I don’t like to have you guys see something outside of this blog, but this is important.

I’ve been going and going to catch up on asks, but this has been bugging me so much. Listen up if you’ve got a kitty that you know and love. Onions are super toxic to cats. There was a fair in my town recently, and one of my few remaining friends and I got a “blooming onion”. I dropped a piece and my dad’s cat, who I lovingly call a trash compactor, ate it right up. I didn’t think of anything until the morning after when he started throwing up. Now, he does that sometimes, so I didn’t think much about it. But it continued into today. When I called the vet, they told me to watch him. If he didn’t eat or ate and then threw up again, we’d have to bring him to an animal hospital.

We’re lucky. He didn’t. He’s fine and showing no other symptoms. I could have lost him because of something I didn’t know. My ignorance could have killed my baby boy. I just don’t want any of you to have to deal with this. Onions are in lots of things. Please be careful what you feed your kitties. Even small amounts are toxic.

I love him to bits. It would be awful to have lost him. Protect your kitties.

Run Away With Me~ (Rus x Reader - Commission)

(Commission for dtk-imagines! They wanted something sweet and fluffy with Rus and a Reader, with Reader singing a song for Rus (well practicing) and not knowing he was eavesdropping and heard everything! I hope you like it DTK!)


Rus teleported into the living room of his and his s/o’s home with a quiet sigh. His job had let him off early and he couldn’t wait to just pull you against his chest and cuddle the heck out of you. He glanced around as he kicked his sneakers off by the couch then went to go find you. Your jacket was on the hook by the door, so were your keys, so you had to be home.

He tilted his skull to the side a bit when he heard quick steps back and forth and your voice talking in a hushed tone coming from your shared bedroom. He figured you were on the phone and that he should give you your privacy but you sounded nervous so he smothered his shame for listening in on you with his genuine worry.

But when he glanced around the corner you were pacing next to the bed and telling yourself that you could do this. Whatever ‘this’ was Rus didn’t know but he felt worry crease his bony features. But that worry turned into confusion when you stopped, back to him, and cleared your throat before pressing a button on your music player, causing gentle music to play through the room and out into the hall with him.

Then you started to sing carefully.

“Let me catch my breath…”

“This is really hard!
Heh, if I start to look like I’m sweating well…
it’s because I am…”

Rus felt kind of bad for watching you sing when you looked like you probably wanted to be alone for this. But he just couldn’t look away or stop listening. Your voice kinda wobbled and you sounded more nervous than he’s ever seen you. But…you sounded like an angel to him. His angel~ So he continued on listening.

“I’m…not good with words.
But that’s nothing new.
Still I have to try to explain
what it is I want to do
with you…
with yoooou…

Run away with me~”

Rus felt his soul pulse at the words, but he told himself not to get too excited. He told himself this song probably wasn’t for him. That you could have chosen it at random and just wanted to practice for whatever reason. But…that happy feeling didn’t fully leave him as he listened to you sing on.

“Let me be your ride out of town!
Let me be the place that you hide,
we can make our lives on the go!

Run away with me~”

You spun around and he ducked out of view so you wouldn’t see him but he needn’t have bothered because your eyes were closed and you were smiling as your voice raised in volume as you sang louder, unknowingly letting your one monster audience hear you better.

“Texas in the summer is cool!
We’ll be on the road like
Jack Kerouac,
looking back,

Rus, are you ready?
Let’s goooooo!…Anywheeeeere…
Get the car packed and
throw me the keys!

Run away with me~”

Rus’ bones started to shake in startled glee but he held his arms around his ribs to silence them so you wouldn’t hear. His soul started glowing through his chest and pulsed as his happiness grew. You…you were singing this song for him! Him!

“Rus, I know it’s fast…
But I’m in love with you!!
Rus, it’s crazy but…

Rus, I’m crazier for yooou~

I have these plans,
Rus, I have these plans!
Of a house that we build on a bay
when we run awaaaaaay~!”

You giggled and twirled as you sang, your sock covered feet helping you slide along the wood floors with ease. Rus watched you with literal hearts in his eyes, feeling so much adoration for you he thought he might just burst. God, you loved him! YOU loved HIM! He wanted to run out and kiss you but he didn’t want you to stop singing either, so he waited.

“Let me be your ride out of town,
let me be the place that you hide,
we can make our lives on the go!

Run away with meee!

Alabama heat, sign me up!
We’ll be on the road
like some country song,

won’t be long!
Rus, you’re ready!

Let’s gooooo….anywheeeere~

Get the car packed
and throw me the key!

Run away with me~”

Your voice softened and you continued in a gentler tone, this part of the song obviously tugging at your heartstrings. Rus gripped the front of his hoodie where he soul rested under his ribs and he watched you bow your head as you sang,

“I’m not trying to
make you a husband here,
I’m not trying to tie you doooown.

I’m just saying there might be a life here,
a new one as soon as we run!
Just as soon as we run!”

He watched in lovestruck awe as you tilted your head back and belted with all the feeling you could muster,

“Ruuun Awaaaaaaaaay~!

Run away with me!
California dreams, here we come!
Juliet is calling for Romeo!
Ready, set, Rus! You’re ready!

Let’s goooooooo~! Aaaaanywheeeeeere~!

Say the word and I’m already theeeeere!

…..Run away with me~”

Your voice was almost a whisper for the last line and when the music ended Rus stepped out of his spot in the hall and clapped for you, huge smile on his face. Which just made you squeal in terror before spinning around. You stared at him in shock before your face flushed red and you covered your heated face with both hands and yelled into your palms.

“Oh my GOD! You weren’t supposed to be home for another hour!!!”

You ducked for the bed and tried to crawl under the blanket but Rus laughed and pulled you out and started pressing bony kisses all over the backs of your hands. Finally he pulled your hands away and kissed you with every ounce of passion and love he had in his whole body.

You tried to move away, too embarrassed to function, but then slowly gave in and kissed him back with equal adoration. Before either of you knew it you had your arms wrapped around each other in an amorous embrace. Before things could go any further he pulled back, arms still snug around you and breathed,

“Let’s go on a road trip~”

Your blush deepened but before you could even think of offering some witty retort he was back on you, kissing you senseless and pulling sighs of bliss from you. Looked like a road trip was in order.

Confession time: given the amount of time I spend thinking about the skelebros, I have achieved weird sibling status with all of them mentally

To the point where I sometimes have a hard time understanding why people want to date them

Like, take Stretch for example. “You wanna date this jackass? Dude, never washes his hoodie and last week he drank all the milk and then put the empty carton back”

I have too much dirt on all of them

There is no going back

cyber-ace  asked:

I just had the weirdest idea of the song 'Left Brain, Right Brain' where either Black is left brain and Blue is right brain or Fell is left brain and either Rus or Papy are right brain. I have no idea why and I keep laughing because of it.


Also I fucking love Bo Burnham. Seriously. I want to show Make Happy during adult movie night, but I fear that it’s too offensive and people won’t like him haha