STAN: Um, sure, dude.
STAN: Happy birthday to nuh-. Nuh hay…
STAN: Hain. Hay- gen. What does that say?
KYLE: It looks like. Nah-high-gen?
KYLE: Am I pronouncing that right?
STAN: I really hope this doesn’t make us sound stupid.
KYLE: No, we’re fine. I can’t understand half the usernames on here, anyway.
KYLE: But happy birthday, Nhaingen!
STAN: Yeah, happy birthday, dude!

cuttlef1sh  asked:

Man, you're my favorite South Park blog here. Have any blog recs?


jnhbgfvcdvbnm,mnbvbn m there are honestly so many i cant even think off the top of my head uhh











there are. so so so many more but those are some of my favorites??


nhaingen came up with an AU I really like…

But I can’t really remember how to draw south parks so they look different every time I draw them these days.  Bottom is warm up doodles, and Top is slightly less crappy doodles.

Anyway, have some creepy monster children.  In some sort of AU.