Detangling Natural Hair After Removing Braids

This weekend, my little sis removed her box braids and needed help detangling her hair, so I offered to help. I thought that doing so would be a great learning experience and experiment for the both of us. 

Before the take-down:

  • Told my little sis to deep condition the night before to make taking the braids down the next day easier, and to make her hair less susceptible to breakage 

After the take-down:

  • Her hair was pretty matted at the roots (as you can see in the third picture above). So, I decided to mist water on the section I was working on and then gently separate the matted hair to get the dirt to come apart.
  • After that, I used a combination of water, Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle conditioner (for slip), and organic apple cider vinegar to finger detangle my little sister’s hair. I added the ACV because it acts as a natural detangler. It also helps to melt much of the dirt/buildup away.
  • After all sections were fully detangled, I trimmed her ends and applied coconut oil to each section for an overnight pre-poo to prep her hair for wash day in the morning. 

And that is it! The detangling process after the braid removal took a total of approximately 3 hours–and no combs were needed. I’m really happy that we were able to successfully detangle her hair. It was actually painless. This method should also work for twists, and other types of styles requiring the use of extensions. I hope this helps!

Internet friends😇

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Why I Stretch My Natural Hair:

I don’t have loose curls or waves. My kinks are very tight, coarse, and thick and they shrink to about 75% my actual length. 

If I do not stretch my hair, whether I’m detangling, styling, and especially washing, I will get lots of knots and tangles because my strands tend to curl up on themselves. I learned this lesson the hard way when I first decided to begin my natural hair journey. Stretching my hair in twists or braids discourages those things from occurring. It has also helped me in tremendously with length retention along the way. 

And there’s no need for heat! There are plenty of heat-free methods to try for stretching natural kinky hair.