Unpopular opinion about diall

I ’m so confused about diall tbh I think they look cute as a friendship, a relationship would be so awkward for me, but at the same time I think is not that wrong, a lot people take diall like the fucking world war III, shit, calm down ._. 

Actually he’s so cute, nice and I think he has a lot of boyfriend material for demi, otherwise demi is perf for anyone tbfh so, why not guys? let’s think about it for one second, it would be cute ….. 

The only thing which concerns me is the fact there are a LOT OF delusional cunts in both fandoms (lovatics and directioners) who  would send shit towards niall and demi and this is not ok …

I think  we only have to support them and if they decide to being a couple, we have to be ok with that , cause at the end of the day we’re only their fans, no their moms..

Niall is good guy and demi is a good girl, why are you so pressed? y'all  are like as if it were the end of the world or even worse, you’re acting like he or she are the worst mofos in the world and they are going to be the walking misery for your fave’s life, settle down …..