Make Your Own All-Natural Shampoo|| Shikakai & Reetha

Hair Buddha writes:

For centuries people in India have mostly used various fruits, barks, stem, seeds and leaves to make their own homemade shampoo. Although, now many people are opting for more convenient options -market bought shampoos; is it good or bad is a big question.

Since I was little I have seen my mother make her own natural shampoo using shikakai, reetha (soap nut) and orange or lemon peel. I had never tried it until recently when my favourite shampoo had its ingredients changed, and my hair refused to like the new ones. Luckily my mother was paying us a visit. And I decided to use her expertise of making this all natural homemade shampoo.

Before we go on how to make homemade shampoo, let me tell you a little about my quest for natural shampoo. I have suffered from itchy scalp for many many years. And I have had uncountable bad hair days. Besides, when I moved to London the hard water made things even worse. I tried using filtered water to wash my hair, this did help, but only a little. I then started trying various shampoos. I finally found a shampoo which claimed to contain all natural ingredients. My hair & scalp absolutely loved it; I used this for couple of years. But just recently the shampoo producers changed many of its ingredients, and my hair was left ‘cuticle broken’ and my scalp was itchy again. So I finally decided to give my mom’s homemade shampoo a try.

My mom’s homemade shampoo – let’s call the shampoo Ree-Shi for its main ingredients reetha and shikakai – made my hair amazingly soft and shiny. And my scalp felt better and the itch has gone away. Moreover my hair are doing pretty fine without the need for filtered water. I so much like happy endings! I was a bit annoyed with myself to have waited all these years to find the right shampoo for my hair. I totally overlooked my mom’s homemade concoction for all these years and never ever thought of using it on my hair.

Here are the ingredients and how to use them.

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