Kill Hannah NHFX Recap

Night 1

I arrived at JBTV at 4 o'clock since the show didn’t start until 7. Since barely anyone was watiting, I decided to go grab something to eat. While waiting at a stoplight, a man said “hey guys.” That man was Dan (the guitarist). He had a starbucks cup in his hand and he kindly gave Ashley and I directions to the nearest Starbucks where we grabbed coffee for an hour before walking back to the venue. 

We got back to the venue at about 5:30 and waited to be let into JBTV. Of couse, Kill Hannah time happened and we ended up entering the studio at 8:30. KH was great and did a ton of old songs. 

Night 2

Night 2 ruled. We got to the Crimson Lounge at 5 since doors opened at 6. There was a huge line already, so we simply waited since we didn’t really care to be in the front. Lisa (Kill Hannah’s fanclub manager/amazing person) grabbed us and took us up front to be first in line. Didn’t ask for it, it just happened. Reasons like that are why the KH family are amazing and why KH will always hold a dear place in my heart. Lisa, if you’re reading this, thank you.

The acoustic set was great but somewhat short. The silent auction took place and I was outbid on everything I wanted. Being poor sucks. 

I then waited to talk to Mat who immediately bear hugged me, asked me how I was and how school was. The fact that this man remembers my name and knows weird shit about me astounds me. 

I then went to the merch booth to see if any new merch was available. Nothing new. :(. But Raychel was there manning the booth so we chatted for a good 30 minutes. I then left.

Night 3

Let me preface this by saying I usually arrive at NHFX shows SUPER EARLY. Like 5 AM early. However, I was exhausted, so I decided to go in the afternoon and hope that not many people were there. I got there at 1 PM where there was a line of about 10 people. House of Blues had an indoor line so I didn’t have to freeze my ass off for 6 hours.

While waiting, I chatted with a few new KHKers who were awesome. At about 3, Lisa took us to the soundcheck where the guys played 4 songs.

We then went back in line and waited for another few hours. Finally at 6, doors opened and we ran to the barrier (first time getting it at a NHFX show since little bitches usually end up sneaking in front of me).

KH put on a killer set with old stuff they rarely play, namely Race The Dream, He Believes In Time Machines and Hyperactive. Mat kept smiling at me and reached out a few times. I made a point to be on Greg’s side of the stage. That man jumps so fucking much during shows it is insane,

They played Black Poison Blood and I cried. Favorite song on my favorite night of the year = perfect.

The setlist was as follows:

After the show, I met up with Erica, Agata and Susan and we went to get food at 7-11. We then went home and passed out.

KH played their best set I have ever seen and after seeing them 27 times, I think that is quite impressive.

I cannot wait for next year. 

<3 :)

Here’s some photos from my phone: