Random Facts about Nhad

1. My full name is Magboo, Leonard Pinto 

2. I just turned 22 last February 12.

3. I live somewhere in Quezon City.

4. I have 4 (four) siblings.

5. Si Papa ay taga quezon province and batangas while Mama is from Pangasinan.

6. I took up Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Marketing Management during college. (Madami akong gustong course actually haha)

7. I am now currently working on ABS-CBN ROHQ Finance division.

8. Mahilig ako kumaen pero ndi ako matakaw (Magkaiba un swear haha)

9. Kaya kong manuod ng sine mag-isa hehe

10. I love singing.

11. Avid fan ako ni Naruto.

12. Mahilig ako sa sapatos pero ndi naman sobrang dami ng sapatos ko kasi maxadong mahal ang luhong ito =)

13. I love Mama’s spaghetti and any other pasta dishes.

14. Fan ako ng doodle art.

16. Suplado daw ako (Madami na nagsabi haha)

17. Masungit ako (Madalas ako sabihan nian kasi naman minsan wla lang tlga ako sa mood haha)

18. Masayahin ako 

19. Hindi ako maxado nagtetext kasi wla din naman ako katext haha.

20. Nagkakape ako pero ndi ako adik sa kape.

21. Naghahanap ako ng lovelife ngaun kunwari.

22. I am planning to take up my Masteral Degree this year or next year depende sa magiging ipon ko ngaun =))

 23. Bilib ako sa maayos manamit at pumorma.

24. Friendly

25. Mabait ako (feeling ko lang naman)

26. Mahilig ako magpulbo :))

27. Halos weekly ako gumala.

28. Pinaka late ko ng tulog dahil sa pag iinternet ay 4am.

29. Gusto ko ung taong humble kahit na may maipagmamalaki.

30. Thankful ako sa mga taong nakapaligid sa'kin.

31. Madalas ako mag crave sa leche flan and ice cream.

32. Nag-iipon ako para sa kinabukasan haha

33. Hindi ko alam pero parang ang moody ko minsan hahah.

34. Mahilig ako mag advice tungkol sa pag-ibig.

35. I am witty and cheerful.

36. Madami akong color purple/violet na damit (T-shirt, Polo and long sleeves) Ndi ko alam kung bakit pero feeling ko ksi ang puti ko kapag suot ko yan haha

37. I stand 5'9.

38. 158lbs ako (Overweight daw ako sabi sa APE ko na ndi ko matanggap bwahaha)

40. Malapit ng mag 10k ang tweets ko (Tengene ang daldal ko haha)

41. Random blogger ako.

42. Appreciative ako kaya kahit simpleng bagay lang e nagpapasalamat na ko.

43. Meron akong tatlong medium size gadget bwahaha.

44. Favorite color ko ang blue.

45. Madami akong pinananiwalaang motto.

46. Natutuwa ako sa mga banat at pick-up line.

47. Ginagaya ang tawa ko sa office haha.

48. Boo ang nickname ko nung high school at hanggang ngayon.

49. Nhad naman sa karamihan at sa social networking sites.

50. Meron akong 5 year old coinpurse na never ko pa nilabahan at never din nawalan ng pera haha (ndi po xia mabaho haha amoy pera xia infact hehe)

51. Hindi po ako marunong  mag bike.

52. Hilig ko ang kumaen ng piattos (roadhouse flavor).

53. Isama mo na ang vcut, pringles at ang all time favorite ko na cheetos haha.

54. Na appreciate ko na po ang milk tea :)


Wla na ko iba pang masulat hahah. Basta bahala nalang kau kumilala sakin. Promise di naman po ako snob =)

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Pam ydych chi'n siarad Cymraeg?

Oherwydd mae’n iaith yn prydferth. Pan oeddwn yn 15, aeth fy nhad i Ynys Mon i helpu i adfer castell. (Mae'n gwneud cadwraeth hanesyddol) ac anfonodd lluniau o Gymru Gogledd a teimlais…a sort of pull or draw, like a weird  familiarity…i Gymru (dw i'n gwybod, mae'n wirion). Canfyddais i hwyrach, teulu fy mam-gu dod o Gymru (Gogledd, ar bwys Rhyl) yn wreiddiol.

Yna, darllenais i gyfres o llyfr “The Dark is Rising” gan Susan Cooper, roeddwn i'n meddwl yr iaith Cymraeg cwl. YNA, yn prifysgol, cofrestrais yn dosbarth Cymraeg. Dysgais yn prifysgol yn America ac yng Nghymru (blynyddoedd yn ol, dw i ddim yn siarad yn dda mwyach, ond gallu darllen ac ysgrifennu…passably I hope).  

Mae’n ddrwg gen i, fy nghymraeg yn…rusty.


Q: Why do you speak Welsh?

A: Because it’s a beautiful language. When I was 15, my dad went to Anglesey in Wales to help restore a castle (he does historic preservation) and sent pictures of North Wales back to me and I felt a sort of pull or draw, almost like a weird familiarity toward Wales (I know, it’s silly). Come to find out, my grandmother’s family all comes from Wales (in the North, near Rhyl) originally.

Then, I read the book series “The Dark is Rising” by Susan Cooper, and thought that the Welsh language looked cool. THEN, in college, I enrolled in a Welsh language class. I studied it in my American university and also in Wales for 2 summers (years ago though, I don’t speak it very well anymore, but can still read and write…passably, I hope).

Sorry, my Welsh is…rusty

Neoliberalism, Homonormativity & Ace Discourse (NHAD)-- Intro

This is the intro to a multi-part series on neoliberalism, homonormativity & ace discourse [ Link: Series Overview with links ].

cw in the footnote for some discussion of homophobic & transphobic state-sponsored violence and intersexist violence

Neoliberalism is an economic approach that’s all about de-regulating the economy and governments giving up responsibility for social services. 

Neoliberalism as an economic framework inextricably tied in with social ideology. It is all about “personal responsibility” while ignoring larger social structures of power and marginalisation, and about holding people personally responsible for the consequences of systemic inequalities.

Ace ( and non-ace arospec ) community discourse has really strong ties to neoliberal sexual orientation identity politics. ( This is not news. ) The neoliberalism of ace discourse has a lot of consequences.

Neoliberal sexual orientation identity politics is framed around the binaries of sexual orientation identity and same-gender attraction & desire which are supposed to be

  • “involuntary” ( vs. “chosen” ) and therefore
  • “innocent” and “deserving of protection against hostility” ( vs. “morally deficient” an “to blame for any hostility that it provokes” )

I’ve unpacked some of those before, for example, how neoliberalism is the driving force framing sexual orientation-type identities in terms of universal characteristics that everyone has in X flavours, based on X types of attraction [ Link: explanation ]. And also how it’s driving the hyper-emphasis on constructing asexuality and aromanticism as independent & parallel phenomena, even though it doesn’t work that way [ Link: explanation ].

More generally, neoliberalism sanitises the blurriness of human experience by constituting neat, parallel categories of personal experience where everyone has to have a value in each box ( of either a gender-focused orientation or a “none” ).

Over the past year, I’ve increasingly seen a lot of ace-focused and ace-adjacent discussions that centre on the importance of certain desires or experiences being inborn ( in opposition to them being chosen ), mirroring the long-standing focus in broader conversations about LGBQ+ and T+ civil and human rights ( at least within the context of capitalist societies with particular ( recent ) colonial histories emphasising at least 20th century ties to the “Western and/or English-speaking world”[1]

Large-scale debates on topics of human rights and civil rights for LGBQ+ and T people, and the criminalisation of same-sex sexual acts rely on arguments of the form “X sexuality-or-gender-related-thing is a choice— a morally wrong choice— and therefore it should be changed and not respected” vs. “X sexuality-or-gender-related thing is inborn and ( unchangeable and ) therefore it should be respected”. As I will discuss in this series, this is neoliberalism in action.

The “born this way” vs. “chosen” framing of sexual orientation in identity politics is the site of a particularly critical conflict in social contexts where families and state-recognition of relationships are organised via “romantic love”. For example, when romantic-presumed-sexual love is basis for long-term, monogamous relationships, like marriage, which in turn organise society and state resources— where this is often but not necessarily hetero oriented love, in a context generally privileging of hetero love. In this context:

  • Inborn sexuality or gender identities are equated with being unchangeable, valid, real and authentically experienced ( and therefore worthy of legal protection ).
  • Chosen sexuality or gender identities are equated with being changeable, not necessarily valid, real or even authentically experienced ( and subject to moral judgement in ways that justify either the denial of legal protection or outright criminalisation ).

Increasingly I also observe people countering it with the “it doesn’t matter whether X inborn or a consequence of experience because people and their identities should be respected regardless”— creating an option where something is not inborn yet still not chosen ( and is therefore real and legitimate ). That extends “inborn” to “involuntary” and transforms the binary into “involuntary therefore legitimate” vs. “voluntary therefore less legitimate.

However, not a lot of people are talking about how the “inborn” / “involuntary” vs. “choice” / “voluntary” distinction is a false binary to begin with…  ( Some people are talking about it, but it’s not getting a lot of airtime. )

Note: it’s not a problem that people are defending the legitimacy of people who come to their asexuality or aromanticism as a result of particular experiences. And I believe that doing so is very important. The problem here is something else.

Things are more complicated than that binary: not everything is either inborn / involuntary or “chosen / voluntary”, but within a neoliberal framework, there are no other options. Some of that is connected with heteropatriarchy— gendered experiences of compulsory heterosexuality and the institution of heterosexuality— but that’s largely for another time. 

A lot of the complexity has to do with obvious neoliberalism’s hyper-focus at the individual level as connected with personal responsibility. Because under neoliberalism, people are supposed to be responsible for their choices ( and the consequences of those choices, even if those choices are made in a coercive context ), and supposed to be not responsible for things when they had no choice.

I’ve been having conversations about this— conversations between people who are seriously critical of neoliberalism yet still have some difficulty connecting some of the dots because neoliberalism is so spectacularly normalised in my cultural context… so I figured trying to spell it out might be useful.

Where I’m going with this ( after a lot of steps) is that, despite the challenge it will pose to neoliberal sexual orientation identity politics, we need to hold more space for ace identities which are based on a positive political, emotional, spiritual, etc., affiliation with ace experience, ace community, and other ace people. That space, which has existed within ace communities for as long as there have been aces communities, is threatened now by the neoliberalism of ace discourse. But it doesn’t have to be.



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Tinimbang ko ngunit kulang.

Unti-unti ng nagresign ung mga rookie na kasabayan ko last 2010. Nakakamiss lang kasi sabay-sabay naming inaral ung bawat aspeto ng “real world”. Ngayon isa isa na naming hinahanap ung kanya kanya naming pangarap.

Last year inisip ko na ding mag resign sa aking kasalukuyang trabaho. Naramdaman ko kasing hindi na ko natuto. Paulit-ulit na ung gngawa ko though alam ko naman na halos lahat ng trabaho eh paulit-ulit. Parang hindi ata ito ung trabahong gusto ko. Pero paano ko naman maiiwan ung ganitong trabaho? Una, ang lapit sa bahay namin. 15-30 mins ride lang. Pangalawa, ang daming artista ikaw na mismo magsasawa. Pangatlo, One of the listed company. ABS-CBN diba? May question pba sa status nya? Pangapat, kasundo ko lahat ng officemates ko at mababait mga boss ko. Isama mo pa ung unli breaktime hahaha. Panglima very stable ang job at ung sahod sapat sa isang single na gaya ko minsan sobra pa kung tutuusin.

Ang naging problema ko lang naman eh ung career growth. Medjo mabagal kasi aangat ka lang pag may magreresign. Tas gusto ko ung trabaho na deymn susuko ung brain cells ko. Ung macha2llenge ako (am not saying na dati hindi) Ung magagamit ko ung kagalingan ko nung nag-aaral palang ako kumbaga pero hindi natupad. Ung mas may malaking kita para mas matupad ko ung pangarap ko. Hindi naman masamang maghangad diba?

Still God is good, before 2011 ends, nabigyan ako ng bagong trabaho. Kaiba sa ginawa ko nung nag-uumpisa plang ako. Mas sinubok ung ibang natutulog na abilidad ko. So that’s it nung tinimbang ko ung pros and cons nagkulang ung cons eh kaya ito dun pdn ako nagttrabaho.

If you were to ask me kung hanggang kelan ako magstay, siguro gang matapos ko ung masteral ko. Two to three years pagpinalad. Tas kung may offer na mataas sa akin then I will stay pero will never know baka something big awaits me diba? Kaya ayan sa susunod na magtitimbang ako sisiguraduhin ko ng sakto :)


Been wanting to try this Restaurant long before. Located at 915 Banawe Street cor Del Monte Quezon City. Catering wide variety of desserts for you to enjoy with.

Pastry section. From cupcake to pudding. Butterscotch, Empanada, Cakes (Strawberry, Mocha, and Moisted chocolate cake to mention a few)

The as-is-where-is section haha. Mangoes, Singkamas, Bagoong, Sylvannas (Why are you in this section? haha), Dynamite (Sili with cheese wrapped on a wrapper diba? haha), Coffee, Chocolate Crinkles, Cookies, Salad, and Nachos) and Pinacolada ata ung nasa shot glass. 

Halo-halo and Beverage section. I’m not a fan of halo-halo kaya hindi ko tnry :p

Red Ice tea normal taste. Milk Tea no comment haha. 


For the young at heart section :))

I SCREAM!! De joke. Ice Cream section :))

Crepe Section. Too bad they don’t offer Mango Crepe only Blueberry, Strawberry, Apple and Banana Crepe :)

They also have dedication walls, so if you want to post letters or whatsoever you’re free to do so. 

That’s it! Over-all it was a sulit experience. Was able to fulfill my tummy with wide variety of sweets for only Php 199.00. A perfect place for someone who loves sweet foods :) 

Monday, June 27, 2011 i just got a good news coming from my boss’s. My regularization has been approved though it was almost a month delayed i am still grateful. 

Thank you GOD for giving me your patience and guidance. 

To my family who always served and act as my life support, thank you and i love you all.

To my friends, thank you!

To my ABS-CBN Revenue Accounting- Billing family, thank you and i guess will be seeing each other for a looong period of time =))

Am i going to treat you guys? Well it depends on the budget hahah 


Day 34

Awesome Sunday :)

Di bale nga nagpunta kami sa tagaytay kanina para makapanood ng sunrise. Akala namin di kami aabot since past 5am na kami nakaalis sa manila. Buti nalang at walang traffic sa edsa at mabilis mag drive ung officemate ko. Makulimlim nung dumating kami sa tagaytay, may konting ambon na nga dun eh. Bago pa tuluyang umulan eh nagpakita muna si Haring Araw kaya ayun may mga pictures ako ng sunrise. Nag breakfast sa Pancake House na saktong sakto sa cravings ko kasi last week ko pang gusto kumaen dun wala nga lang akong makasama haha. Heavy breakfast and expensive para sa isang breakfast pero sulit na sulit :)

After that, dumiretso na kami papunta sa peoples park. Along the way ang lakas ng ulan at ang kapal ng fog, never experience such fog simula pa noong pagpunta ko sa tagaytay. Wala kaming nakitang view sa park na un, sayang effort ganda pa naman dun. Tas nung nasa Picnic Grove na kami yey na, hello haring araw at sobrang init na haha. Napaka extreme ng weather kanina.

Picture picture tas pahinga saglit then dumiretso na kami sa Leslies. Ang daming kumakaen seriously, box office haha. First time ko din dun eh. Expensive indeed pero worth it tas ang ganda pa ng napunta sa aming pwesto overlooking tlaga habang kumakaen.

So ayun, past 2 na ata kami nakatapos kumaen. Hindi nadn kami nakapagkita ni Bunso Lemon kasi hindi ako aabot sa playtime ng hansel and gretel. Sorry na bunso.

Ayan. Ang haba ng pinag sasabi ko :)) Goodnight. Monday na ulet :)


Pepper Lunch Express

Curry Chicken Pepper with Cheese upsize cost Php 214.00. Additional Php 30.00 for the Ice Tea.

Hindi ko na inire2commend mag upgrade kasi 40 pesos din ata un. Marami na ung  dun sa regular meal nya and sobra ng nakakabusog.

The taste, malasa sya tas sympre spicy since may pepper nga. Nakakatuwa kasi ikaw mag mi2x ng food mo tas super init nya haha.

Try nyo yan minsan. Swak sa budget tas nakakabusog.