now.

As I stated in my Facebook post, I really hate media. I’m probably going to end up in a cringe compilation because they picked to edit it in such a misleading way. Their western journalist even said that this reminded her of VICE because it showed reality. No. It was highly manipulated to fit a pre-written script, they had in mind. Just like all Japanese tv, and western TV too.

I’m not super famous, I’m not super fluent in Japanese and I’m not super amazing. But I feel absolutely insulted that I worked MONTHS with this company, letting them come to my school and spend hours of filming with no pay, to be portrayed in such a manipulated way.

But media is just fake I guess :/

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NHK World's Kawaii international was on dansou/cross-dressing/boy-style this week, featuring trends, advice on fashion, hair and make-up, and interviews of models and other people who cross-dress.

Fudanjuku’s part starts around 12:20 and they appear again later to help a girl try out dansou. They’ve been doing this a lot recently!